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What is up you beautiful bastards!

Thanks for tuning in to another disaster

With a face for radio and knack for laughter

I bet my fans aren’t as pretty as us podcasters. 

Two Gozo journeys on tonight’s show.

It’s me, Bobby P. on the east joined by my west coast bro

The FBI set their sights on him but he won’t roll

Because Shawn Bradley Witzemann admits he entered the Capitol

He don’t give a fuck. He was just covering what was going down.

He’s an independent journalist slash satirical clown.

Live-streaming from the rotunda, Krampusnatch did nothing wrong

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everybody. Sit back, relax, hit a bong.

Take a shot of tequila, and throw on your sombrero.

I think my guest is jewish, not Mexican, but their differences are narrow.


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Buenas Noches you marvelous scums, you beautiful bastards, blind, deaf, and dumb. Blind to the red flags, deaf to the truth, unwilling to speak up for our meek and our youth. The Commies have won, subverting generations, infiltrating Big Tech, product placing Game Stations, Facebook ads, Hollyweird, the entire educational system. What are we gonna do to fight against it? What can I do to make it hurt when I hits them?  Perhaps I’ll grab a mic, and a laptop, and a pen, and a pair of headphones, like a Tommy gun, this is a fight til the end. Welcome to the latest episode, we live by a code in this struggle, regardless of their mission to tighten our muzzles. We don’t need a vaccine to see bullshit, we are already immune. It’s Mr. Garrison and Mr. Pickles on tonight’s LIVE stream. Sounding like characters in a cartoon! — How fitting! Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Pleasant evening, polarized peeps! DINOs, RINOs, Red-Pilled Sheep. Many of us prosperous but peasants still why? Genghis Khan’s birthday is the same day George Floyd died. Let’s go smash windows, set fires, and loot. Then let’s resist arrest, and act surprised when they shoot. The Po-Po’s and the Yo-Yo’s are at each other’s throats, while the media perpetuates the Covid 19 hoax. Here we are at the SweatShop, It’s time to have a blast. Just me and my asian sidekick and Laura Loomer on Bobby Pickles’ Podcast. 

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From the shaft of America’s penis, to Deep in the Heart of Texas — Pickles podcasts with his guest, Ty Richards, a super talented, multi-instrumental recording artist who’s electro-rock music sounds like a cross between Queens of the Stone Age and DEVO. Ty has also fathered 6 children, which is an amazing feet, by Western standards. And speaking of the West — it was Ty’s single “Western Chauvinist”, off his second studio album release, “Welcome to Flat Earth”, which got him banned from the popular Austin college radio station, KUTX, blacklisted from all Austin clubs, dropped by his publicist, and basically driven out of town — when it rains, it pours. All this, after being revered and dubbed KUTX 98.9 Austin’s coveted “Artist of the Month” during SXSW. Ty is currently working on his 3rd studio album, plus he’s a graphic designer, and web developer.

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Kon'nichiwa motherfuckers! GUEST: Gavin McInnes’ Asian Sidekick — Ryan Katsu Rivera. Well, according to Google, apparently, he’s half Japanese, half Puerto Rican, which I would say makes him 100% Filipino, but Google says it makes him 100% Nazi. ANYWAYS, he’s ethnically ambiguous, which works out well, because he does impersonations from time to time, on “Get Off My Lawn,” which is the title of Gavin’s show, and he is also the producer of said show, which is the premier show on Censored Dot TV, Gavin’s podcast network of conservative misfits. In some cases, literal Misfits, i.e., Michale Graves.

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ATTN: Proletariat, Rabble-Rousers, Riffraff, Lowlifes, Pieces of Human Excrement, every single Bag of Dirt, Douche, or Scum, if you are a Dreg on Society, PLEASE ENJOY this new episode featuring the often informative and always indefensible, PAWL BAZILE, who is producing a new show on Censored dot TV called “Radio Deadly” hosted by Michale Graves. The other featured guest goes simply by the monicker “Based Hippie,” a former occupy and BLM scab on society, who drove a hippie bus around North and Central America for 6 years preaching Marxist tripe, in his own ignorance. But following the 2016 election, Based Hippie found himself finally questioning all of the propaganda and brainwashing, which had indoctrinated him into the trap of leftist thought-patterns. He soon became a socio-political Refugee, eventually Landing in his current location, Salt Lake City, where he is a pending fourth-degree with the SL,UTs (Proud Boys Salt Lake City, Utah).


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ATTN: Patriots, Libtards, Hollywood Satanists, Global Elites, Sheeple, ANTIFA pussies, and every other creature in between, please enjoy Bobby’s interview with two bona fide Washington D.C. Proud Boy stabbing victims — Corey “C Neely” Neilson on the 1’s and 2’, and, Jeremy “The Immortal Noble Beard” Bertino on the 3’s and 4’s. They both have beards, they both wear black and gold, and they both got stabbed by ANTIFA scums in Washington D.C. We discuss this event and the Proud Boys who were involved, ON THIS PROUD AF EPISODE OF Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Buenas noches. Soy Don Roberto Vicente, alias Bobby Pepinillos. Bienvenidos a mi podcast. For those of you who don’t speak-a the Español, I am your broski Bobby Pickles and on tonight’s Sunday evening stream we have a former Proud Boy, now gone rouge. But this tid-bit of information certainly does not define him. He’s a god-fearing gentleman. He likes to read the books and writes the words. Perhaps, he’s an intellectual? Or, a pseduo-intellectual. One thing is for certain, he is a self-identifying cat owner, which means he is most probably either a closeted gay, or, he probably just pretends to like cats because hie girlfriend is the one who really likes the cats. We will get to the bottom of these pressing issues tonight with my guest, Pierce — Host of Blackballed Podcast and RadioBlackballed for MTMedia.

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Ladies and Gents (those biologically born that way, those who have transitioned, and those in between) on this episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️, Bobby interviews Melinda, a fully transitioned trans woman, who just so happens to be a Staunch Republican. She takes a lot of shit in the LGBTQ community for speaking her mind and loving her guns. She disagrees with Drag-Queen Story Hour, and she severs the stereotype of what it is to be transgendered in America. POYB!

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Fellow Patriots, thank you so much for checking back in with your broski Bobby Pickles — welcome to my Saturday stream.

Today’s Guest: Wayne Gurman aka “The Gurmanator” — former golden gloves boxer turned underworld “bottom feeder”. Gurman sold drugs, lent out money in order to collect vigorous debts, and was basically just a total scum for many, many years of his life, living in The Bronx. His film, entitled “Bronx Paradise” — was basically based on Gurman’s own life as a Bronxite Scum. Great Fucking movie! Great character actors! Pickles rates this movie 5 STARS!

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Debate b/w 2 SPLC-deemed “Hate Groups” — I.S.U.P.K. vs Proud Boys. Enrique Tarrio & Rabbi Asher Meza vs Commanding General Yahanna. Western Chauvinists vs One West to find out who is undisputed, heavy weight champion “hate group” of the 🤡🌎.

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Michale Graves (not the architect, The Horror Punk) is on the podcast tonight. Michale is famous for being the lead singer of The Fucking Misfits during their 90’s era. He was a young 19 year old tenor when he was selected by Jerry Only to lead the famous, Lodi, NJ, historically baritone-driven band, between the years of 1995-2000 (leaving briefly in 98’ to attend hockey camp in Canada). He was in other notable bands throughout his career, but what I’m fascinated by is the fact that Michale was a “conservative punk” before punk rock conservatism was even a thing. He’s on record professing punk rock conservatism back in the day, on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Today, Michale Graves is just as open about his conservatism, having been super vocal about his affiliation with The Proud Boys, a move he’s taken a lot of flack for — and I have the utmost respect for him because of that leadership quality, that openness, that confidence, that courage. 

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Roger Stone calls in to the cast to discuss his upcoming book, "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong!" Dave Write calls in, too, but almost instantaneously annoys Roger to the point of hanging up. (Bernie Bros are unconscionable idiots). Anywho, another ginzo joins the show in order to save the convo through his use of (get this) LOGIC — another West Palm Beach entrepreneur named Danny Costanzo.

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Proud Boys, Pickles and Memphis KANG (McCrum) — do a little Saturday evening yapping. Memphis KANG has many characters up his sleeves, but the fun mood turns a tad dark when Bobby starts poking and prodding about death. It's a raw, real install of BPP.

Copyright 2021 Bobby Pickles Podcast™️

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Friday evening interview with my business neighbor, Edward Lynch. Ed leads a very Forrest Gump-esqu life, having played pro sports and running for congress. We discuss current events, such as: Trump Impeachment, the Storming of the Capitol, and Redit Gamestop shorting extravaganza.

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Pawl Bazile (O.G. Proud Boy) joins Pickles to discuss the beginnings of our club. Progressive Internet Troll, Dave Write, joins the show in the second half to lose in a debate, per usual.

Follow Pawl via the links below:

IG: @Americanwastecreations

Twitter: @AmericanWasteCo

Parler: @PawlBazile

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Dave Write (Progressive Troll), Brad Chadford (Liberal Troll), The Iron Cannoli (POYB), and the illustrious Bobby Pickles attempt to have a discussion about politics in order to try to find common grounds, but Brad Chad is an unconscionable ballbreaker and an all-around idiot. We don't get that far!

Copyright 2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️

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My buddy Paul reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay (Jewish New Yorker who acts Italian). We touch on Paul's life growing up in The City, but the convo gets sideswiped by Bobby's incessant need to talk about Yuri Bezmenov and how the KGB's tactics of subversion are being utilized today in the U.S.A. and how Time Magazine just admitted it, in it's piece entitled, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election", by Molly Ball.

Copyright 2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️

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North Texas Proud Boy, Nick DeCarlo aka "Dick NeCarlo", calls in to the show to further incriminate himself in the Capitol Hill Riots. Remember frens, ya can't spell "Patriot" w/o "riot" ;)

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Sunny south ford Proud Boys, Bobby Pickles and Flounder, take phone calls feat: Dave Write (Progressive Troll), Anti-Commie (POYB), Tank (POYB), Zee (POYB), Luke Rohfling (POYB), and Ann (from Michigan).

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PHONER Feat. Dave Write (Self-Admitted Troll, Progressive), and MILKSHAKE (Proud, Western Chauvinist).

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Pickles and Retired Army Staff Sergeant, Joe Biggs, have a discussion about leadership, on the day after Christmas. Topics also include: Seth Rich, Alex Jones, Enrique Tarrio, Ted Wheeler, ANTIFA, Portland, and Proud Boys: Uncensored. 

See all you “Dill Shills” in D.C. on the 6th!

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Pickles interviews Gavin McInnes — inventor of Vice, Hipsters, and The Proud Boys (that’s a cultural hat-truck) — from an undisclosed New York City suburb, two days after Thanksgiving.

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Pickles podcasts with “Paddy” Patrick Reilly, a professional propagandist who goes by the handle, “Brad Chadford(The Brad Chadford Show), and plays the role of liberal heal in the wide world of right wing political commentary. On Thanksgiving Day, instead of spending quality time with their families, Pickles and Paddy verbally berated one another, formally, in the shadow of Monsieur Chadford’s numerous Naval medals, in what would become a face to face showdown of epic proportions, recorded on his home turf, in Boston, MA. 


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Zouhir “ZU” — 2nd Gen Canadian tourist (and, non-practicing Muslim) skateboards into the sweatshop two days after the 2020 elections to discuss his support of POTUS Donald J. Trump, #FakeNews on a Global scale, and all the low-info Democrat voters of #Floridumb — 

@TheProudBoys #ProudBoysDidNothingWrong #NoBiden @ZJEmily #BobbyPicklesPodcast


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Shannon D. Atkins AKA "BIG MAMA" (alter ego in business, life, everything) joins Proud boys Jay One and Bobby Pickles at the SweatShop, on election week 2020, for a podcast about Shannon's brainwashed admiration for Sleepy Joe Biden, his life experiences cooking for the 1 Percent on Palm Beach Island (including Donald J. Trump), the inside scoop on the infamous Palm Beach "Chinaman" (Johnson Lee), and performing in drag.

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Don Roberto Vicente invites some of his hermanos to El SweatShop for an episodio nuevo de Bobby Pickles Podcast. Three esteemed members of the Miami LatinX Proud Boys community stop by >> Roberto’s amigos Gilbert, Gabe and Adolfo.

(Please forgive me for not including Adolfo’s subtitles. It’s up to you to figure out what he’s saying). 

(And forgive me for comparing Cubans to Italians. Al Pacino was most definitely miscast in Scarface).

Bienvenido al Podcast de Bobby Pickles!

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DESCRIPTION: Luke Rohfling (Writer, Big League Politics) and Maxx Styles (Entrepreneur, Polygynist) stop by the Sweatshop (not to discuss Maxx’s polygamy, but) to discuss the upcoming election, being “Proud Boys”, and sitting front row with bottle service at the Tim Dillon show. Luke lives up to his name by Rohlfing in the toilet, then passing out on the floor in close proximity to it. The chinaman was concerned, but not too concerned, because he’s a gangster.

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George Colella AKA “The Godfather” is the Founder, National President and Intellectual Boss of “Born To Ride for 45” — a loose motorcycle club, you don’t necessarily have to ride a “motorcycle” to join — their main objective is to see Trump win re-election in 2020. George is also a 9/11 SURVIVOR, working on the 7th floor of the North Tower on the morning of September 11th 2001. Mr. Colella is a Native New Yorker, born in Little Italy, Manhattan. Pickles and The Godfather had a very interesting discussion, centered around Trump, ANTIFA, BLM, Islam, and wearing childhood uniform dresses.

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Fellow Repunklicans — This is Bobby Pickles a replay of an interview I conducted with Gavin McInnes, founder of Hipsterdom, Vice Media and The Proud Boys.

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Meet a Proud Boy who just happens to be an African American  — Jay One. Jay is in the Vice City Chapter of The Proud Boys. He’s a Second Degree. And he’s been in the club for over a year. Jay believes that we are all Americans despite our genetic backgrounds. The only thing he hates are excuses. And what he really loves to do is sing. Make sure to checkout the song at the end — “ALL NIGHT LONG” by Lionel Richie 👌 #POYB

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Some new inductees and veterans of The Proud Boys discuss the irony of being labeled a “white supremacy” group, considering that over half of the participants in this episode are not “white”.  In fact, they’re either Latin Americans who do not believe in that label either, or they’re hammerhead Asians hell bent on being yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Whichever way you slice it, these Proud Boys are ALL 100% Americans! Proud Boys don’t believe in Labels. They just believe in Freedom and Unity and God.


#POYB #ProudBoys #ProudBoysPodcast @TheProudBoys #BobbyPickles #BobbyPicklesPodcast #FATENZO

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MISS DeAnna Lorraine (Author/Political Correspondent/Former Congressional Candidate) joins Pickles at the SweatShop to discuss her new show on INFOWARS, her new book, Taking Back America, about running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, in California’s 12th Congressional District (San Francisco), and having a popular Twitter feed, possessing nearly 400K Followers, and frequently clashing with various alphabet-list celebrities. How did DeAnna go from Personal Development Counselor to Cultural Warrior? Find out on this hairraising new episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️.

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Kimberly Coulter, 2nd generation culture warrior, scorpio (according to her twitter feed), freelance writer at National File, and niece of right-leaning media pundit and bestselling author, Ann Coulter, stops by the sweatshop for a podcast, while in town for Laura Loomer's Primary Victory Party.

Bobby and Kim share excitement for their mutual friend's Congressional push, amid this insightful conversation about the various psychotic tendencies of today's liberals, and why big tech is in trouble for allowing dorks who know how to code to try to cheat in order to win the current culture war.

