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On this off-the-cuff episode of BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST™️, Pickles begins podcasting abruptly with a customer who just walks in off the street to inquire about custom t-shirts for his brand: CLUB FEARLESS — a squad of Fear Conquerors, hellbent on checking off a very unique “Bucket List”. Founded by AUTHOR, FILMMAKER, ADVENTURER, FORMER U.S. ARMY RANGER, SCOTT GOODKNIGHT, CLUB FEARLESS is a group devoted to facing and conquering their greatest fears. Anyone can become a member, as long as they complete one test from The Official CLUB FEARLESS List. If a member completes 13 tests from The Official List, said member will earn the most prestigious patch within the organization — the “Skull and Bones" patch! Scott is also working on a film, “The Fearless Documentary” — stories of personal experience with some of the most fearless people on earth. He’s also working on a book. He’s a Go-Getter! Sign up Today for CLUB FEARLESS! GO FOR A SHORT STROLL ON GLASS OR HOT COALS, GET NAKED AT A NUDE BEACH, JUMP OUT OF A PLANE, THROW A LIVE GRENADE, GO SWIMMING WITH SHARKS — YOU LIVE EVERY DAY BUT YOU ONLY DIE ONCE! WWW.CLUBFEARLESS.US 

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Pickles and his crew of black and mulatto misfits challenge the notion of “multi-cultural white supremacy” while podcasting from Amway Center prior to Trump’s re-election rally in Orlando, Florida. Bobby interviews right wing personalities: MIKE NIFICENT (YouTuber), MAURICE SYMONETTE (Founder, Blacks For Trump), JOE BIGGS (News Personality), ENRIQUE TARRIO (Chairman, Proud Boys), MILLIE WEAVER (Reporter,, and JOHN C. MORGAN (Bush/Trump Impersonator), all while peddling merch, on this episode of BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST™️.

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Pickles sweats profusely while interviewing Tommy Floyd of SYSTEMA FLOYD and “Rob” of the viral Instagram channel @McDojoLife (as mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience) LIVE From The Sweatshop!!! They try (emphasizing “try”) to have an open discussion about video context in relation to no contact punches and demos throughout the Martial Arts world. A little bit of headway may have been reached on this episode of BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST™️.

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