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Good evening frens and welcome to the Monday evening stream. I’m your humble host, Robert Pickles, fuck what you heard. I’m bringing this to you tonight live directly from the sweatshop in Sunny South Florida - FAT ENZO. My guest tonight is “America’s Favorite Serial Litigant,” JONATHAN LEE RICHES©️. That’s with a copyright symbol at the end. Jonathan is also convinced that he is impervious to getting banned on Facebook. He is a content creator under the business name “Your Content”, he travels all over the country stirring up shit, filming the border down in Texas, various MAGA rallies throughout the state, masquerading as muslims and photobombing democratic idiot candidates (I know saying idiot and democrat in the same sentence is redundant, so my apologies). Anyways, let’s dive RIGHT in to the mind of a true American political shit-stirrer, the one and only Jonathan Riches — Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

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What’s up Jonathan Lee Riches?? Welcome to the show! Did you sign the agreement stipulating you will not sue me if I make you look like an ass on my show? Where’s my Asian attorney? That stupid bastard! Absent again.

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Intro Poetry: 

Happy Sunday, goes out to all you Wops, Dagos, Guineas. 

To All the Frankies, All the Tinas, and the Maries, Paulies, Vinnies. 

I can say that because I’m Italian, so I won’t be disbarred. 

We can play poker or pinnacle, just don’t play the race card. 

If your name ends in a vowel, it’s time to throw in the towel, 

and tune to the podcast, at least for an hour. 

Gather round and let’s listen to curse words galore. 

If you don’t notice Biden’s a FAKE POTUS then your mother’s a whore! 

Some Twitter birds can herd fucking nerds with their word choice, 

while others prefer Zuckerberg’s terms of service when they voice 

their opinions, regardless of how raspy they speak. 

If I say anything offensive, it’s just tongue and cheek. 

That commie cunt Cuomo belongs behind bars in Rykers. 

It’s Tina40 on tonight’s live stream. Trump 2024, MOTHERFUCKERS! 


Copyright 2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ #FUCKOUTTAHERE & Fuck Covid.

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Buenas Noches you marvelous scums, you beautiful bastards, blind, deaf, and dumb. Blind to the red flags, deaf to the truth, unwilling to speak up for our meek and our youth. The Commies have won, subverting generations, infiltrating Big Tech, product placing Game Stations, Facebook ads, Hollyweird, the entire educational system. What are we gonna do to fight against it? What can I do to make it hurt when I hits them?  Perhaps I’ll grab a mic, and a laptop, and a pen, and a pair of headphones, like a Tommy gun, this is a fight til the end. Welcome to the latest episode, we live by a code in this struggle, regardless of their mission to tighten our muzzles. We don’t need a vaccine to see bullshit, we are already immune. It’s Mr. Garrison and Mr. Pickles on tonight’s LIVE stream. Sounding like characters in a cartoon! — How fitting! Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Pleasant evening, polarized peeps! DINOs, RINOs, Red-Pilled Sheep. Many of us prosperous but peasants still why? Genghis Khan’s birthday is the same day George Floyd died. Let’s go smash windows, set fires, and loot. Then let’s resist arrest, and act surprised when they shoot. The Po-Po’s and the Yo-Yo’s are at each other’s throats, while the media perpetuates the Covid 19 hoax. Here we are at the SweatShop, It’s time to have a blast. Just me and my asian sidekick and Laura Loomer on Bobby Pickles’ Podcast. 

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