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Enrique Tarrio, international chairman of The Proud Boys, attempts to get Bobby kicked off YouTube, simply by being on his podcast. What is the term limit for international chairman? How has Affirmative action propelled Enrique to his current level of leadership? The answers to these stirring questions will be answered on this noble episode of Bobby Pickles Podcast™️ 👌 #POYB


Enrique Tarrio is the international chairman of The Proud Boys, a “pro-western fraternity,” essentially a drinking club dedicated to male bonding, socializing, celebrating western culture, and sporting yellow-gold twin tipped, black Fred Perry polos. According to Wikipedia, however, The Proud Boys are a far-right neo-fascist organization that admits only men as members and promotes and engages in political violence. I’m sure Enrique will admit that, in addition to drinking and bonding and socializing, there is also a political element to the Proud Boys. The group began during the rise of rampant censorship on college campuses throughout the United States, prior to the 2016 presidential election. Leftist college students and ANTIFA members were habitually shutting down free speech by either disrupting (many times, violently) or forcing (via intimidation and social pressure) colleges to cancel the speaking engagements of prominent conservatives. Some club members served as pseudo-security for various conservative speechmakers traversing the college circuit. Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes, was one of those speechmakers. McInnes, a Canadian-Scott who immigrated to the U.S. and married an Native American woman, basically created the contemporary subculture known as “Hipsterdom”, and co-founded Vice Media, Forest Gumped the Proud Boys shortly after two of its members were arrested for defending themselves from violent ANTIFA members outside of the New York City Republican Club, on the evening of October 12, 2018, shortly after an event celebrating the life and times of Otoya Yamaguchi. Disgraced Texas attorney, Jason van Dyke, happhazardly attempted to assume control of the club, but the elders had a different plan, and the noblest of leads emerged from the Cuban barrio En Miami. A La Santeria practicing entrepreneur who, at times, dawns a gold grill, and isn’t the “whitest” of the bunch, took control of the frat, which you never would have guessed would happen from reading the fictional slanderings of the SPLC. Merely the South Florida chapter president (also know as, Vice City) when the opportunity to take the reins of the greatest fraternal organization known to man presented itself, Enrique is still, to this day, de-facto president of that chapter, encompassing West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, and Miami, In addition, Mr. Tarrio serves as the figurehead and media mogul of the brotherhood. Tarrio has organized many rallies and events in support of free speech, since assuming power. One rally in particular, was the rally to “end domestic terrorism” which was held in Portland, Oregon, in August of 2019. The event garnered major media attention. Tarrio’s mug was plastered on the front page of Breitbart, he quite eloquently gamed a CNN reporter who was attempting to game him, Infowars’ Alex Jones interviewed him via live-stream after the event, then later, he taunted Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler via social media for not freeing his city from the grip of Antifa. Tarrio has felt the swift wrath of cancel culture, getting banned from a long list of various social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, PayPal, etc. However, despite big tech’s objective to silence conservative voices, Tarrio managed to run for congress as a member of the Republican Party in Florida's 27th District, withdrawing from the race, prior to the Republican primary on August 18, 2020. Presently, Tarrio leads the Proud Boys organization with a renewed focus. He recently co-organized a 4th of July protest in Washington, D.C., which again, garnered major media attention, and led to this podcasters erasure from Facebook and Instagram. Tarrio hosts a new podcast called “The War Boys” with two fellow Proud Boys as co-hosts, Joe Biggs, of Infowars fame, and Rufio Panman, who became famous for landing a perfect punch on a Portland Antifa pansy, which went viral — respectively.

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Milo Yiannopoulos swings by the “sweltering shame hole” that us sane, normal people call “The SweatShop”, in order to engage in a verbal game of spades, because he was promised cocaine, plus he wanted to hangout with his friends, The Pope and Pops. Since he was already there anyway, he agreed to troll Pickles for 1:50:00 on his own podcast, because, well, Milo is essentially a sociopath. However, despite his own mental hangups, Milo attempts to psycho-analyze Bobby Pickles and his sick, sexual proclivity for feet. Pope colludes with Milo prior to the show, and they look like they are the ones playing footsie the entire show; while, Pops backs Bobby up, helping to shield some of the fire, because Pops Boominator is Tha MFn’ Man — #POYB

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On this explosive episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️, The Pope’s ADD and Pickles’ OCD finally come to a head! Plus, it’s a Full House! Proud Boy Pops Boominator is back for his second chat at The SweatShop™️. Palm Beach Proud Boy "TANK" photobombs the podcast with his little dog “Trigger”. Also, gonzo journalist Jacob Engles drops by with his pals, “Pepe the Frog” (who may very well someday be America’s next JFK), and Tyler Ziolkowski, Founder of The Florida Proud Boys. It’s an OUTSTANDING Time!!!

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Bobby Pickles and #PopeToo are just off a week-long bender/eastern seaboard expedition to D.C. to protest against ANTIFA SCUM, and get in a little relaxation up in Lake George, NY and Fairfield County, CT. On their way back down to Sunny South Florida, they stop to record a recap of their excitement, right in the belly of the beast, in the heart of Liberal Shithole America — Times Square, Manhattan, NYC.

The two discuss their recent doxxing by said “Antifa Scum” and Bobby getting perma-banned off Facebook and Twitter for his ties to Laura Loomer and Roger Stone.


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Bobby Pickles on the Titans of Liberty Show w/ Jason Lo aka MAGA TITAN, to discuss Proud Boys encountering BLM in Washington D.C. on Independence Day 2020. Other guests include: Enrique Tarrio (Proud Boys Chairman), Tara LaRosa (MMA Fighter), Paul, Yut Yut, Chief Bowls, and Eddie George, Jr.

Follow Twitter: @MAGA_TITAN

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My “fake cousin” V stops by the sweatshop on her way to Miami to podcast with the boys. They discuss her liberalism and why it is a cancer. She disagrees, obviously — pointing to us and saying that we are the cancers with our conservatism. The discussion is ridiculous. Enjoy!

Direct download: BPP138.mp3
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Brian Norton is a candidate for Florida State Senate, District 29 — last week he joined Pickles and Pope at the SweatShop for a Podcast to discuss his platform...and white privilege, of course.
Brian Norton for Florida State Senate
Direct download: BPP137.mp3
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Pops stops by the sweatshop to discuss the greatest fraternity in the world! 

Direct download: BPP136.mp3
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Nicholas P. Vessio is a resident of the Sunny South Florida neighborhood of Jensen Beach and a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 18th District. His opposition is Republican incumbent, Congressman Brian Mast, who is, I think Mr. Vessio will admit, quite considerable opposition. Vessio, an American-Italian, originally from Long Island, was a professional investigator, holding multiple investigative roles throughout his career as a New York State Policeman. A retired Sergeant in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Nick attended John Jay School of Criminal Justice in New York City, earning a B.A. in Criminal Justice in 1975 and a Masters in Public Administration in 1983. As an entrepreneur, Nicholas is eclectic, designing sterling silver and copper jewelry, and providing education and research in the private security field. Nick is passionate about several issues: clean water, Pro-Life, pro 2A, school safety, end human trafficking, and institute mandatory recycling for all restaurants and bars. His upcoming book entitled "Policing America in the Twenty First Century... "Challenges and Solutions" is almost completed and should be published soon. Nick was kind enough to sit-down for this candid interview, recorded at the SweatShop. | NICK VESSIO FOR CONGRESS!

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Bobby Pickles talks current events with Dan Ciforelli, a scum from NYC/Maine. This is the first episode featuring him. We discuss COVID, George Floyd Riots, Van Jones, The Pope, etc.

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It's the third Swapcast install with Bobby Pickles and Brad Chadford. On this episode, the two talk smack for an hour about Roger Stone, COVID-19, and a bunch of other silly stuff with zero notes or preparation.

Bobby Pickles interviews Chris Nelson, Host of The Reopen America Podcast on Apple iTunes.

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Gonzo Journalist Bobby Pickles embeds himself with Proud Boys and covers a rally to reopen America in downtown Delray, F L.A. Video includes interviews with Pro-Reopen America Protesters and Anti-Americans. Enjoy!

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Jason Fyk became a social media millionaire before it was a thing. He’s currently in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit with Facebook that will change the world. He does not subscribe to the publisher/platform paradigm argument. Be prepared for the inevitable fall of social media via C1, C2a and F3 of Sec. 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Fyk is the author of “Social Justice: From Jail To Social Media Millionaire“.

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Swapcast Numero Dos con Stupido Pendejo Brad Chadford y Enrique Tarrio, el Jefe de los Proud Boys. Gritamos al nuevo video acerca de Quanon jamado "OUT OF SHADOWS".

Carolina Fernandez is a Entrepreneur/Flower Painter/Philanthropist who donated the funding for a bakery in Rwanda, which in turn, lead to her manufacturing a fashionable shopping bag out of recycled flour sacks. 


flourFLOWER is the name of her brand of flour sack tote bags. One bag sold can feed up to 700 people.

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Swapcast numero uno with Brad Chadford, we discuss the Q documentary, FALL OF THE CABAL. By the end, Brad agrees with Bobby, sorta.

On Saturday, February 22nd 2020, I covered a protest at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Coral Springs, Florida. The crowd of a few dozen largely conservative demonstrators organized in opposition to an Imam named Siraj Wahhaj who was selected to be the keynote speaker at the annual ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Relief Banquet. Wahhaj was an unindicted co-cospirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in NYC. The protest was arranged by Joe Kaufman, 3-time Congressional Republican Nominee in Florida’s District 23, running again Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. Joe began his speech by listing the names of the six people murdered in the 1993 WTC attack. Here’s Joe Kaufman, followed by three speeches by and breif interviews with Laura Loomer, Deepak Ganju and Shlomo Nizahon. Enjoy.

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Bobby interviews yet another Congressional Candidate for Florida’s District 21 — Christian Acosta, REP. (running against Mike Vilardi and Laura Loomer in the Primary). Acosta is an Engineer turned Politician, and this is his first attempt at running for public office. To volunteer or donate, or to just learn more about his platform =>

Acosta is hosting a fundraising event at Mar-A-Lago on February 18th: Mark it in Your Calendars!

Direct download: BPP127.mp3
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Brandon Straka is our guest on this episode of Bobby Pickles' Podcast™️. Straka, a New York City actor and former hair stylist, has described himself as a “gay man” who was completely indoctrinated into the Democratic Party and the “Liberal” way of thinking. Straka admittedly voted for Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election, but after the election of Donald Trump, Mr. Straka began questioning the mainstream media’s narrative regarding the POTUS, the Democratic Party, and the current state of Liberalism in America. In 2018, ahead of the mid-term elections, Brandon created the #WalkAway campaign, a social media campaign which aims at having a conversation with groups (or “victim classes”) that the MSM and Democratic Party have convinced are disenfranchised in our society. The campaign's stated goal is to "encourage others to walk away from the divisive left, but also take back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America." His new 2020 campaign — #UNSILENT — is aimed at pushing conservatives who are apart of the “silent majority” to no longer remain silent in the face of those leftists who seek to undermine free speech. While Mr. Straka was in town on a speaking engagement, he agreed to sit down with me for this podcast, Live From The SweatShop.

Direct download: BPP126.mp3
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Pickles speaks with KENNY BOTTONE — Sovereign American National.

Direct download: BPP124.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

I was out supporting Roger Stone on Tuesday, December 17th 2019 at our local Pro-Impeachment (of President Donald J. Trump) Rally, which was held at 5pm outside of the South F L.A. offices of Senator Rick Scott. While I am not fond of how I acted at some moments herein, the footage is raw, and most importantly, entertaining.

#DonaldTrumpDidNothingWrong #PardonRogerStone

Direct download: BPP123.mp3
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Pickles and his crew of black and mulatto misfits challenge the notion of “multi-cultural white supremacy” while podcasting from Amway Center prior to Trump’s re-election rally in Orlando, Florida. Bobby interviews right wing personalities: MIKE NIFICENT (YouTuber), MAURICE SYMONETTE (Founder, Blacks For Trump), JOE BIGGS (News Personality), ENRIQUE TARRIO (Chairman, Proud Boys), MILLIE WEAVER (Reporter,, and JOHN C. MORGAN (Bush/Trump Impersonator), all while peddling merch, on this episode of BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST™️.

Direct download: BPP120.mp3
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On this 7th day of the Government Shutdown, Pickles and Pizza are back with a brand new episode, featuring Steve Mitchell aka “MITCHMAN” — a roofing professional by day, and an Obstacle Course Racer by night.

​The following conversation covers various subject matters, including, but not limited to: Movie References, Misplaced Aggression, Growing up in the 80s, Having Children out of Wedlock with Greek Women from Mount Olympus and Subsequently Moving to Boston, New Years Resolutions, of course Trump, and how Cindy Crawford was apparently mistaken for Caitlyn Jenner.

This episode was produced by D3L at West Palm Beatz.

#Goals #Sexy #HappyNewYear #MidwesternWomen #ProudBoys #Podcast #BobbyPickles #TheRealMisterPickles #NotKidding #4GxG  #MADEinaSWEATSHOPintheUSA

Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT

Bobby Pickles is finally back after about a 3-year hiatus! Along with his cohort/business partner/and fellow “Proud Boy” Matthew Piazza (“Pizza”), the two self-described “scums” conduct their first interview, on location, at the home studio of Sunny South Florida-based ARTIST: STAR D3L.

​The subsequent conversation covers various subject matters, including, but not limited to: D3L’S life story (excluding his painting career), him getting signed and subsequently becoming a badass music producer (i.e. working with Pitbull, Gloria Stefan, and KC and the Sunshine Band), Jim Carrey (“Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”), Identity Politics and how Trump reminds D3L of his favorite uncle, hookers (in relation to the #MeToo movement), and why Piazza is a gas-lighting sociopath. The entertainment concludes with a few original tracks by D3L.

Links to D3L’s art & music: 

​#POYB #Podcast #BobbyPickles #JimCarrey #TrademarkInfringement #TheRealMisterPickles #NotKidding #MADEinaSWEATSHOPintheUSA

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This week on Episode 111 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #55/Final Installment), Elena Venetia joins Bobby Pickles and cohort, Piazza, Live In-Studio at the FAT ENZOfactory in West Palm Beach, Florida. BAND SPOTLIGHTS Include two interviews by Elena Venetia from Riot Fest Chicago, one with Canadian rock n’ rollers, The Dirty Nil, and the other with world renowned slap bassist Djordje Stijepovic (Tiger Army), and AnarchoPunk interviews New York melodic hardcore band, Such Cold, in Lancaster (again), California.

PUP - Sleep in the Heat
​Rancid - Silence Is the Only Rule
Pulley - Different
SWMRS - Palm Trees
Interview w/ Such Gold
Such Gold - Frying in the Mix
Descendents - On Paper 
Jonesy - (I Just Wanna) Cum On Your Face
Green Day - Still Breathing
Death By Stereo - I Think About Killing You Everyday
Anti-Flag - Without End
Pseudo - Slump (Rink-a-Dink)
F.O.D. - American
The Menzingers - Bad Catholics
Fights and Fires - Take A Swing At The World
Shore Leave - Redneck Rodeo
Interview w/ The Dirty Nil
The Dirty Nil - Bury Me at the Rodeo
The Attack - Betting Man
Nothington - Cobblestones
Direct Hit! - Villain Alcoholic
Good Friend - Young Blood
Our Darkest Days (feat. Denis Buckley/88 Fingers Louie) - Time Has Come
Altitude - Clincher
Chesty Malone and the Slice 'Em Ups - I Look Like Hell
The Decline - Can’t Have Both
Not Tonight And The Headaches - She’s With You
Greg Graffin - Lincoln’s Funeral Train
Interview w/ Djordje Stijepovic
Tiger Army - In The Morning Light
NGHTCRWLRS - Coffee and Weed
Brutal Youth - Hostile Work Environment
Raincheck - Overflow

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This week on Episode 110 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #54), Elena Venetia and pal, Patrick Rogers, join Bobby Pickles and cohort, Piazza, on this FEST 15 EDITION feat. interviews w/ Officer Bradford (Masked Intruder), Shaun Colón (A Fat Wreck), Kevin Higuchi (Antarctigo Vespucci), & Garrett Wadford (Bird Attack Records). Pickles and Piazza also touch base w/ Copstabber Dave of the filthy DC punk act, COPSTABBER, about CS’s new record “Pulled Pork” available now on iTunes and a slew of other places. Plus, Pickles speaks with Gavin McInnes (Co-Founder/Vice) about politics in punk.

Crass - Dont Get Caught (1984)
Copstabber - I Love Being a Scumbag 
Splitters - Can of Gasoline 
F.O.D - Crew You
Interview w/ Officer Bradford
Fastloud - Waiting for the Explosion 
Colorsfade - I4NI
Sum 41 - God Save Us All (Death to Pop)
The Flatliners - Hang My Head 
Interview w/ Shaun Colón
Hi-Standard - Another Starting Line
Fat By The Gallon - Shit List
Dropkick Murphy’s - Blood
Stellar West - Misery
The Brass Action - Old Friend (Rancid Cover)
Interview w/ Kevin Higuchi
The Mercenaries - Night Call
North Alone - Capo 4th Fret (exclusive Bonus Track)
Fiddlers Green - Down
Just Friends - Sad 2 See
GUTTERMOUTH - Mail Order Bride
Interview w/ Garrett Wadford
Whole Wheat Bread - Eye for an Eye
Drakulas - Neon Town
Dead to Me - I Wanna Die in Los Angeles

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An aside: "Dying Scene Radio has not been active since the election of Donald Trump. The following episode (although the second last installment) is where everything went south for this show. It was at this point that Bobby Pickles realized he had been living in a thought-bubble, and decided that he did not want to placate to the brainwashed liberals who had systematically overtaken the punk rock scene. Scenes are for followers, anyway. Bobby's a leader. Over and out."

Direct download: BPP_110-DSR_54.mp3
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This week on Episode 109 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #53), Bobby Pickles and his moronic business associates (Piazza & TONE-LOKI of FAT ENZO T-Shirts), are joined by Elena Venetia and former NYHC tattooist, Baz, (of Clash City Tattoo), and Jeffrey Eaton, vocalist of the midwest hardcore punk band, Modern Life Is War, who co-hosts the show (along with his sick kitties) from an undisclosed location in Iowa. 

