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Sunny south ford Proud Boys, Bobby Pickles and Flounder, take phone calls feat: Dave Write (Progressive Troll), Anti-Commie (POYB), Tank (POYB), Zee (POYB), Luke Rohfling (POYB), and Ann (from Michigan).

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PHONER Feat. Dave Write (Self-Admitted Troll, Progressive), and MILKSHAKE (Proud, Western Chauvinist).

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Pickles and Retired Army Staff Sergeant, Joe Biggs, have a discussion about leadership, on the day after Christmas. Topics also include: Seth Rich, Alex Jones, Enrique Tarrio, Ted Wheeler, ANTIFA, Portland, and Proud Boys: Uncensored. 

See all you “Dill Shills” in D.C. on the 6th!

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