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Bobby Pickles interviews Chris Nelson, Host of The Reopen America Podcast on Apple iTunes.

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Gonzo Journalist Bobby Pickles embeds himself with Proud Boys and covers a rally to reopen America in downtown Delray, F L.A. Video includes interviews with Pro-Reopen America Protesters and Anti-Americans. Enjoy!

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Jason Fyk became a social media millionaire before it was a thing. He’s currently in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit with Facebook that will change the world. He does not subscribe to the publisher/platform paradigm argument. Be prepared for the inevitable fall of social media via C1, C2a and F3 of Sec. 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Fyk is the author of “Social Justice: From Jail To Social Media Millionaire“.

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Swapcast Numero Dos con Stupido Pendejo Brad Chadford y Enrique Tarrio, el Jefe de los Proud Boys. Gritamos al nuevo video acerca de Quanon jamado "OUT OF SHADOWS".

Carolina Fernandez is a Entrepreneur/Flower Painter/Philanthropist who donated the funding for a bakery in Rwanda, which in turn, lead to her manufacturing a fashionable shopping bag out of recycled flour sacks. 


flourFLOWER is the name of her brand of flour sack tote bags. One bag sold can feed up to 700 people.

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