BAND SPOTLIGHT: AnarchoPunk interviews Monty Messex of the California hardcore punk
band, Dead Fucking Last (DFL), from a park bench in Silver Lake (Los Angeles).

Suicide - Ghost Rider
NOFX - Oxy Moronic
Green Day - Revolution Radio
Joe Coffee - Baby's Comin' Home Today
MLIW - Dead Ramones 
The Vansaders - Long Lost 
The Cryptkeeper Five - 1,000 Keys
Descendents - Testosterone
Crooked Little Sons – “Something To Say
Flying Frogs - Open Your Mind
Wolf Face - Give Me A Keg Of Beer
SUM 41 - War
King Punch - Sunday Armchair Detective
Jeff Rosenstock - Wave Goodnight to Me
AnarchoPunk Interview w/ Monty Messex/DFL
DFL - Home is Where the Heart is
Meddlar - Break without Silence 
Bad Advice - This Town
NOFX - I Don’t Like Me Anymore 
Mute - Fill the Void 
Brutal Youth - Thick as Thieves
Bussieres - Orange Glow
BREW 36 - Troublemakers Crew
wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves - Always the Rebel

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This week on Episode 108 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #52), Bobby Pickles is joined by a crew of misfits spanning the continental United States: AnarchoPunk (from his lair somewhere in Los Angeles County), Chris Fox (from his comfortable bed in Reno, Nevada), Elena Venetia and former NYHC tattooist, Baz(from Baz’s NYC tattoo shop, Clash City Tattoo), and finally, Piazza “the punching bag” (from a chair nestled adjacent to Bobby at FAT ENZO T-Shirts).

​BAND SPOTLIGHT: AnarchoPunk interviews Denver skacore act The Rotten Blue Menacefrom his “shit-mobile” in the parking lot of The Britisher in Lancaster, CA on Aug. 5th 2016.

Plus, new music world premier by Entropy NY, and asinine commentary by Sunny on the Causeway.

Entropy NY - Game Over Man, Game Over 
METALLICA - Hardwired
Distral - Narrow Nation
Serpentine Dominion - The Vengeance in Me
Suicidal Tendencies - Clap Like Ozzy
Green Day - Bang Bang 
Adversity - Living Now
Burn It Up - Affluenza
The Menzingers - Lookers
Sunny on the Causeway - You're My Number One (Lindsay Lohan)
Atterkop - Picket Fence 
Bad Words - Darkness 
Another Astronaut - Relapse
AnarchoPunk Interview w/ The Rotten Blue Menace 
The Rotten Blue Menace - Pussy on the Chainwax
Campaign - Back In The Hole
Jimmy Eat World - Get Right 
Turbulent Hearts - Crazy Girl
Kamikaze Girls - Ladyfuzz 
The Painted Dogs - Vibrator
Neverlearn - Start Tomorrow
Two Houses - My Back is Broken
Against Me! - Crash
Direct Hit! - Promised Land

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This week on Episode 107 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #51), Bobby Pickles and his ragtag crew of misfits (i.e. Piazzo The Clown and the illustrious Ben Coletti) kidnap Chris Fox (on tour in Floridumb) and hold him hostage under the John’s Pass bridge where they encourage him to perform for the locals by gunpoint. Elena Venetia is much too busy with her modeling career to podcast this week. BAND SPOTLIGHT: TERMINALLY ILL - Ryan Risetter, Steffen Buratti, and Cody Snowden of the L.A. punk-rap (Post-Crunk-Rock/Nü Pünk)act co-hosts the show along with Piazza, Pickles, Chis Fox and Coletti, and errybody gets Salt Faced!

Terminally Ill - Act Sick 
Against Me! - 333
Ten Foot Pole - Scars
The Offspring - Sharknado 
Microwave - Lighterless
The Bouncing Souls - Bees 
WIZO - Verwesung 
Get Dead - Dyin' Is Thirsty Work
Friends With The Enemy - Fat Mike’s House 
NOFX - Six Years on Dope 
Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra - Monkey Ska
Terminally Ill - Hit Me Up When You're 18
ANTILLECTUAL - The Players & The Game (feat. Nathan Gray of BOYSETSFIRE) 
Every Time I Die - Glitches
White Lung - Dead Weight
Billy Talent - Afraid of Heights
Joe McMahon - It All Went Black
The Split Seconds - If I Was You 
The Windermeres - Libertarian Value System 
Implants - The System
Gibberish - Milo 
Descendents - Comeback Kid
The Bruce Lee Band - AGH!!!
The Murderburgers - 8am Headlights
Terminally Ill - Homie Cypher Track 
Terminally Ill - (Bonus Track)
Chris Fox - The Decline (John’s Pass Super Secret Bonus Track)

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This week on Episode 106 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #50), Bobby Pickles ventures to Madeira Beach, Floridumb, where he and his ragtag crew of misfits (i.e. Piazzo The Clown and the illustrious Ben Coletti) podcast in very close proximity to a 60 gallon cooler stocked with “blue water” (i.e. Bud Light). Elena Venetia joins the conversation from NYC, where she has zero difficulty expressing her empathy for the recent passing of Mischief Brew frontman, Erik Petersen. BAND SPOTLIGHT: MILLENCOLIN- Pickles and his cast of drunkards bumble through the single worst interview ever conducted on DSR (recorded: May 22nd 2016 in St. Petersburg, FL). INTRO by DS staff writer, AnarchoPunk. Plus, new music by Guttermouth, The Bouncing Souls and Little Bags (3/4ths of PEARS).

Mischief Brew - Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
Traverse - Lifelines 
NEON BONE - I Can't Let Go 
Guttermouth - Old Man
Mike Frazier - Parrot King
Zebrahead - Who Brings a Knife to a Gunfight
Little Bags - Fishes Give A Fuck 
The Bouncing Souls - Writing on the Wall 
Burn Burn Burn! - Chasing Hornets
Bucky Harris - These Walls
Bottomfeeder - Flux Capacitor
Reverie - Anxiety
The Manx - American Business Activity 
Islander - Think It Over
Interview w/ Millencolin
Millencolin - Balanced Boy
The Midlife - Lavender 
Total Bummer - I Swear To Drunk I’m Not God
Spirits - Eyes of Love 
Poison Idea - Calling All Ghosts
The Old Ironsides - Alone Tonight 
Stick To Your Guns - Universal Language 
…Whatever That Means - I Can't Take It 
Skinny Lister - Wanted
Mischief Brew - Thanks Bastards!

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This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles and Matthew Piazza pop several Imperiales (La Cerveza de Costa Rica)bright and early on a Sunday morning, and are joined by Elena Venetia, who’s fresh off her field trip to Warped Tour. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Pickles, Piazza, and TONE LO-KI interview Mike, Sean, and Ray of metal/hardcore hybrid band, Brick By Brick(NYHC), on tour at their stop in Lake Worth, Floridumb. Plus, new music by blink-182, Descendents, and Starving Wolves (feat. Leftöver Crack).

DSR GoFundMe ALTERT! Montreal Oi band,Out Of Order, had their brand new tour van stolen and resold to a chop-shop two days before embarking on their 2016 Summer Tour. Contribute HERE, if you can help out these friends of the show!

Descendents - Without Love
Coral Springs - Anxiety 
Eternal Boy - Awkward Phase
The Falcon - Black Teeth
Mace Ballard - Aurora 
Bottomfeeder - You’re Welcome 
The Split Seconds - Cutting Out 
RVIVR - Had Enough (of This Hell)
Disaster Strikes - The Fighting Path 
Interview w/ Brick By Brick
Brick By Brick - Burden Of Life 
The Ruts - Babylon’s Burning
Cold Wrecks - Suburbs
Please Please Me - 1991 
Almost People - Bored With Booze
Sudden Suspension - Pavement
Dirty Outs - Ghosted
Wizo - Adagio
Chimp Change - No Tomorrow 
Beercan! - Starting Tomorrow 
Lucky United - Two Good Shoulders 
Stöj Snak - Fuck!
Starving Wolves - Fuck The People (feat. Leftöver Crack)
blink-182 - Hey, I’m Sorry (Bonus Track)

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This week on Episode 104 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #48), Bobby Pickles is joined by Elena Venetia, who slept in until 3 in the afternoon (2 hours past recording time), and “Piazzo the Clown” (Matthew Piazza), who hates that moniker with the utmost intensity. Chris Fox (Vampirates/Boss’ Daughter) and Jesse Williams (The Randy Savages) eventually wake up to join the conversation, too. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Elena interviews Matt Caughthran, vocalist of the Los Angeles punk band, The Bronx, and alter ego mariachi group,Mariachi El Bronx, at Punk Rock Bowling (Asbury Park, NJ).  Plus, new music by Sum 41,Mikey Erg, and The Bouncing Souls.

The Bouncing Souls - Up To Us
Spanish Love Songs - Concrete
The Adolescents - Jacob’s Ladder 
Problem Daughter - Dracula On A Budget
The Interrupters - On A Turntable 
Dead Rejects - Burning Bridges
Touché Amoré - Palm Dreams
The Bronx - History's Stranglers
Interview w/ El Bronx
Mariachi El Bronx - Silver Or Lead
Set It Back - The River
Mikey Erg - An Abundance Of Julies 
The Brass Action - Good Intentions, Wrong Directions 
blink-182 - No Future 
Yellowcard - Rest in Peace
Sum 41 - Fake My Own Death
Taking Back Sunday - Tidal Wave
Masked Intruder - If Only 
Guttermouth - A Punk Rock Tale of Woe
AJJ - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
Boys On The Wall - My IV
Every Time I Die - The Coin Has a Say

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This week on Episode 103 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #47), Bobby Pickles is joined by two foxymothereffers, Chris Fox (Vampirates/Boss’ Daughter) via Vampirates’ Knoxville, TN (absolutely not the birthplace of Hunter S. Thompson) stop on their #MaximumPartyTime never-ending tour across the globe, and DS Staff Writer AnarchoPunk who’s transcending from strictly a talented writer to a rogue punk beat reporter, despite his inability to adequately record his end of the podcast for this here episode. He did, however, manage to adequately interview PEARS (SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW) at Complex music venue in Glendale, California. Plus, new music by blink-182 ,Guttermouth, Descendents, and The Misfits

Descendents - Victim Of Me
DONOTS - I Will Deny
Send Request - Anymore
The Misfits - Friday the 13th
blink-182 - Rabbit Hole
Brogues - Cruel World 
Darko - In The Company Of Wolves 
Interview w/ PEARS - Anarchopunk, Cricket Fox
Zach Quinn - Infinite Sigh 
Useless ID - Land of Idiocracy
Direct Hit! - Was it the Acid?
Guttermouth - I’ve Got It Made 
Like Mike - BFTR
Behind Deadlines - Making Change
Hot Mass - I Think I’m Done 
Gateway - Holding 
Stay Wild - Victim/Champion 
The Radical Loneliness - Kerouac
Jason Guy Smiley - Hearteyes
Decent Criminal - Death

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Direct download: BPP_103-DSR_47.mp3
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This week on Episode 102 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #46), Bobby Pickles is joined by his ragtag crew of misfits: TONE LO-KI & Piazza (not the famous baseball hall-of-famer); as well as Elena Venetia LIVE from Delaware. It’s a motley crew of “eegits" talking medieval rape, unrepressed anger, and spinning new tracks by Blink -182 and Masked Intruder. SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: DIRECT HIT!

Blink-182 - Bored To Death 
Beartooth - Loser
The Run Around - A Voice 
Thrice - Black Honey
Masked Intruder - Take What I Want
Future Idiots - Eyes Of Mine
Heart Attack Kids - Deaf Dogs
Wicked Bears - Piazza, L.A. Dodger
Tiny Moving Parts - Common Cold
Death by Stereo - Neverending
Less Thank Jake - Suburban Myth
Bitch Queens - Again, Again & Again
Direct Hit! - Artificial Confidence
NO//LIARS - Catalyst
Sniper 66 - Messiah
The Gap Year - Under Your Tongue
Ethan 103  - Punk Rock Fashion Police
State Line Syndicate - Borrowed Time
Brash Hounds - Bobby Fischer
D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald
The Taxpayers - Easy Money 

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This week on Episode 101 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #45), it’s a double-international episode! Bobby Picklesconducts his end of the podcast from the courtyard area of a Hostel on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, while Chris Fox orchestrates his half of the show from somewhere in France with the help of his beer-producer, Jesse Williams. SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Ayhuasquero Brother, Chuck Coast of Ayahuasca Costa Rica. Plus, a brand new Boss’ Daughter track!

Special commentary from St. Augustine punk act Kid You Not.

Sunny on the Causeway - Stop Snitchin’
Mug - Misery Guts
Backdrop Falls - Flesh and Bones
NOFX - Hepatitis Bathtub
Stay Wild - Trigger Warning
The Brass - You Know Who You Are
Useless ID - We Don't Want the Airwaves 
Kid You Not - When Life Gives You Lemons, Say Fuck The Lemons And Bail
SugarEater - Baby, You’re A Drag
Boss’ Daughter - Weak Week
The Barren Marys - Sober
Interview w/ Chuck Coast (Ayahuasca Costa Rica)
Colorsfade - Everyday That Passes
PEARS - Chemical Smile (Everclear cover)
Backyard Superheroes - Netflix & Chill 
Direct Hit - Forced To Sleep 
Black Bolt - Kurf's Up
Special Victims Unit - Kill Your Pimp
Captain Trips - Faux News

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Direct download: BPP_101-DSR_45.mp3
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This week on Episode 100 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #44), Bobby Pickles goes to the mattresses with Sonny, frontman (and every other instrument) of the Brooklyn-based punk act, Sunny on the Causeway. Chris Fox succumbs to a drunken stupor in Belgium (Berlin). SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Pickles drives out to The Moat House in Gainesville, Florida to interview Roger Lima, bassists/vocalist of Florida ska-punk legends, Less Than Jake

Special commentary from Arizona glitter-punk band Doll Skin, and Gainesville Funk/Rock/Electro/Dub (or simply FRED) act Morning Fatty.

Rehasher - How to Lose Yourself
Sketchy - Pacemaker (Brandon Carlisle Tribute) 
Leftover Crack - Down Under (Men At Work Cover) 
Dayglo Abortions - The Dishwasher 
Angels and Airwaves - Voyager
Ray Rocket - First Time 
Doll Skin - Let’s Be Honest 
CardiaC - El Sonido De Una Generación
The Holy Mess - Caught Like This
From Six Till Eight - Shake The Devil's Hand
Morning Fatty - Laloquezia
Interview w/ Roger Lima
Jenarchy - Boom 
Ghost On Tape - Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now? 
Venerea - Going Home 
Real Friends - Colder Quicker 
Astronautalis - Running Away From God
The Living End - Keep On Running 
The Jukebox Romantics - Art of Wrestling with Life 
The Maxies - Anne Marie 
Hatebreed - A.D. 
The Jasons - I Wanna Be An Asshole
Vinnie Caruana - Burn It Down
Sunny on the Causeway - Meets Tony and the Valentines

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This week on Episode 99 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #43), Bobby Pickles ventures to Fort Pierce, Florida to interview SoCal rockers Unwritten Lawabout their brand new record, Acoustic(which drops April 1st via El Hefe’s Cyber Tracks), prior to their stop at The Inlet- a kickass venue right on the beach! It’s also a pleasant surprise to find homegrown Floridumb talent in local openers, Church Girls - whose grimey orgy anthems and interesting stage presence, leave this serious-minded music journalist thirsting for another dash of whiskey-spit. Paul Lavesque (last name unpronounceable), bassist/vocalist for Arizona skate punks LightSpeedGo, joins Chris Fox(Vampirates/Voted Best Band) and I (Mr. Pickles) “in-studio” (this past Easter Sunday) to spin the latest punk, exchange war stories, and swear.

Special commentary from Canadian skate punk act Belvedere, Huntington Beach punk rock 3-piece Butcher Hounds, Finnish/Spanish/New Zealand punk band Deposit Man,  Toronto melodic punk rockers Last Imprint, Portland, Oregon’s punk ‘n roll act The Devil’s Troubadours, Grand Rapids pop-punk band The Lippies, Brooklyn-based four-piece The So So Glos, Alberta’s Trashed Ambulance (former members of Chimp Change), and Brazilian skate punk act Tripwire.


