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I am your host, Robert Pickles, the fifth, and on this 199 episode in the podcast of our lord, Bobby Pickles, and what Candidate for U.S. Senate from the State of Florida, Luis Miguel, calls “a Grade A program of information and entertainment rolled into one irresistible package”. I would venture to say, an “irresponsible” package. Anyways, I have gathered a few scums to co-host this episode: St. Petersburg, Florida Podcaster, LaLa Beamz; Austin via California Right-Wing Party Girl, RedPill Rage, was going to join the program but instead opted to dropout at the last minute because BradChad will be joining the show and he is despised by all; plus, the Censored dot TV genius, Pawl Bazile shares his creepy TALE of being a “Sexual Threat” and the recent victim of a Home Invasion. This is episode 199 in the podcast of our lord, Bobby Pickles.


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PLEASE, don’t give me a strike for this, YouTube. I’m about to spit a poem. It is art. Stop censoring art, you Nazi fucks.

Intro Poetry:

Wake up everybody! No more sleeping in bed!

¡Levántate! Then get down and pray the widespread fear stops dead in its tracks

Show us the stats and facts 

That prove little kids can’t ask to unmask 

My guest on tonight’s cast crashed a South Florida Commission meeting

Leading to some intriguing public speaking

Excreting meaning, and worth repeating 

The devil’s laws are creeping in — we must fight this profanity

Even doctors will be arrested for crimes against humanity

Christianity does not support some kangaroo court mandating masks, that’s insanity!

These demon rats will not relax until we legalize vaccine passports and live abortions

Masks are literally killing people! And that’s not a distortion!

Forcing anyone to wear a face muzzle is basically extortion

Extorting the souls of the sheep is the plan of The Four Horsemen! 

It’s the plan of the cabal. We’ll all have mRNA coursing through our veins.

Don’t you know six feet is military protocol AND We’re being trained?

If vaccine brown shirts are at my door, we’ll see how far they get

I’m not wearing a mask at Work, Church, or Target

We’re not gonna take it! Bill Gates ain’t chipping my arm

SARS COVID II is more Orwellian than Animal Farm

So, thanks for beaming in. I’ve invited Cristina to talk about adrenachrome, extremists, and conspiracies

AND Something tells me I’ll be getting another strike for this live stream

My guest on Episode 198 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ is Cristina Gomez, the CHICA who went viral when she spoke truth to psychopaths at a Palm Beach County Commission meeting, where the powers that be mandated masks — which is the devil’s law. This show will most probably be cancelled mid-stream, so enjoy us while it lasts!

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