LightSpeedGo - Get Away
PEARS - Green Star 
The Menzingers - Dirty Old Town 
Last Imprint - Constrain Our Choices
Trashed Ambulance - Blurry Thoughts
Church Girls - Highfive 
Ray Rocket - Pet Sematary 
Despite Everything - Joke’s On Us
Stadium Way - Misplaced Rage (feat. Kevin Bivona)
Hesitation Wounds - New Abuse
The Lippies - Garbage Man 
Tender Defender - f.e.f.e.
The Devil’s Troubadours - Filthy Punks
Flogging Molly - The Hand of John L. Sullivan
Iggy Pop - Gardenia
Interview w/ Unwritten Law
Unwritten Law - Belongs to You
The So So Glos - Missionary
Nerf Herder - The Girl Who Listened to Rush
Belvedere - Hairline
Deposit Man - Tyranny 
Paul Baribeau - Ten Things
Butcher Hounds - Take A Bite
The Word Alive - Trapped
Tripwire HC - Consequences
Scream Theatre (Nick Ameen) - The Answer Lies Within

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This week on Episode 98 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #42), Chris Fox (Vampirates/Boss’ Daughter) and Bobby Pickles (Podcaster, T-shirt Peddler, Sociopath) speak with the great TREVER KEITH, frontman of California punk veterans, face to face, about their new record “PROTECTION,” which just dropped today on FAT WRECK CHORDS! If you haven’t already downloaded and listened to it 15-20 times by now, you’re slacking.  

Special commentary from Arizona skate punks LightSpeedGo, Toronto punk act School Damage, Las Vegas female punk rockers The Negative Nancys, and Canadian folk punk act Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish

Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish - Nailbiter
COLT 45 - All Hell Broke Loose
Stöj Snak  - Happitalism
The Distractions - All For Love
Interview w/ Trever Keith (Part 1)
Millencolin - Heart Vs. Mind
Turnover - Humblest Pleasures
No Nipples - J.H.
The Negative Nancys - Head Sick
School Damage - Not My Problem
Weezer - LA Girlz 
Mike & The Melvins - Limited Teeth
Problem Daughter - O Brother, Where Art Thou 
Lightspeedgo - Not You
Culture Abuse - Peace on Earth
Tiger Army - Prisoner of the Night
Boss’ Daughter - Song Thirteen
Interview w/ Trever Keith (Part 2)
face to face - Fourteen Fifty-Nine
Brian Fallon - Steve McQueen
The Falcon - War of Colossus
Western Settings - Wonderful Multiple Episodes 
Fifty/Fifty - Хрещення Вогнем (Bonus)

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European booking help -

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This week on Episode 97 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #41), Chris Fox is the DD again today (but we mean “guest co-host” not “day drinker”).  Bobby Pickles welcomes the Vampirates/Boss’ Daughter frontman (and a thousand other bands) “in-studio” once again in a pinch as a last minute replacement for Elena Venetia who was busy with her dude doing V-day shit. This is the Fuck Valentine’s Day Special!


DS Editor AnarchoPunk’s three-part piece highlighting the exploits of the honorable Chris Fox. It’s bitter cold in CT, and Reno not so much. The playlist was not chosen for Valentine’s Day, in fact - fuck Valentine’s Day. It’s corporate shill Holiday. Every time Chris Fox does the show, a big timer dies; this week, it’s Justice Antonin Scalia, and Bobby hopes for a super liberal replacement solely for the benefit of federal marijuana legalization. Bobby uses the phrase “Italian Guineas” - PC people be warned. We discuss the negative idiot TONE LO-KI who enjoys informing people of deaths. Salt Lake City pop-punk outfit Problem Daughter signs with Dying Scene Records. Chris says, “always drink before you tune, that’s the trick, depending on where your priorities lie.” No Doubt/AFI should form a Hardcore band called “Some Doubt” - joke stolen from Entropy NY’s Brian Lawrence.Fuck cowbell, more bass.

Special commentary from Teenage Bottlerocket founding member and co-frontman Ray Carlisle; Tasmanian punk act Luca Brasi; Roman skatepunkers (former Jet Marketshredders) Thousand Oaks; Belgian pop-punk group For I Am; Gainesville emo/indie-punk act Edmonton; Boston’s ska-revivalist group The Pomps; Ohio pop-punk act, The Spastic Hearts; LA based pop-punk band Murderland, and San Diego punk act Skipjack.

Boss’ Daughter - I’m the DD today
Ray Rocket - Do You Wanna Go To Tijuana?
Luca Brasi - The Cascade Blues
Thousand Oaks - You Can't Fight Fate 
Faintest Idea - Down Pressure
Face To Face - Double Crossed
Problem Daughter - Like a Dog 
New Age Healers - Lost Your Mind
Medictation - Memories Of Youth
For I Am - Grandma's Missing
Edmonton - Solid Knowledge 
Hey Stroker - Momentum
Spanish Love Songs - Paper Cup
The Bennies - Party Machine
The Pomps - All My Guns
The Spastic Hearts - Spend It With You
Two For Flinching - Super
The Slackers - Truth Comes Knocking
Murderland - Whatever Happened
Brian Fallon - A Wonderful Life
Skipjack - Something To Believe In

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CHRIS FOX - with Ryan Davidson
2/18/2016 - Reno NV - Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor

BOSS' DAUGHTER - Northwest Winter Party Time Tour
2/20/2016 - Reno NV - Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor
2/24/2016 - Medford OR - Bamboo Room at King Wah's
2/25/2016 - Eugene OR - The Boreal
2/26/2016 - Portland OR - High Water Mark
2/27/2016 - Seattle WA - Kraken Bar
2/28/2016 - Bend OR - The Capital
2/29/2016 - Grants Pass OR - G Street
3/1/2016 - Sacramento CA - Starlight Lounge
3/2/2016 - Oakland CA - Stork Club
3/3/2016 - Pacifica CA - Winters Tavern
3/4/2016 - San Jose CA - Caravan
3/5/2016 - Reno NV - Sierra Tap House

VAMPIRATES - with Dead Kennedys, Elephant Rifle, and more! 
3/6/2016 - Reno NV - Jub Jub's Showroom

3/17/2016 - Reno NV - Holland Project
3/18/2016 - Sacramento CA - On The Y
3/19/2016 - Santa Cruz CA - Blue Lagoon

VAMPIRATES - Europe 2016
4/5/2016 - Norway - Oslo
4/6/2016 - Norway - Oslo
4/7/2016 - Germany - Berlin
4/8/2016 - Germany - Berlin
4/9/2016 - Germany - Berlin - White Trash Fast Food
4/10/2016 - Germany - Hanover
4/11/2016 - Netherlands - Amsterdam
4/12/2016 - Netherlands - Amsterdam
4/13/2016 - Belgium - Antwerp
4/14/2016 - Belgium - Brussels
4/15/2016 - France - Paris
4/16/2016 - France - Rennes
4/17/2016 - France - Nantes
4/18/2016 - France - Tours
4/19/2016 - France - Poitiers
4/20/2016 - France - Limoges
4/21/2016 - France - Angouleme - Bock 'n Roll
4/22/2016 - France - Bordeaux
4/23/2016 - Spain - Bilbao
4/24/2016 - Spain - Barcelona
4/25/2016 - France - Toulouse
4/26/2016 - Switzerland - Geneva
4/27/2016 - Switzerland - Zurich
4/28/2016 - Italy - Milan
4/29/2016 - Italy - Venice
4/30/2016 - Italy - San Leonardo In Passeria - Pub Hoelle
5/1/2016 - Italy - South Tyrol
5/2/2016 - Austria - Innsbruck
5/3/2016 - Austria - Graz
5/4/2016 - Austria - Vienna
5/5/2016 - Austria - Salzburg
5/6/2016 - Germany - Munich
5/7/2016 - Germany - Stuttgart
5/8/2016 - Germany - Wurzburg
5/9/2016 - Germany - Frankfurt
5/10/2016 - Norway - Oslo


European booking help -

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On this 96th Episode of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (40th Episode of Dying Scene Radio),Bobby Pickles speaks with John Holmstrom(founding editor/Punk magazine) at Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project (located on the Lower East Side, NYC) during the 40th anniversary exhibition of his pioneering publication. Watch the fullvideo interview HERE! Also, Elena Venetiais back after a bit of a hiatus as she joins Bobby “in-studio” to co-host this week’s show. TONE LO-KI joins the conversation, too. FUN FACT: Don’t step on PEARS or your shoes’ll turn to apple sauce!

DISCLAIMER: Dying Scene Radio is not for the overly sensitive. If you’re easily offended by political incorrectness, curse words or sarcasm, then what are you doing listening to a punk rock podcast anyway?! All of the tracks spun and headlines reported on herein are sourced from Dying Scene, but not all of the views and opinions expressed by Bobby Pickles or guests are shared by Dying Scene.

With special commentary from Pittsburgh, PA’s No Person, and Italian punks LATTE+.

Violent Femmes - Memory
No Person - The Cleavers Go Cutthroat
Safe and Sound - Dream
Silver Snakes- Glass
Weezer - King of the World
LATTE+ - It’s OK for Us
The Casualties - Chaos Sound
Ship Thieves - Born into This
Basement - Aquasun
King Prawn - Smoke That Shit
Interview w/ John Holmstrom (founder/Punk magazine)
Megadeth - Dystopia
River Oaks - Let You Down
Love Is a Fist - We Want Justice
Piffbreak Arcade - Road Rage
The Lucky Eejits- East Bay Ratz  
Ignite- You Saved Me
Gameday Regulars - Pale Reflections
The Phenomenauts - I’m With Neil
Lionheart - Pain
Letdown- I'm Not Complex, I’m Just From One
Cables and Arms- Hang the Moon

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This week on Episode 95 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #39), Bobby Pickles welcomes Chris Fox (Vampirates,Boss’ Daughter, and four other bands) “in-studio” (straight from Reno, NV via the interwebs) to guest co-host the show. Recorded on Saturday, January 9th 2016, one day prior to post-punk provocateur David Bowie losing his 18-month battle with cancer, this week’s episode should remind us why it’s so important to do what we love. This may be a punk rock podcast, but Bowie paved the way for punks like Laura Jane Grace, only, Bowie’s androgynous, don’t-give-a-fuck persona was propelled in a time when Bruce Gender wasn’t Glamour Magazine’s “Woman of Year”. Another one bites the Stardust. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Long Island musician Rob McCallister, best known as the guitarist for Iron Chic. He passed away on January 10th, as well, from undisclosed causes. He leaves behind a daughter. News of his untimely demise will most probably be overshadowed by the news of Bowie’s. Now, I’m gonna do what I love - I’m gonna podcast. And, in the words of GG - “LIVE FAST DIE!”

R.I.P. David Bowie and Rob McAllister

With special commentary from Brazilian progressive punk act Malvina, windy Wyoming punkers Shocktroopers, Bay area punk band Sarchasm, and hardcore supergroup World Be Free.

Hear all the incessant blathering and latest new music and headlines, below.

Vampirates - Holding on to Thought
Shocktroopers - Punk Rock Body
The Dirty Nil - Provisional (Fugazi Cover)
Tartar Control - A Whole New World
Adrift - Adeus
Malvina - Nankeen
Sarchasm - Mt. Rainier
Resolutions - Machine
Western Settings - Kicking And Screaming (Live)
Western Daughter - My Room is a Mess
Irish Handcuffs - Grindstone
World Be Free - Shake the Ghost
Mutiny Abroad - The Devil Is A Lonely Guy Named Stan
Wisdom In Chains - Violent Americans
Judiciary - Justice Decays
Still Alive - Ransom Note
The Cult – Hinterland
The Thermals - Hey You
Todd Beene - Keeping It On
David Bowie - Lazarus
Boss’ Daughter – Something About Nothing

You can subscribe to Dying Scene Radio via RSS, on iTunes or with the TuneIn orStitcher apps for iOS and Android. We also enjoy reading listener feedback on the air, so feel free to send us an e-mail. Or call us on the hotline - (347) 754-PUNK.

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1/11/2016 - Reno NV - Ground Zero

1/23/2016 - Chico CA - Monstro's Pizza
1/24/2016 - Petaluma CA - Jamison's Roaring Donkey
1/25/2016 - Pacifica CA - Winter's Tavern
1/26/2016 - TBA/HELP?!
1/27/2016 - Santa Barbara CA - Euphoria Hookah Lounge
1/28/2016 - Spring Valley CA - The Bancroft
1/29/2016 - Idyllwild CA - American Legion Post 800
1/30/2016 - Los Angeles CA - TBA/HELP?!
1/31/2016 - San Luis Obispo CA - Frog & Peach and Pub
2/1/2016 - Santa Cruz CA - Poet & Patriot
2/2/2016 - Susanville CA - Lassen Ale Works
2/4/2016 - South Lake Tahoe CA - Brothers Bar & Grill
2/5/2016 - Carson City NV - Sassafras
2/6/2016 - Elko NV - DLC Gallery
2/10/2016 - Reno NV - Pignic Pub & Patio

BOSS' DAUGHTER - NW Winter Party Time Tour
2/20/2016 - Reno NV - Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor
2/24/2016 - Chico CA - TBA
2/25/2016 - Eugene OR - TBA
2/26/2016 - Portland OR - High Water Mark
2/27/2016 - Seattle WA - TBA
2/28/2016 - Bend OR - TBA
2/29/2016 - Grants Pass OR - TBA
3/1/2016 - Sacramento CA - TBA
3/2/2016 - Oakland CA - TBA
3/3/2016 - Santa Cruz CA - TBA
3/4/2016 - San Jose CA - Caravan
3/5/2016 - Reno NV - Sierra Tap House

3/17/2016 - Reno NV - TBA
3/18/2016 - Sacramento CA - TBA
3/19/2016 - Santa Cruz CA - Blue Lagoon
3/20/2016 - Oakland CA - TBA
3/21/2016 - San Jose CA - TBA
3/22/2016 - San Diego CA - TBA
3/23/2016 - Los Angeles CA - TBA
3/24/2016 - Phoenix AZ - TBA
3/25/2016 - Flagstaff AZ - TBA
3/26/2016 - Las Vegas NV - TBA

VAMPIRATES - Europe 2016 (4/5/2016-5/11/2016) - Norway, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain - booking help

Direct download: BPP_95-DSR_39.mp3
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This week on Episode 94 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #38), Bobby Pickles welcomes lifelong friend and musical prodigy Nick Ameen “in-studio” to help usher in 2016 (the Year of the Monkey). TONE LO-KI joins the conversation, welcoming his lifelong friend and musical prodigy, Sour Shoes(from the Howard Stern Show). Bobby recaps the major headlines of 2015 and spins his favorite music by bands/guests featured this past year on the podcast.

R.I.P. Lemmy 1945-2015

Motörhead - Victory of Die
Teenage Bottlerocket - Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You)
Nick Ameen - Spike The Punch
Entropy NY - So It Goes
Out Of Order - No Cares
¡LA VASA! - Mama Tried
Tartar Control - My God’s Cock
PEARS - Snowflake
The Regressives - Problems
Screeching Weasel - Things Aren’t So Bad After All
Bad Cop / Bad Cop - Nightmare
The Decline - I Don’t Believe
Chaos Delivery Machine - God Of Prey
Svetlanas - Crimea River
Templeton Pek - Broken Lines
Black Cat Attack - Conquer Destroy Exterminate!
Millencolin - Believe In John
Frank Turner - Silent Key
Thee Money $hot - Lady Killer
Sic Waiting - Maps
Laura Jane Grace (feat. Miley Cyrus) - True Trans Soul Rebel

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This week on Episode 93 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #37), Bobby Pickles welcomes Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup, Jaret Goes to the Movies, and a slew of other things) “in-studio” to co-host the show. The two are proof positive that ANYBODY can be a radio DJ. FUN FACT: cosmic connections are very real.

With special commentary from New York pop-punks Ate Bit, Midwest pop punks, The Distractions, the punk-ish Chicago band,Nervous Passenger, an awesome video production company called Raw Cut Media, and the one-man band himself, straight outta Atlantic City, NJ - Nick Ameen!

Hear all the incessant blathering and latest new music and headlines, below.

This Week’s Playlist
Bowling For Soup - 20 Years (That’s a Lot of Beers)
Nervous Passenger - Good For Nothing
J. Navarro & The Traitors - Water
Foo Fighters - Sean
Looming - Christmastime
Ate Bit - Pointlessly Constant
Hellbent - Washed Out
The Hempsteadys - Bela Lugosi’s Ghost
Lucky Scars - Bandita
The Distractions - In Stereo
Nick Ameen - Brick By Brick
The Low Ends - Solus
Los Ramones - Relámpago
The Lamplighters - Basement
Dead Trains - County Road Bound/Mean Town Blues
Toxic Kid - It’s Christmas Time…Again
Years Asleep - Reflections
Lazy Class - Stracone poklenie
Linterno - Outatime
Hooray for Our Side - Outatime

You can subscribe to Dying Scene Radio via RSS, on iTunes or with the TuneIn orStitcher apps for iOS and Android. We also enjoy reading listener feedback on the air, so feel free to send us an e-mail. Or call us on the hotline - (347) 754-PUNK.

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This week on Episode 92 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #36), Bobby Pickles podcasts from Greater Boston, welcoming yet another different guest co-host, Rob McManus/Northern Shakers. The Bobs are back, briefly! FUN FACT: Rob (Bob) knows less about punk than Bobby.

BAND SPOTLIGHT | TONE LO-KI and Mr. Pickles interview the Finnish heavy metal/bluegrass cover act,Steve'n’Seagulls, who recently went viral with their rendition of the AC/DC classic,Thunderstruck.

With special commentary from Quinte, Ontario’sThe Barefoot Sailors, Fredericksburg, VA horror punks Savage Remains, Georgian melodic punk act,Courage, Dear Heart, and the UK/Italian punk sensation,Second Youth.

Hear all the incessant blathering and latest new music and headlines, below.

This Week’s Playlist
The Casualties - Running Through the Night
Copout - No Justification
All Things End - Lost and Faded
Turbonegro - Hot For Nietzsche
Northern Shakers - Lie Awake
Ship Thieves - Middle Man
Graveyard Johnnys - For Tonight (Live)
Steve'n'Seagulls - Holy Diver
Steve'n'Seagulls Interview
Steve'n'Seagulls - Thunderstruck
Gold Route - Baba O’Riley
Smokey Bastard - Baba Yaga
The Barefoot Sailors - Davy Jones’ Locker
Savage Remains - Bringing Out The Dead
Career Suicide - Cut And Run
Terror - Sick and Tired
Night Birds - (I’m) Wired
Weezer - Thank God for Girls
Courage, Dear Heart - Shallowed Be Thy Name
The Dirty Nil - No Weaknesses
The Bloodstrings - Tonight We Dine in Hell
Bears! Bears! Bears! - I Want A Boat
Second Youth - Glass Roof

You can subscribe to Dying Scene Radio via RSS, on iTunes or with the TuneIn orStitcher apps for iOS and Android. We also enjoy reading listener feedback on the air, so feel free to send us an e-mail. Or call us on the hotline - (347) 754-PUNK.

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This week on Episode 91 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #35), Bobby Pickles welcomes “Crazy James” Zinkand(his second guest co-host in two weeks) in-studio (his mom’s car) to discuss punk related topics (and James’ alcoholism) while Elena Venetia ponders her possible return to the show (Bobby can be overbearing, sometimes). If you miss Elena’s insights and would like her back as much as Bobby does, please feel free to persuade her via email. FUN FACT: Crazy James saw The Eagles of Death Metal at Le Bataclan in 2009.

BAND SPOTLIGHT | Pickles interviews Jared Stinson, frontman of SoCal skate-punk act,SIC WAITING, from his mobile studio, parked in front of NYHC Tattoos, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

With special commentary from Jacksonville, Florida melodic punk act Flag On Fire, North Carolina ska-punk group Just The Tip!, Virginia Beach newcomers Lifeboat!, Orange County ska-punk act Save Ferris, German punks The Black Tape, Swedish punk rockers Scumbag Millionaire, and the best band in the world X-Ray Vision.

Hear all the incessant blathering and latest new music and headlines, below.

This Week’s Playlist
Anger Flares - Rebels With Cause
Beans On Toast - I’m Home When You Hold Me
The Black Tape - Antennas Of War
Coma Commander - Christopher Robin And The Giant Blisters
The Devil Wears Prada - Alien
NerveGuns - Every Single Day
Riverboat Gamblers - I Wanna Destroy You
Scumbag Millionaire - Gotta Move
Sic Waiting - A Red House and Bones
Interview - Jared Stinson/Sic Waiting
Sic Waiting - The Salesman
Skipjack - Something to Believe In
State Line Syndicate - Loves Me So
Strike Again - Burning Heart
X-Ray Vision - Get Outta My Room Mom!
Fake Legacy - Haters Always Gonna Hate
Flag On Fire - #96
Greg Rekus - Stay
Wadeye - Never Forget
Good Charlotte - Makeshift Love
Handguns - Bury Me
Just The Tip! - Satellites
¡La Vasa! - Forgive And Forget
Leftover Crack - Bedbugs & Beyond
Lifeboat! - Not Myself
Todd Beene - We Miss You

You can subscribe to Dying Scene Radio via RSS, on iTunes or with the TuneIn orStitcher apps for iOS and Android. We also enjoy reading listener feedback on the air, so feel free to send us an e-mail. Or call us on the hotline - (347) 754-PUNK.

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This week on Episode 90 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #34), Elena Venetia takes the week off, so Bobby Pickles conducts the podcast from Jersey City, NY with longtime friend Adrien “Stupid Martini” De Martini, bassist of the female fronted horror punk act, Thee Money $hot. Things get personal, as los bastardos spin tales of atheism, Florida, talentless musicianship, and the untimely death of Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle. Bobby also openly apologizes for his wasted, unprofessional antics on last week’s episode; suffice it to say, Bobby doesn’t remember Halloween, but Stupid Martini is quick to remind Pickles of the Halloween two years prior. Have you ever shat your pants at a costume party? FUN FACT: Bobby has! (With special commentary from Mexico City’s Anti-Venöm, Cincinnati punk rockers, UnderTipper, andthe new, surf-obsessed, totally-from-California punk band, The All Brights).

This Week’s Playlist
Dead Saturday - Teenage Bottlerocket
The Digs - Ready Set
Drones - From Birth To Grave
Brick By Brick - These Streets
Anti-Venöm - Enough Is Enough feat. Night Gaunts and Riot Ska Chris
51percent - Disconnected (Face To Face)
Big Eyes - Local Celebrity
Thee Money $hot - Stoked
Aiden - No Gods
UnderTipper - El Bastardo
Naked Raygun - Broken Things
The All Brights - West Coast F#@k You
Youth Decay - The Party’s Over
Sonic Boom Six - No Man, No Right
Cavaverman - Don’t Cross The Streams
Dollar Signs - The End

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This week on Episode 89 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #33), Bobby Pickles travels south to the great state of Floriduh to report from FEST 14, but when he’s big leagued during Tampa’s Pre-FEST 3 by Masked Intruder for the second time in two weeks, Pickles goes gonzo (Hunter S. Thompson-style), opting to instead stay close to the beach - drinking, drugging and destroying hotel rooms alongside his attorney - the illustrious Ben Coletti. That’s punk rock! Not tripping over a bunch of trendies in land-locked Gainesville. Elena Venetiaconducts her end of the show from the comfort of Queens, NY - where she sets up a Halloween themed playlist to settle the nerves of her two Floridiot counterparts.FUN FACT: Dolphins are rapey.

Hola Ghost - Night of the Vampire
The Ramones- Pet Sematary
Dead Kennedys - Halloween
Marilyn Manson- This is Halloween
The Dead Tones- You Dismember Me
Horrorpops- Walk Like A Zombie
The Cramps- I Was A Teenage Werewolf
Schoolyard Heroes- Dawn of the Dead
AFI - Halloween (Misfits Cover)
Alkaline Trio - Halloween (Misfits Cover)
Misfits - Monster Mash

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This week on Episode 88 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #32), Elena Venetia reports from the field, travelling by Chinatown Bus from NYC to Delaware to interview Nathan Gray, frontman of the post-hardcore/punk band, boysetsfire.Bobby Pickles joins the conversation from the comfort of his studio, where he is safe to interrogate the singer from afar. Then Masked Intruder bumps the pair before their concert at NYC’s Webster Hall. Apparently, a hapless sound technician spilled his beer on the soundboard just prior to soundcheck, killing all hope of podcasting with the criminal quartet. How punk rock is that! But, Bobby vows to get the scoop next week during FEST 14, or go to jail trying. Episode 32s recurring theme: Kangaroos have 3 va-jay-jays.  

Closet Fiends - Heroinsomnia
Continents - Scorn
Interview Part 1 w/ Nathan Gray of boysetsfire
The Hempsteadys - Teen Wolf 2012
Dying River - Waiting For Your Next Storm
My Iron Lung - Set Of Stairs
Stoj Snak - Laughter Brings People Together But No One Wants To F#@k The Funny Guy
Uniforms - Kathleen Hanna Turned Heel
Deforesters - A Song For The Reptoids At Denver International Airport to Sing
Interview Part 2 w/ Nathan Gray of boysetsfire
Manic Pixi - Tongue Tunnel
Leftover Crack - System Fucked
Go Deep - Slumberland

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This week on Episode 87 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #31), Bob Noxious quits the show LIVE ON AIR, but not before he and Bobby Pickles welcome Gavin McInnes (Co-Founder, VICE) by way of the interwebs to discuss how punk rock helped shape his successes. An accomplished entrepreneur, writer, radio/tv host, McInnes is living proof that English majors can accomplish a lot more than just being a teacher, not that being a teacher isn’t a great accomplishment or anything. Then a new co-host jumps directly into Bob’s grave! Her name is Elena Venetia and she’s a hot, tatted, New York City punk rock chick, who does not want to be known as the “hot, tatted chick co-host” - just “co-host” (but she’s far from a feminist and wants to make that clear right now). Episode 31’s recurring theme: EVERYBODY is replaceable.

Dead Ahead - Berzerker
Free Children of Earth - No Broken Circles 
Gavin McInnes - Interview Part 1
Behind Deadlines  - Office Party 
Less Deceived - I Used To Own A CRASS T-Shirt 
Chilled Monkey Brains - The Tale of Ramirez DePietro 
Quarter Tank - Grenades 
The Best of the Worst - Ctrl-Z
Still Alive - Shadow Anthem 
Gavin McInnes - Interview Part 2
Lucky Stars - All Lies 
The Atom Age - It’s A Mess 
Smokey Bastard - Archipelago

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This week on Episode 86 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #30), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles welcome Frank Turner by way of the interwebs to discuss his new record, Positive Songs for Negative People. The Bobs can tell full well that Frank is highly disturbed by their uncouth, American manners and hacky, tabloid idiocy - but that doesn’t stop them from getting to the bottom of things, or learning about Lester Bangs. From being hungover on the set of his new Josephine video, to performing a “nearly” spot-on American accent while proclaiming his love and admiration of the deep south, Turner stays courteous to the Bobs, even while Noxious fields him questions, which were obviously researched via wikipedia. Say hello to the punk rock Bruce Springsteen! (At least we didn’t make that the headline). Unlike Mr. Pickles, who was on TLC’sAmerica’s Worst Tattoos - Mr. Turner does not believe in cover-ups or regret, that’s why Frank has deemed his left leg, his “stupid tattoo leg”, sporting an image of Dale Earnhardt, a kangaroo with a unicorn horn, and a brandname of canadian prescription painkillers. Episode 30’s recurring themes: Bob’s admitted rampant file sharing abuses, his exploitation of hate mail and “not so secret” admirers, plus a new genre is born: polka-funk.

Hear all the incessant blathering, plus all the latest new music and headlines, below.


Bob doesn’t know the meaning of provocative. Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People talks about his experience interviewing Babes in Toyland at their NYC Irving Plaza show. Bob has a “not so secret” admirer who appreciates Bob’s beard. Bob says the Meat Puppets aren’t “punk rock”.

Bob’s extra-curricular activities was band but he had to quit because he had poor grades, while Bobby was hellion, a “crazy, punk rock kid” who dropped outta high school but still managed to graduate from UF. Frank Turner teaches Bob and Bobby about Lester Bangs, considered to be  “America’s Greatest Rock Critic” - the Hunter S. Thompson of music journalism. Bob says Bobby must enjoy wearing women’s clothes because Bobby refuses to comment on Fat Mike’s fondness of wearing ladies’ attire.

“There’s always a little word play when there’s a little ass play”, says Bob as he intros “Frank Turner ‘doing’ Josephine”. Bob’s doing a split 7” with Dwarves’ guitarist HeWhoCannotBeNamed. Bobby wants the 7” vinyl from Bob for Christmas. Bob says espresso is a diuretic - that’s why e stays clear of that nasty stuff when carousing Walmart shopping aisles.

New DS t-shirts may be available soon! Bob says whenever he wears his DS t-shirt, people pledge their undying (pun intended) allegiance to Dying Scene. When a band calls it quits and they still have 7-8 months of touring, Bob won’t shed a tear. The name “American Television” makes Bob think of the “golden years” of TV. Bob has never experienced television outside of the USA. It’s really the lowest common denominator.

Frank Turner has better manners than Bob and Bobby, despite being an Englishman. If you’re a good songwriter, you might not wanna listen to other’s input, as in - “dude, that stuff sounds like Iron Maiden, it’s not 1984” - actual commentary from a PigPen session. While discussing the new Domesplitter hot sauce - Bobby declares, “Hot Sauce Everything!” Bob looks up the moruga scorpion scoville unit, then explains the hybrid strain system to Bobby, who has read High Times magazine and lives in a “medical state”.

Frank Turner - Josephine
Frank Turner Interview Part 1
Science Club - The Lord Will Have His Terrible Vengeance
Contra Code - Screw Tape
Frank Turner Interview Part 2
Night Birds - Left In The Middle
Hopes - Trapped
Frank Turner Interview Part 3
Sundays - Power Of One
Million Dead - Breaking The Back
Frank Turner Interview Part 4
Band Of Homeless - Drink Again
Rusty Things - The Butchers Bill
Frank Turner Interview Part 5
Three Eyed Jack - Faded Memories
The Offenders - Harsh Reality

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This week on Episode 85 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #29), Bobby Pickles chats with Mathias Färm and Erik Ohlsson of the legendary Swedish skate-punk band Millencolin prior to their stop at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, on the North American leg of their 2015 True Brew tour. Pickles probes the two Scandinavian guitarists about that time their mutual friend, Frankie D, an acclaimed tattoo artist who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 35, had the entire band tattoo their signatures onto his leg. Erik says they have the entire encounter on video somewhere and they will post it soon, now that they have heard the news of Frankie’s untimely demise. Bobby also asks the two about Millencolin’s iconic sound, their preference for Viking women, and then relays several offensively idiotic questions that were penned by Bob Noxious. Video of Bobby Pickles’ full-interview with Millencolin can be found on the DSR YouTube page. Vignettes by: Dan of Still Alive, Mark of Madaline, and Shaun Colónand Joel Herrera of A Fat Wreck and Punk Rock Film Fest. Episode 29’s recurring theme: Crapping out on punk rock knowledge.


Let’s play a game of punk rock craps. “Are you ready to roll the dice, Mr. Pickles!” Bob exclaims, revealing his inclusion in a $1700 football pool and having his mind on his money and his money on his mind. But the Bobs don’t know sports terminology, or gambling terminology for that matter. But they do know about punk rock! Or so they think.

Cover songs are like a box of chocolates - and Bob Noxious recommends Richard Cheese.Bouncing Souls also do a string of hometown shows during the holidays, just like theBosstones. The Bobs were on hiatus when Queers bassist Dangerous Dave went on drunken rampage aimed at destroying the band’s drum kit.

Bob has zero idea who BoySetsFire is but wants to test Bobby’s punk rock knowledge. Noxious then makes fun of how Bobby answers his fact-checking questions, but Bobby knows it’s only out of insecurity because Bob is most probably a sociopath, and some thing’s are better left unsaid.

Bobby keeps on saying “next on the docket” throughout the show, which may become a staple term, just like “grubby little hands”. Bob Brandt wants Pickles to hunt Blake Schwarzenbach down on a Brooklyn sidewalk. Bob says Bobby should catch the Jawbreakerfrontman as he’s exiting a bodega, kitty litter in-hand.

Bob says, “Never let another man hold your bag!” when Bobby shares that he left his bag of radio equipment with Jonny X while he moshed in the circle pit at the Millencolin concert. Bob still gets in the pit at 46. Bob says Tom Araya looks downright haggerty in the brand new Slayer video. The Bobs crap out when they roll a 7 with everything on the table!

Dynamite Dynamite - Die For This
The Mistakes - Sick Of The Sun
Still Alive - Choices
Madaline - No Sound
Blisterhead - Tumbling Down
Harrington Saints - Side By Side
Double Standard - People Like You
Millencolin Interview
Millencolin - Bring Me Home
Ivan Drago - Coming Down
Start At Zero - Buzzer Beater

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This week on Episode 84 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #28), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles connect withJoey Cape live from his van. The three discuss Joey’s new solo record, Stitch Puppy,  the story behind the song, “Tracks”, and what it was like to record his latest acoustic album using a similar formula to that of his label, One Week Records.  Bobby uses his “Wop Dar” to uncover the Italian roots of the Lagwagonfrontman, insinuates that, like most musicians, Joey is inherently lazy, and then asks Mr. Cape a very pretentious question, which Joey has not the authority to answer adequately, given that the punk rock ethos transcends ideas and is really a part of one’s DNA. But, Joey agrees with Bob’s ethos, being a 46 year old man who lives his life like a 17 year old boy.  

SYNOPSIS OF BANTER: Jason 3D of The Jasons designed a FAT ENZO t-shirt depicting The Bobs getting killed by The Jasons. Lou Koller, frontman of NYHC greats, Sick Of It All, speaks with ten year old Elliott of Little Punk People, and Bobby wants to make him a DSR war correspondent because he’s interviewed many of the same people as Bob and he’s a much more talented interviewer. The Bobs discuss their impending full-coverage of FEST 14 in Gainesville and Pre-FEST in Tampa. Bobby doesn’t know who Mikey Erg or Ronnie James Dio is. The Svetlanas are from “Mother Russia” just as PigPen are comprised of more bacon than Bob puts down during breakfast. Why does EVERYBODY think the iconic Motörhead frontman, Lemmy Kilmister, is going to die? Bob says if Lemmy isn’t really afraid to die, he’d have played a fourth song in Austin. Bob thinks he might need to go back to the dark liquors. Bob says, “Lemmy will live forever and what kind of world are we going to leave for Lemmy?”

AND VIGNETTES BY: Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People, J. Prozac of Doubtfire, Todd Dulawan of Distorted Signals, Dylan Flynn of Pass The Bass, and Mike Hansen ofPentimento.

Episode 28’s recurring theme: bad/spot-on accents, artists who’ve recorded records in one-week’s time, and Bobby’s three keys to success - Persistence, Arrogance, andStupidity, with major emphasis on the latter.

Hear all the incessant blathering, plus this week’s new music and headlines, below.

Nightbirds - 8 Inch Betsy
PMX - Pull The Trigger
8 Inch Betty - Mean Days
Svetlanas - Siberia
PEARS - Snowflake
Guilty By Association - Coming Home
Doubtfire - California
The Mahones - Fuck You
Joey Cape Interview
Joey Cape - Spill My Guts
Lagwagon - Made Of Broken Pieces
Pentimento - Sink Or Swim

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This week on Episode 83 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #27), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles are finally back after nearly a month long hiatus! There’s been a mini format change, plus new episodes are posting each and every Monday morning. Get yourself a recap of last week’s new music and headlines, brought to you by the Bobs. On this week’s episode, Bobby talks about his travels to Floriduhh where he gets too drunk to record a DSR podcast episode with Bob in-person. Bobby asks Bob if he’s ever seen the iconic 80’s punk movie, Dudes (1987), directed byPenelope Spheeris; Bob mentions that he and the acclaimed Decline of Western Civilization director are Facebook friends. Bobby asks Bob if he ever likes bands’ Facebook pages, prior to listening to any of their music, simply based on their ridiculous name. Bob thinks new NOFX music is not newsworthy because they’re always dropping new music. Bobby informs Bob that Fat Wreck Chords has only existed for 24 years and nobody checked to verify dates - everyone just bought the 25 year anniversary marketing ploy. Bobby gives 45 Adapters frontman Pickabar a FAT ENZO BB Allin t-shirt at the 2015 Long Island Punk Rock BBQ. Bill stevenson declares Propagandhi the best band ever. Bob declares that Fletcher Dragge is a name nazi. Bobby interviews Fraser Murderburger about doing a pre-order in lieu of a crowdfunding campaign, recording with Masked Intruder, Matt Allison (Atlas Studios), and having a million different drummers involved with The Murderburgers’ line-up during the band’s existence. Bobby says Bob should go join The Murderburgers too  - since his band,PigPen, dawns masks just like the Masked Intruder fellas. Bob says he won’t be wearing a mask in his next band because it’s too hot. Bob talks about attending Underoath’s high school in Tampa, FL. Bobby accuses Bob of “lazy thievery” - not wanting to steal the new Epitaph sampler via one-track on youtube. Bob “drops the mic” on Bobby, then reads two weird definitions of the newly accepted pop culture phrase; the alternative definition of which brings this week’s episode rating from R to X for vulgarity. Bobby declares, “Darkbuster must be a great name to hear uttered in the Boston accent!” Then, Bob attempts a Boston accent but sounds more like Vinnie Barbarino from Welcome Back, Kotter. While discussing Iron Reagan’s (Bobby mispronounces name) new craft beer flavor by Stragtimes Brewery, Bob tells Bobby the tale of PigPen’s Stale Ale and Swine Wine. Bob realizes that he could never go solo because he would have to rival theBobnoxious band of Canada. Bob wonder why contests are so difficult these days, referencing New Found Glory’s music video contest, Bob says to win you have to be multi-talented. DSR could be the official podcast of FEST 14 in Gainesville - so stay tuned for that. Bob discusses his “hipster neighborhood” and having not mowed his lawn since finding out his house is to be sold. Sparklefight in the news, so Bobby reaches out to Mike Beer about a commercial they made in jest nearly 4 years ago - there’s aFacebook protest group calling for the boycott of Connie’s Ric Rac because they say the video (which is pure schtick) supports rape culture. Mike argues their side of the story, explaining why they won’t take down the video - it’s the principality of the situation. New one-man band, Distorted Signals, lives in a van down by the river, and they/he/she also records their/his/her records in said van, as well. Episode 27’s recurring themes: name nazis and bad words, which start with the letter “C”.

Blowfuse - Radioland
The Prosecution - Sofa Spuds
45 Adapters - Patriots Not Fools
Propagandhi - I Am A Rifle
Dead Ahead - Cold Truth
Dead Rejects - Spill Your Guts
Darkbuster - Many Moons
D.O.A. - Punk Rock Hero
Joey Cape - This Life Is Strange
Greg Graffin - Faith Alone
Distorted Signals - Less Than Nothing

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It’s been a little while since we’ve produced an episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast. Primarily, because Bobby is too consumed with his other podcast - Dying Scene Radio. If you haven’t checked it out, you should! But aside from punk rock, Bobby still likes to talk about everything under the sun. On this episode of BPP, Bobby Pickles and lifelong beer buddy, Ben Coletti(along with Coletti’s girlfriend, Jessica Hardy, and a stupidiot named Tone Lo-Ki) conduct a roundtable discussion regarding Bobby’s potential return to Floriduhh but not without fears of alcoholism and losing his edge. Jessica brings up “Rob’s problem” as she kindly puts it. Ben tells what it’s like to date a “black chick” who is culturally un-black. Bobby poses the question: “Why does Coletti look like fucking Tom Hanks in Castaway?” The crew also discusses Coletti’s weird “hair stamp”, and living with Gary Smith in a white trash apartment years ago. They also chat about meeting up with all “the friends” at the “three sisters” brewery during Bobby’s vacation weekend, how great Mewz looks pregnant despite her fondness of chugging beers with a baby in her belly, and what Coletti was saying to Mewz’s kid in her stomach. Coletti compares mentally abusing his girlfriend to Pavlov’s dog. Bobby explains why he hates Feminism by telling a Tinder story. Jessica explains why Men will eventually be obsolete. Tone Lo-Ki can’t help not being anti-Semitic. They talk about how Florida consists of Floridiots, stupidiots and the walking dead. Tone Lo-Ki brings up the Adam/polish face. Bobby explains that Coletti comes from great stock but may die prematurely (just like he was born prematurely) due to chronic Bud Light consumption/sun poisoning. Ben says, “Rob never listens unless he’s ready to understand.” This ridiculous conversation is quite a doozy. Crack open a Bud Light and enjoy!

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This week on Episode 81 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #26), Bob Noxious is on hiatus, attending to his studio renovation, while Bobby Pickles welcomes help from his “business partner”Tone Lo-Ki and NYHC bassist extraordinaireAaron “White Owl” Collins whose discography includes stints with Skarhead,Murphy’s Law, and the early 90s funk-punk band White Trash (Elektra Records). Collins, a gritty, DMS punk rock “lifer” provides a sh!t-ton of interesting commentary. Wait until you hear his Rick Rubin story! Check out the newly released White Trash record titled “Suburban Purgatory”. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Pickles and Lo-Ki speak with Dean (aka D. Thrilla) of the NYHC schtick act No Redeeming Social Value. Episode 26’s recurring theme: New York Hardcore (NYHC).

White Trash - I Might Lie
Misconduct - Blood On My Hands feat. Roger Miret
Big D and the Kids Table - Ska Sux
Great Collapse - New Abolition
Atomic Winter - Concrete Squall
No Redeeming Social Value - Beer=Fun
No Redeeming Social Value Interview
No Redeeming Social Value - Your Boyfriend is a Guido
Skarhead - D.F.F.
Science Made Us Robots - Hopeless Attitude
Spin-Off - You look at me as if I were from another planet
Alameida - Payday

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This week on Episode 80 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #25), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles are joined in-studio by documentary filmmaker, Matt Riggle, director of FILMAGE: The Story of Descendents/All. The film spotlights the overly-caffeinated godfathers of pop-punk through various lineup/name changes as their anti-frontman Milo Aukerman departs the band to pursue science and randomly rejoins to make classic records. Key interviews include, Fat Mike, Dave Grohl,Mark Hoppus, and past/present band members: Chad Price, Dave Smalley, Scott Reynolds, Tony Lombardo, Stephen Egerton,Bill Stevenson, Karl Alvarez, etc. Which incarnation do you prefer: Descendents orAll? Episode 25’s recurring theme: The Quest for ALL!

Descendents - Clean Sheets
Descendents - I Don’t Want to Grow Up
Bouncing Souls - Pervert
Good Riddance - Sour Grapes
ALL - She’s My Ex
ALL - Problematic
Descendents - I’m Not A Loser
Descendents - Rotting Out
Mike Watt and The Secondmissingmen - Kabuki Girl
The Bronx - Catalina
ALL - Alfredo’s

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This week on Episode 79 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #24), Bob Noxious interviews Black Cat Attack in his unkempt garage with his shoes and air conditioner off. The Ajax, Ontario female-fronted death punks are out on tour, in support of their latest record, Bright Side of the Moon, making their way up and down the U.S. eastern seaboard, chatting with Bob at his home in Tampa, in between their Florida dates. Bobby Pickles is in on the conversation too via phone, and that’s just fine with him, because he gets to practice zero discretion, bombing them from afar with blathering idiocy, leaving Bob to deal with the uncomfortable mess, he created. The Bobs also speak with Neil Mitchell, bass/vocalist of the UK melodic punk act Templeton Pek - slated to release their latest record New Horizons on July 24th through Hardline Entertainment. Neil compares his experience recording the album to that of a pilgrimage, traveling to Hermosa Beach, even using the same bass guitar that Jason Thirsk used to lay the tracks for the Pennywise anthem “Bro Hymn”. Bobby says, “yeah, except you stormed the church, grabbed the crucifix off the wall and played it.” Neil adds, “and then we tried to steal it, but they wouldn’t let us.” Episode 24’s recurring themes: bias wikipedia editors and Bob’s innate ability to coin words/phrases. Also, Bobby mistakenly covers an article published by The Hard Times, which is essentially punk rock’s Onion.

Useless ID - Killing A Ghost
69enfermos - In The Nineties
The Anti-Queens - Halls of Ivy
The Venomous Pinks - Do You Wanna
BCA Interview
Black Cat Attack - Killing Spree At Zero Gravity
Hilltop Rats - Dying Breed
Stray From The Path - Badge and a Bullet (Part 2)
Machinist - Take
Dead Batteries - Lousy Smarch Weather
Templeton Pek Interview
Templeton Pek - Smoke and Mirrors
Obi Fernandez - Get The Time

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This week on Episode 78 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #23), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles are joined in-studio by guest hosts, Fletcher Dragge (of Pennywise fame) and Justin Thirsk, two-thirds of the Hermosa Beach trio known as Chaos Delivery Machine! They’re trying to wake people up to the insane realities of the world through their freshly released cacophony record entitled - BURN MOTHERF#CKER, BURN - produced by Fletcher himself via Hardline Entertainment. An enemy will stab you in the back, but a true friend will stab you in the front, repeatedly - which Fletcher and Justin (a couple longtime pals who have enough stories and insights to fill a podcast program of their own) make abundantly clear by the diatribe they exchange. The Bobs also speak with Olga and Diste of the female-fronted “Russian” hardcore punk band, SVETLANAS, whose latest record, Naked Horse Rider, was produced by Dwarvesfrontman Blag Dahlia. Catch them out on the Warped Tour this summer! Episode 23’s recurring theme: unconventional Pringles can applications.


Bobby publicly criticizes Dying Scene for not copying him on the long email chain swapped by the DS editors responsible for generating a list of The 25 Best Punk albums of 2015 (so far).

In Bobby’s opinion, they did not do their due diligence by omitting the latest Screeching Weasel opus, Baby Fat Act 1. Bobby has vowed to help write the updated list in six months, including the aforementioned record plus CDM’s BURN MOTHERF#CKER, BURN- which is a lengthy concept opus in itself. Fletcher is astonished to learn that when Ben Weasel sat in his chair last month, he lambasted damn near everyone in punk rock, but had nothing bad to say about Pennywise.

While discussing the new Chaos Delivery Machine record, Fletcher discusses his roles as self appointed bassist and producer of the band, gloating that producing had given him a “license to f#ck with everyone”, and ultimately, got exactly what he wanted.

Kanye West found himself in the music news this week by declaring himself the greatest rockstar in the world. We here at Dying Scene Radio do not necessarily consider this news, but we do stand by Fletcher’s declaration that he, along with the Kardashians, should “take a long walk off a short pier”.

Fletcher and Justin relive their “sh!t-pipe” story and Fletcher basically calls Bobby dumb for not realizing that most fertilizer is essentially fecal matter. Get ready to laugh in stitches! Without going into too many details, you might learn where the term “smoking the good sh!t” originated.

It is no secret that Fletcher loves a nice White Russian. What you may not know, however, is that his favorite vehicle of choice is to deliver that tasty beverage is a Pringles can. Justin adds that the salt from the chips give the drink that extra special secret ingredient, which puts it over the top. When asked if the Pennywise’s rider has any weird accommodation requests ala Van Halen’s brown M&M’s, Fletcher admits that he’s fine with a deli tray and a wet bar, and maybe four or five pizzas after the show. When asked about the powerfood that sparks their creative process, Fletcher proclaims that any bag of chips and beef jerky usually does the trick.

From one White Russian to another, the Bobs spotlight the female-fronted hardcore punk act, SVETLANAS, who are Russian by way of Italy. The band’s open criticism of Vladimir Putin has rendered lead singer, Olga, unwelcome in her home country, and entire band, enemies of the state. Possessing the band's latest record, Naked Horse Rider, is considered a crime in Russia. The band explains the risk involved with taking part in the secret Soviet underground punk scene, which is often violent.

Bob displays his knowledge of, and undying affection for, the British children’s television program, Teletubbies. Now, if he can only figure out the difference between the purple and yellow one.

Chaos Delivery Machine will lead you along the path of righteousness! Or, so says Fletcher, when asked about healthy eating habits. “They” try to pass off the food pyramid as edible and safe, which disturbs Fletcher, who prefers to think of pigs and chickens doing their thing on the farm instead of being kept in a cage.

Justin and Fletcher debate the difference between 2’ x 3’ and 24” x 36”. Is there really a difference? Fletcher thinks so.

Fletcher confesses that he has fans in prison who send him mail...and text messages. Because, if you can get heroin and bitches in prison, a cell phone’s not so far fetched. Will Pennywise ever play San Quentin as did Johnny Cash so many moons ago? Only “time” will tell.

Friendship. Brotherhood. Comaraderie. If you can't take a joke, kindly excuse yourself from this planet. Best friends can always outwit each other successfully.

Chaos Delivery Machine - SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS
All Out Helter - Sinking We Regress
Sketchy - Welcome To New York, F#ck You
PEARS - Breakfast
Stiletto Bomb - Ampgrinder
No Fun - Ode an die Freude
SVETLANAS - Tinky Winky
The Suizos - F#ck Work
The Record Collection - Revolutions
Emperors - Monarchs
Assassinate The Scientist - Bad Blood and Neighborhood Bars

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This week on Episode 77 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #22), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles say “good morning” to Pat Decline, guitarist/lead singer of the Aussie punk act, The Decline, who’s on the line from the downunder, sporting a winter beanie cap and eating a Vegemite sandwich. Pat has difficulty skirting around certain topics, as his quick witted Kiwi sarcasm becomes no match for Bobby’s powerful pseudo-intellectual questioning. The two Bobs also speak with two Jasons, when the driveling duo welcomes guitarist/lead singer Jason V and bassist Jason 3D, half of the Crystal Lake, NJ horror-pop-punk band The Jasons. They’re four mongoloid brothers who enjoy pissing people off with their immature antics and playing pure Red-Blooded American Punk Rock. They may not sound exactly how you might think they would...but we'll let you be the judge of that. Episode 22’s recurring theme: backslashes and throat slashes.


The Bobs plan an October camping trip in Gainesville because all of the hotels are sold out for FEST. Bobby suggests inviting The Jasons, and together, the two Bobs decide that this idea would be incredibly awesome. Then, always one to toot his own horn, Bobby informs all of the listeners, plus anyone else who will listen, that his recently published Dying Scene article entitled 10 Most Distasteful Punk Rock Band Names was #1 on the Google Analytics this week. Psychologically unable to give anyone encouragement, Bob calls Bobby out for his glaring omissions from the list, while pondering the whereabouts of the pizza delivery guy.

After playing through the first batch of songs, Bob reveals his socio-geopolitical ignorance while describing his vision of what an Israeli woman looks like in his head. Bobby is astounded by Bob's lack of knowledge, then briefly educates Bob about desert fast-food chains and the Israeli army. The consummate line stepper, Bob further divulges his clueless nature by mentioning "the Mexicans who used to work on his job site", when Bobby asks Bob where he learned all his Spanish. No wonder why everybody hates Bob.

Bob lambastes Bobby for covering a news story about an upcoming heavy metal festival. Audibly disgusted, Bob tells Bobby that there’s only room for punk on Dying Scene Radio. As the onion unpeels, Bob discloses that he has a stalker, who happens to be a former metal singer. Bobby shrugs it off, declaring that Bob seems more likely to be a stalker than have one.

Stereotyping obviously becomes the next topic of conversation as the Bobs connect halfway around the world with Pat from the Perth-based punk band, The Decline. Bob asks Pat if he is sick of hearing references to the iconic 80's Australian pop band, Men At Work, all while Pat eats his Vegemite on toast. While not necessarily offended by it, Pat does voice his displeasure with the classic Simpsons episode that disparages the outback. Moving past the pigeonholing, Pat explains the Australian music scene, Bob describes a Cuban sandwich, then Bobby pressures Pat for an answer to what is probably the band's most frequently asked question. Check out the full interview to find out the answer to that question, as well as the plethora of other asinine questions that the Bobs stream of consciousness.

Bobby continues on with his unhealthy obsession with the "slash" as it is used in the English language. Knowing this while picking songs for the episode, Bob makes clear his correct use of syntax, informing Bobby that he will not be needing to edit him with such a heavy hand. After further probing, Bobby declares that Bob was indeed grammatically correct in his use of the backslash, to which Bob defiantly agrees.

Speaking of “slash”, next up are a couple of slashers - Jason V and Jason 3D, who join the show directly from their cabin on Camp Crystal Lake. Profanity and hilarity ensue as two Bobs blather with two Jasons, who could easily feel right at home on any stage doing stand-up comedy, but instead choose to make beautiful pop-punk music - all while donning individually decorated hockey masks ala the Friday the 13th movie franchise. The band also has a web series that they produce on a regular basis. Bobby questions the two Jasons on their "performance art" after they single handedly ruined a Doyle show by forgetting the set-list and playing out of tune guitars. Other topics visited: the challenges of playing pop/punk music in a mask, and running a “family business”.

Usually not the one to offend, Bobby disparages the Jasons’ mother. Initially shocked by the callous remark, V and 3D offer an Internet beat down, and then go on to tell about crossing the Canadian border in their fart-bus while importing their mother’s severed head. The Jasons then promise that the band will be breaking up at the conclusion of the podcast, but also claim to disband and reunite on an almost daily basis. Sounds like brotherly love to us! Please just don't call them "horror punk" or you’re dead! Make sure to check out the rest of the interview in its entirety...these guys are a fearsome.

Chaos Delivery Machine - Of Mice and Men
Not On Tour - Sick Of The Mess
Thieves - Smoke Signals
Running Like Lions - Rose Mystique
The Decline Interview
The Decline - The Blurst of Times
The Mugwumps - Peek-A-Boo / The Hate Monger
Canker Blossom - Go Fuck Yourself
Man Overboard - She’s In Pictures
Sass Dragons - Cup Overfloweth
The Jasons Interview
The Jasons - Crazy Ralph (Shut Your Mouth)
Spinechain - What's The Point?

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This week on Episode 76 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #21), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles welcome the Denton, Texas-based ska act, The Holophonics, who are preparing to release their twelfth studio album, Don’t Mess With The Holophonics, on July 14th. You can pre-order a copy on the group’s bandcamp. The Bobs also highlight the London, Ontario pizza-punks, Wasted Potential, who just digitally released their new EP, Nervous Conditions, on Get Party Records. They are also offering a cassette version through the band’s tape label, Curt Murder Fan Club. Also, Bobby gets all political, falling prey to the pandering, incoherent blathering perpetrated by the mainstream corporate media. And nobody wants to join him down that dirty rabbit hole! Episode 21’s recurring theme: Politics-Schmolitics.


As the nation's political season starts taking shape, Bobby lets his political incorrectness shine through, Bob asking the unfortunate question “What soapbox are you currently standing on, Bobby?” There’s a laundry list of problems within the state of the world, but the two decide to forgo any potentially polarizing topics of discussion, opting to “keep it light”.

Always one to spot genius, Bobby notices how bands can steal internet traffic from bands 100x their stature just by combining their band name and album title to match something in another band’s description. Very clever! There have been generations of bands doing it all wrong!

Bob brings up being “exposed” to terrible music on terrestrial radio, citing horrible “Dad rock” of 90’s yesteryear. Bob insists that it was all “crappy” music then, and the fact that it still exists to this day on the radio is torturous. Bobby explains that it is Bob’s proximity in a southern market that indicates the station’s playlist.

Eric Daino of The Holophonics joins the show, giving the Bobs a quick history lesson on the band, explaining how they have been able to release 11 albums in just three years. Discussing the blank stares they get when they have to explain the ska genre to fellow Texans, Daino acknowledges his admiration for the schleppy Top 40 band, Maroon 5, and absolute disgust of U2. Eric explains the band’s “business model” of covering popular songs in their own ska-style and releasing them on YouTube. Other discussions include touring, crowdfunding, and the world premier exclusive of a new track entitled “Frack-Off!” Check out the band’s new music video, Meteoric Rise To Mediocrity, released today!  

After feeling inspired by Bob’s inept news gathering, highlighted a 5 year old article on “how to make a punk rock vest”, Bobby decides to covers an article about foreign bands and their “American equivalent”. Sometimes, we have slow news days here at the ol’ punk rawk ranch.

While discussing “inside baseball” about the show, Bobby lets the cat out of the bag about a pending interview with Jello Biafra, legendary frontman of Dead Kennedys. Biafra, who collected 10 votes while running for President in 2000 under the Green Party ticket, would make a wonderful addition to the show, considering Bobby’s eagerness to polarize our listenership with politics. We’re pretty sure that Jello has a few opinions of his own. Vote Jello 2016!

Up next and fresh off of band practice are the Canadian pizza-punk band, Wasted Potential. Immediately, Bob quizzes the band about hometown heroes, Bobnoxious. Surprised by the enthusiasm from a couple punk rockers who glamourize the second worst band to ever come out of The Great White North, Bob takes it as a clear indication that the air must be very thin north of the United States border. From there, the topics include guns, robberies, poor beer choices, the best pizza styles, making excuses to clear the border patrol, and WP’s upcoming date at FEST in Gainesville.

As the show wraps up, the Bobs’ completely miss the mark on yet another Canadian band, referencing a slang dictionary for further clarification. Professing their ignorance for what the band “SNFU” means as an acronym, Bob warns to “stay away from definition #2”.

Templeton Pek - The Blindside
Moment 22 - Reverie
The Atom Age - It's A Mess
Be Like Max - Sin City Rude Kids
The Holophonics - Frack Off!
Entropy - Panic
Versus The World - The Santa Margarita
The Jetbirds - Scale The Wall
On A Hiding To Nothing - Gag Reflex
Wasted Potential - Weekend At Bernice’s
PRO-PAIN - Age Of Disgust

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This week on Episode 75 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #20), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles switch things up, with Bobby choosing all the music and Bob doing his best Walter Punkite impersonation. It's time to find out what Bob thinks is newsworthy and what Bobby thinks sounds good. Let's leave it up to the listeners to decide! Joining the team in-studio is Bobby's "business associate", Tone Lo-ki, of FAT ENZO. The two Bobs, and their trusty sidekick, spotlight two bands: Denver ska-punks The A-OKs who’ve just released their third full-length studio album Maybe Partying Will Help, and Philadelphia horror-punk act The Mad Splatter who are set to release their new EP Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Episode 20’s recurring theme: Role Reversal.


Bob kicks things off by referencing "The Bum", which Bobby had specifically asked him not to do via corporate email earlier in the day. Like Rick James, Noxious is an habitual line stepper. If you’ve been following along at home, you know the storyline, but if not, you can download the Dying Scene Radio back catalogue via iTunes.

When the Bobs discuss their new roles for the week, Bob admits that whatever he found as news may not even be relevant because he chose not to pay attention to Google Analytics, opting to instead mention what he found interesting.

With his new found feeling of entitlement to speak openly, Bob tells everyone how much he "loathes" live albums, opining that they are usually reserved for bands who are too lazy to write music or don't have enough "hits" for a Greatest Hits record.

Bob and Tone connect through their mutual admiration of Suicidal Tendencies, then begin recanting the lyrics to Institutionalized, which was recently covered by Body Count. Just ignore Bob's horrible Ice-T impression.

The consummate grammar-nazi, Bobby quizzes Bob on the correct way to add a "slash" to a group of words - citing Bad Cop / Bad Cop. Bob takes his stance, getting angered and annoyed by people who use the "backslash" incorrectly. Bobby takes it a step further, explaining that there are actually two different types, each having a different name and function, to which Bob deadpans, "yeah, front-slash and backslash".

While introducing one of the new bands on the playlist, Bobby recognizes that one of the bandmembers is drinking a Bud Light in their band photo. Quickly, Bob makes fun of their name, threatening their lives if they don't remove the "Z" from Loud Boyz. Tone Lo-ki warns that he’ll join the browbeating if they don't start drinking "real" beer. Bobby may in fact be a “grammar-nazi” but Bob and Tone are “beer-nazis”.

The guys then speak with Colorado ska-punks, The A-OKs, who are taking a break from their rehearsal, keeping it classy, while drinking Old English 800 from the 40oz. Immediately, Bobby asks their opinion on Bud Light, Bob seeming genuinely annoyed by such a ludicrous question. When the band approves of Bobby’s continuous consumption of canned Clydesdale piss, Bob deducts 3 punk-points from the band. Everybody knows that cold, delicious, domestic flows from the tap like water in Colorado.

Bobby alludes to the “legal stuff” in Colorado, which the band admits "everybody is doing", so naturally it must be ok. It then becomes apparent that while on tour, things aren't as legal as they are back home. Talk about an inconvenience...

While discussing The A-Oks’ upcoming summer tour, Bob asks if they will be visiting the Sunshine State, realizing that not only are they making a stop in St. Petersburg, but they will be playing just four short blocks down the street from where Bob's band, Pig Pen, are playing on that very evening. They all promise to meet up for a beer and to "sneak behind the alley".

Obviously hockey fans, talk turns to the recent Stanley Cup Finals and how Lightning goalie, Ben Bishop, played through a torn groin, which everyone assumed was just diarrhea.

The Bobs featured a new song from The A-OKs a few weeks back on the infamous “Ben Weasel episode”, where Ben proclaimed the ska-punk genre to be a re-animated corpse, back to annoy, proclaiming “good riddance”. Amused by Ben's take on their music, The A-Oks send Ben a personal message through the airwaves.

Catch The A-OKs on the Ska Revival Tour this summer, and download their new record Maybe Partying Will Help. This skankin’ septet will be traveling cross-country, playing dates with all their favorite bands, and Bob predicts that the band will hate each other after two days in close quarters of the van. Good luck on the road boys and girls!

Bobby gives Bob props for the amount of work that goes into stringing just a few measly punk rock songs together. Bob then directs the listeners to send all "hate mail" to Bobby for any bad picks he may have made musically on the podcast.

After asking for permission from Bobby to continue reporting on this week’s news, Bob is most amused by the Dying Scene article entitled "How To Make A Punk Rock Vest". Learn the basics, like choosing a fabric, sewing, studding and finding the right patches. Bobby does not think that a vest is necessary to "be a punk" and asks Tone Lo-ki for reassurance. Bob asks them both to tell that to the Hells Angels, to which Bobby weaves his tale of making t-shirts for the chapter on the Lower East Side of New York City.

The next guest in-studio is Chuck from the Atlantic City via Philly-based horror-punks, The Mad Splatter, who Pickles quips as to sounding like "Screeching Weasel ‘effed’ a Misfit" or vice-versa, the opposite being more appropriate. Chuck pledges allegiance to The Ramones, then confesses that most of the band’s songwriting was originally based on their favorite horror films, stating that there are enough songs about girls in the world.

In his most tasteless question to date, Bob asks Chuck how "Mowzer" is doing, while discussing the band's new upcoming EP Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Mowzer was a cat who was recently attacked by an unknown animal. The band was offering to donate the proceeds from their latest song, "Dead Boyfriend", to the animal's recovery. Unbeknownst to Bob, the animal was recently put down as Chuck giggled, "awww, c'mon too soon, bro"

Chuck, quickly misdirected, starts talking about the band’s new concept album, the writing of which is already complete. Entitled The Rose, the record is loosely based on the occult, satan and Children of the Corn. As they all begin to reminisce, Bob admits to watching the film as a child in baby diapers, Chuck conceding that they are peeling back the onion, which is Bob.

After asking about the slimiest sh!t-hole the band has ever played, Chuck calls out Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn as the winner, where you can most certainly be greeted by a coke dealer at the door and challenged to a fight by the bar’s proprietor. Ahh, punk rock!

A debate ensues as to whether or not MxPx is actually a “Christian band”, after Bobby cites the Weasel Radio episode featuring Mike Herrera, then asks Bob if he thought it was theoretically possible for a Christian horror-punk band to exist. Bob characteristically tells the world that he "could give two sh!ts" and "if you want Buddah up your butthole, fine”. Being that MxPx is no longer passing out Bibles after shows, Bobby asks Bob if he thought any differently of the band, to which he replies, "I didn't like them then, and I don't like them now", theorizing that they were "turned out" at one of the Warped Tours.  

Tone Lo-Ki outros the show after discussing the new forthcoming Wisdom In Chainsrecord and subsequent release party/BBQ.

Bad Korea - Scene Police
High School Football Heroes - Like Dynamite
Loud Boyz - I Am The Night
The A-OKs Interview
The A-OKs - Dark and Disillusioned
Whipped - Habits (by Tove Lo)
dragSTER - Dead Punk
Choke Up - Woke Up Drunk
Motorhead - Thunder & Lightning
The Mad Splatter Interview
The Mad Splatter - Dead Boyfriend
MxPx - Leather Jacket
Wisdom In Chains - Joey Ramone

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This week on Episode 74 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #19), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles welcome BIGWIGguitarist/frontman, Tom Petta, in-studio high atop the world on the 119th floor of Dying Scene Head Honcho Johnny X’s swanky East Village, NYC hotel room. Everyone has been invited to the party, except for Bob, who is lounging at home in his flippy-floppies with the Tampa Bay Lightning game thundering in the background. Like the great Wizard of Oz, Mr. “X” is finally unmasked for that of the illustrious Dave Buck. He and the Bobs speak with Tom aboutBIGWIG’s upcoming US/Canada tour and the imminent recording of their new album, the reasons for BIGWIG’s long hiatus (Tom’s severed finger) and having some of its original lineup back together. Episode 19’s recurring theme: Bobby’s insecure cheapshots at Bob.


Bobby voices his displeasure with the Sunshine State. Tom piles on about Florida's hot and sticky humidity, but still asserts his love for Bob's hometown of Tampa Bay. After some gentle prodding from Bobby, Tom declares that Camden is "the grimiest city in South Jersey".

Tom fills everyone in on BIGWIG’s planned July recording and forthcoming tour dates across Canada and down the U.S. eastern seaboard, culminating at Fest 14 in Gainesville, Florida, waxing nostalgic about returning band members, Josh Farrell andZach Lorinc, who are back in BIGWIG after a brief intermission. Tom talks about how they make BIGWIG work with band members living in New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Montreal.

After reading an article declaring Tom an outdoorsman, Bob teases him about hanging out with Ted Nugent. After further explanation, Tom defines his love of “the Earth” as more about keeping active by hiking, cycling, surfing and kayaking. Bobby tells a story about riding his beach cruiser bicycle through Brooklyn while others heckled him about his "Pee-wee Herman bike”.

Bob drops a Van Halen reference, while describing how unsuccessful it really is for a band to continue on after their lead singer’s departure. Many have tried; few are victorious. The Dead Kennedys are mentioned as a band willing to forge ahead without their original iconic frontman and yodeler, Jello Biafra. Tom states that he has seen the line-up sans Jello and has no complaints about their sound. When Bobby asks Tom what he thinks about other bands who continue on with only one original member, he deadpans that he is not the right person to comment on that. Bob mentions his friend, who recently joined the legendary southern rock band, Blackfoot, and boasts about their having none of its original members. Fans expect for bands to stay together forever, but "life happens" and it’s difficult to stay gold, Ponyboy.

Tom talks about growing up in New Jersey and his time spent on the Jersey Shore. Bobby mentions that you have to buy tokens to get on the beach in Jersey and asks Bob if he has an opinion on that, to which Bob replies, “that's why nobody vacations in Jersey”. Bobby then starts prying into Dying Scene Dave’s life, determines that he is from Oregon, has lived the California for well over a decade, and is now preparing to move to the concrete jungle of New York City. Meanwhile, Tom and Dave plan an east coast surfing trip. Then, when talk turns to skimboarding, Bob declares that the watersport is for people who can’t surf, either because they can’t, or conditions won’t allow it. Bob dates himself when he admits to sporting SunDek boardshorts while skimboarding in his youth. Blank stares ensue.

Tom outlines the subtle differences between being a record producer and recording engineer. Tom says that when he produces, he tends to immerse himself in the project and can’t understand people who just sit on the couch offering their opinion. While on the subject of recording, Bobby how many fans actually elect to pay money for the “name your price” download option on BandCamp. Dave claims to be “blown away” by the about of people who actually do.

Bob asks Tom if BIGWIG would consider playing the Warped Tour if they were asked, given the age of the band and the pre-pubescent nature of the iconic punk festival’s demographics. Without hesitation, Tom declares his unfettered bro-love for fest founder, Kevin Lyman, adding that he would be honored to play. Bobby then recalls Bob’s Fat Mike story, looking for validation from Tom that Fat Mike is indeed a jerk and more than likely owes Bob a few royalties for the NOFX “Coaster” CD idea. Everyone agrees that maybe Fat Mike was just having a bad day, then Bobby admits to getting big-leagued by Oprah’s Indian self-help guru, Deepak Chopra, while managing a cell phone kiosk in NYC.

Bobby tries to convince the world, again, that Bud Light is a great beer, eliciting a negative response from everyone else in the room. Tom mentions his affinity for a good Guinness, acknowledging that it must sound pretentious; or a Black & Tan, which makes him sound needy. Tom then confesses to not being much of a drinker, ultimately giving Pickles license to enjoy his “nectar of the gods”.

Tom chronicles the industrial accident, which sidelined his guitar shredding for over two years. Bob asks Tom which finger he would prefer to lose, if given the choice. His response: the right pinkie finger, but says that he can get by with “just a claw”.

Fat Mike and Stza Crack do some good for a San Francisco neighborhood by picking up dirty discarded syringes with a pair of salad tongs, which they then use to make a salad; The Replacements have disbanded...again - and this time, Paul Westerberg has called out his bandmates as being “lazy bastards to the end” after admitting that they chose to stay in their hotel rather than soundcheck before their performance atPrimavera Porto; Guttermouth has announced a bunch of US and European tour dates, while Tom remains tight-lipped about his general feelings towards the Huntington Beach punkers, stating “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”; Millencolin has announce their first U.S. tour in six years, Bobby hears back from their people confirming his interview request; FREE music available on Dying Scene: Make Yer Ane Comp VI and Dying Music For A Dying Scene; the bill for the Gasteiz Calling Festival in Spain reminds Bob of the ‘98 Warped Tour lineup; Sick of it All announces European summer tour; check out all the North American BIGWIG tour dates.

Yankee Brutal - Fuck Your Radio
Dan Cribb and the Isolated - Let’s Move To New York
Global Affront - God Saves Us All
Agnostic Front - Old New York
Bigwig - Sink Or Swim
Adverse 96 - Under Oath
Hold Fast - Chapel & Breath
No!se - Pawn In The Game
The Fuck Off and Dies - A Good Day To Party Hard
FIDLAR - 40oz on Repeat
Stereotypwriter - it’s not old yet

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This week on Episode 73 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #18), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles play a game of good cop/bad cop with Jennie Cotterill, guitarist/vocals for the Los Angeles-based all-female punk act, Bad Cop / Bad Cop. (Holy forward slashes batman)! The band’s debut LP Not Sorry drops July 16th on Fat Wreck Chords, which, Jennie assures, is a major label that does quite a lot for its young, newly-signed artists. The Bobs also address Ben Weasel’s recent allegations of exploitation involving his guest hosting appearance on last week’s show. Check out the “influencers” episode of Weasel Radio, where Mr. Foster and Owen Wilson (Oops, I meant “Owen Murphy”) hold a prompt discussion about the unoriginality of the “Bob Noxious” moniker. Episode 18’s recurring theme: Creepers in da midst.


We love the sound of punk rock in the morning! We also love the funny sound effects Bobby makes while alluding to his “medicine”. Bobby has a CT “prescription” for performance art, so let's not point our judgemental fingers. Because Bobby can still see through both the smoky haze and Bob's good intentions with Bad Cop Jennie, respectively.

Discussing the news in rapid succession, Bob suggests that the singer of the band You Big Idiot is giving off the "creep vibe" (later in the episode, Bob begins inspecting the contents of Jennie's house, which isn’t creepy at all). Bob sets Bobby straight about the Fat Music series. Only Jah knows about Bad Brains’ future. Punk Island is coming to Staten Island June 21st! Bobby ponders arranging Dying Scene Radio’s presence on-site, while Bob encourages him to do so. Bob attempts a Russian accent, offending any Russians who may be listening.

Jennie curiously points out that Bobby uses two microphones, to which Bob interjects that they are Los Angeles Lakers colors. Surprisingly, at least to Bob, Jennie claims her allegiance to the LA Clippers. Jennie moved to California, not to be a rockstar, but to get very far away from Michigan. Jennie talks about BC/BC’s 2011 origins, talking Fat Mike into catching their show at a drag queen festival, and how one of his tweets ultimately changed the band's career trajectory. Bob shares his “Fat Mike story”, which you must hear for yourself to truly appreciate.

Jennie answers Ben Weasel's question from last week: “What exactly does a record label do for an up-and-coming band that the upstart band cannot do for themselves?” Jennie states that more than anything, it is an endorsement, opening doors, and bringing corporate culture rules along for the ride! Prior to Fat Mike’s nod of approval, Jennie argues that many promoters were quick to dismiss the all-girl group, boldly proclaiming, she wouldn’t have wanted to be in a band having to follow BC/BC, humbly asserting, they were usually the best band on the bill.

Bob claims to have taken three years of Spanish 1, but has only learned enough vocabulary to “cuss out a Mexican on a jobsite”, then he proceeds to translate Spanish song titles and Miami Burger King drive-thru menus, among other things. Bobby mentions his affinity for the new Screeching Weasel record, Baby Fat Act 1. Bob says, he'll get around to listening to it someday. Bobby says, punk records aren't long enough. Bob talks about his sold out gig with GBH, The Business, The Attack and Total Chaos. Bobby has an idea for a t-shirt, which Bob admits, is as original as his moniker. (Oi! Vey).

Worriers - They/Them/Theirs
You Big Idiot - Don’t Die Again
Svetlanas - I Must Break You
Teenage Time Killers - Ode To Sean Hannity ft/ Jello Biafra
Bad Cop/Bad Cop Interview
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Sugar Cane
The Coathangers - Shut Up
Free City - Volveremos a Nacer
The Fur Coats - Goddamn, I’m A Handsome Man
Iron Reagan - The Sentence Is Death
Guilty By Association - Dead On Arrival
The Holophonics - You’re Not (The) Special(s)

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This week on Episode 72 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #17), the Bobs’ digital smoke signals to Ben Weaselfinally pays off, as the Screeching Weaselfounder and frontman guest hosts the show, joining Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles in studio to discuss everything under the sun, from bums to farming to fat, middle-aged punk rock stereotypes - the three blather back and forth about a slew of interesting, unconventional topics. Weasel’s epic punk rock opus - Baby Fat Act 1 - is out now on Recess Records. Episode 17’s recurring theme: Performance Art.


The show wouldn’t be the same without a local weather report, so right off the bat, Bobby the meteorologist asks for an oral account on the state of precipitation in the area encompassing Ben’s hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Ben responds that he is enjoying a nice sunny day overlooking his cattle grazing in the Alfalfa fields. Who knew that Ben Weasel was a farmer!?

Ben interrogates Bobby about his decision to employ a homeless person as a model for his T-shirt company. Bobby reveals how he first met “the bum”, who was living inside of Penn Station, when Bobby first moved to NYC. Bobby, who was managing a cell phone kiosk, thought it rather ironic that a bum would have a cell phone, so he struck up a friendship with the man. Ben commends Bobby on his humanitarian efforts, when Bobby admits to housing and employing “the bum”. Ben concedes to feeling like “a heel” for trying to make a joke about it. Intrigued by the new-found thought of employing bums as T-shirt models, Bob suggests to Bobby that maybe he should consider publishing a calendar as a way to support the homeless on a more regular basis, which Ben wholeheartedly agrees upon.

While on the subject of T-shirts, Bobby bounces an idea off of Bob and Ben: “What about a “mash-up” tee, depicting the recently deceased B.B. King as G.G. Allin (B.B. Allin) - complete with poo and tattoos?” In unison, Ben and Bob both agree that it is way too soon for that much poor taste, but that King’s heirs should be entitled to some of the profits if that were to happen.

Like a kid at Disney World, Bobby cannot contain his excitement as he gleefully tells Ben that not only did he purchase Baby Fat Act 1 from iTunes on the day of its release, but that he has listened to the entire offering three times already. Ben explains the general concept behind his punk rock opera, which is played out by many singers and complete with a libretto - but for a more comprehensive breakdown of the characters and plot, please read Ben’s exclusive interview with the Italian magazine, Tempi. Baby Fat is based on the opera, Rigoletto, which Bobby admits to watching the Luciano Pavarotti version online earlier in the afternoon after not being able to find a cassette deck to play his Italian grandfather's audio version.

The conversation turns to crowdfunding. There’s a common misconception in the “record business” about artists who “beg” for money from their fans, but Ben justifies his use of crowdfunding to finance his operatic masterpiece by comparing it to nothing more than a glorified pre-order, but without the recoupable advance from the record company. He also states that crowdfunding is really a tool in-line with the old standby D.I.Y. ethics of yesteryear. The artist maintains control by doing everything for his or herself; therefore, cutting out the middle-man, which benefits the artist in terms of receiving larger royalty percentages as well.

After nearly 30 years of playing punk music, Ben proclaims that punk bands will always shoot themselves in the foot, based on their misguided principles. He goes on to point out that most of them spend too much time, himself included, apologizing for their actions and what they say; meanwhile, Bob is preparing to play a new track from Chicago’s The Copyrights, who Ben declares “complete douchebags” who “can certainly dish it out, but [they] can’t take it”. Ben continues by stating sarcastically that ska/punk music died out in the 90’s. Bob mentions that musical styles tend to run in cycles and that maybe there will be a resurgence in the genre sometime in the near future, which Ben is quick to dismiss.

Ben inquires about the origins and operations of Dying Scene, asking if it is corporately owned, or indeed run by a team of fans and writers. Bobby compares it to a grass roots operation. Ben goes on to say that if it was corporately owned, he wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with it, reminding everyone that, after all, Screeching Weasel is incorporated too. Weasel continues by telling a story about another popular online news gathering website, leveraged by investors and bought out without informing their staff of contributors, the result of which being one person walking away with a huge cash-grab and then going into seclusion.

Ben tells the story of how he met Bob’s mutual friend, ex-Pink Lincolns frontman, Chris Barrows. The two used to trade their respective bands’ cassettes through the legendary punk periodical, Maximum Rock and Roll, and the US Mail. Ben explains how he had Chris in mind when coming up with the Zannoni character on Baby Fat, elaborating further about what a great job Chris did on the record, singing “God Damn You” in a key that is normally not in Chris’ wheelhouse. Ben discloses that Chris is his oldest friend, not in age, but in longevity. Bob deadpans that Chris is his oldest friend, not in longevity, but in age... On a sidenote, Bob played all of the guitars on Chris Barrows’ 2014 debut solo album Human Being. One notable track on the record is “Not It”, which happens to feature vocals by none other than Mr. Ben Weasel himself. Go find it on iTunes!

Honestly, this synopsis could go on forever. The three blather back and forth relentlessly for over an hour about woman-punching, the current state of the music industry, Ben’s jaded self-interested in his own music, his predilection for Taylor Swift and the Frozen soundtrack, which is a clear indication that Weasel either has a daughter (or really bad taste in music), how PEARS were more than likely manufactured in a corporate board room by guys in suits with pie charts, the political predispositions of a fat, drug-riddled record executive who should stick to writing songs about “boobs and doing blow”, and how Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, who Ben remembers as “Lint”, finally found his voice. To know what else landed in Weasel’s cross-hairs, you’ll simply have to listen to the episode.

“Kids...stay in school. Stay off drugs. And, eat your vitamins.” - B.Wizzle

Screeching Weasel - God Damn You (with Chris Barrows)
Dead On A Friday - A Reasonable Guy
The Copyrights - Slider
The A-Ok’s - Thrash Skank Thrash
Sniper 66 - Warriors Way
Head Creeps - Come On In
Haken - Anaphylactic Shock
Wasted Potential - Cumlords
Free Sergio - So Far Yet So Close
Upinatem - The Balls On This Guy
Freya Wilcox and the Howl - Bury Me

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This week on Episode 71 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #16), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles send another digital smoke signal to Ben Weasel after the Screeching Weasel founder and frontman mentions them on the latest episode of his Weasel Radio podcast. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Florida hardcore surf punkers The Antidon’ts. The two Bobs interview the three-piece (Zac, Mikey and Anthony) about the band’s witty song titles, their upcoming gig at Bowl Bash 20: Skateopia’s annual music festival, which, this year, Green Jellÿ is headlining, plus they premiere a new track off their new record “Buckwild and Foul” - slated for release on June 1st via Bandcamp. Episode 16’s recurring theme: Pig Pen on tour.


With Ben Weasel’s well-documented, self-imposed media blackout still much in effect, Bobby makes a bit of headway when Weasel openly considers a guest-host spot on an upcoming DSR episode. Bob makes an on-air promise to not bring up the “woman punching” ordeal Ben went through several years ago. Bobby then confesses to punching a woman in the face, with a closed fist, while in college, after being ejected from her moving vehicle.

As Bobby is running through some headlines, the very opinionated Bob Noxious voices his displeasure with Bad Brains’ recent decision to record their new record without iconic frontman, H.R. While discussing the recent signing of PEARS to Fat Wreck, Bob begrudgingly informs Bobby about how the music industry works, stressing that there is no man in a cheap suit and a bad mustache, smoking a cigar, waiting to sign every band with a gimmick.

Bob reminisces about his childhood affinity for Gobstopper candies when he hears news of a documentary in the works about the seminal indie punk band Jawbreaker. Then, Bobby reports on a band trying to have their van replaced after being stolen from their own front yard, while not on tour. Bob thinks that GoFundMe campaigns have gotten a little out of control. Still gloating about Dying Scene Radio being mentioned on Weasel Radio, Bobby attempts to deconstruct Ben’s opinion of mainstream media, which dismisses Punk News and other similar news gathering sites as nothing more than “regurgitated press clippings”.

Bobby calls Bob out for not always remembering the facts from week-to-week, then Bob recalls Bobby’s last trip to Florida when Bobby was “chumming the sharks”, vomiting over the edge of the chartered yacht they were on. Bobby concedes the point and asks to move on to the next topic. Bob gives fatherly advice to Set It Off’s recently fired bassist Austin Kerr and then tries to dispel the fact that the band is from his own backyard.

Bob’s self serving needs continue as he gives the rundown of upcoming concert dates for his band, mentioning that his contact in Austin, TX will be at Punk Rock Bowlinginstead of the show. Bobby assures him that maybe next year his band can be included on the bill, to which Bob interjects that he can play this year by finding a 24 hour laundromat and making flyers to be distributed to homeless people and high school students. Bob will be on tour with his band this week on their affectionately penned vehicle “the fart bus” and their first stop is New Orleans, LA. Bobby assumes that all Bob really wants is another head on a stick in his doll garden, when Bob wonders aloud as to what type of conflict he might expect by purchasing a voodoo doll for his girlfriend as a souvenir.

In one of the more bizarre news stories to have come across the wire this week, Brendan Kelly has filmed a video for the AV Club to help promote the Twitter handle @Nihilist_Arbys, which both Bobs agree is quite possibly the best feed Twitter currently has to offer.

While revisiting the subject of band reuniting/breaking up, Bob determines thatSublime with Rome should just move on in a different direction now that Bud Gaugh has left the band. Bobby shows his shear disgust by declaring his utter hate of the first song off the band’s new record. Always inviting controversy, Bob decides to play the song anyway. Then, Bob owns up to not being very well versed in ska, so Bobby recommends that he watch Noisey’s latest episode of “Under The Influence”, which features a full history of 2 Tone music.

Ellesmere - Mooks
Spoilers - All For One
Money Left To Burn - Finish Line
Kids Insane - Justice
Broadside - Playing In Traffic
Blood Drugs - Division
The Antidont’s - You Can’t Spange The World
Sublime with Rome - Wherever You Go
Oceanside Sound System - Put Your Guns Down
Tear Them Down - En Insikt
The Kenneths - Aint Got No Game
The Melvins - Captain Comedown

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