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Allô — my awakened non-woke folks, hear my plea!

You’re recovering from sleep when you see me, Bobby P., instead of the sheep on TV

You could be watching more of the same, or the game, 

or finding someone to blame, for your shameful situation

You’ll never have the fame! nor the fortune, nor the glory, nor the money, nor the power

Because you’re happy and content consuming mainstream media for hours on end

I think you need a friend

To listen to in times you’re going off the deep end

I’ll send my condolences, maybe some flowies and an edible 

Walter Cronkite’s dead. This just in! No one’s credible.

Fake news is rampant and you’re too heavy-eyed to tell

Stop yawning, I know you’re longing for a cup of that Maxwell House coffee on the shelf

Note to self, be self aware, and tell the truth, radically honest

Disregard your couth, because that voting booth is strongest

(Cue the Billy Joel music)

A bottle of Red pills, a bottle of Blue

It all depends upon your attitude

Welcome the shop, Episode 187 on a mother-fuckin cop!


Tonight’s guest is a podcasting/radio personality who goes by just a single name — he’s like Madonna in that way. Host of the Red Pilled Reality Show, it’s time to meet RISCALLA. Welcome to Episode 187 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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What’s up all you gym rats, athletes, pretty muscle super-jocks, 

you can be a pip squeak or a sports freak — weak as a kitten or strong as an ox 🐂 

Regardless, if you’re health conscious, us Americans are free

And sometimes, we make decisions that land us on TV

Sometimes we say “Fuck You!” to County Rules and Overreach

Sometimes we preach our beliefs, while not acting like sheep

Sometimes we teach those who think posing in the mirror with a mask on is normal

That just because it’s new, doesn’t mean that it is moral

To require masking up on the machines during strenuous exercise

I’m surprised you’re not apologizing to those who patronized until they died by breathing in too much carbon dioxide

Auto-retarded asphyxiation, that’s what it is.

You got arrested thrice for refusing idiocy, and now you’ve lost your biz?

FITNESS 1440 lives on, you fought the good fight.

I’m so happy Governor DeSantis promised to pardon you live on Laura Ingram the other night!

My guests on tonight’s Tuesday Evening Stream are Mike and Jill Carnevale — husband and wife gym owners, arrested for not enforcing mask laws. They sued Broward County over their mandate of masks. They were targeted by the crooked South Florida politicians who have slithered into power in that county. Now, with Florida wide open, and many people flooding here for refuge from liberal shit-holes — where do we go? A business was lost. People’s lives were either ruined or royally inconvenienced. We will talk about that and much more on tonight’s Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Vill Nomerly joins the show via the inter-webs to discuss things stream of consciousness style, because Bobby is somewhat intoxicated and did not adequately prepare a show.

@ThunderdomeTV @BobbyPickles


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Happy Sunday, Capitol Raiders!
This is the day the lord has made us.
I have one of your counterparts sitting in-studio
But he didn’t vandal any statues. Unarmed. No looting, though!
Just an ex-North Miami Cop,
pissed about the steal that could not be stopped.
How did it feel to be in the People’s House
on the other end of a tear gas dowse?
When you were in Iraq, fighting for freedom
Did you ever think back home they’d accuse you of treason?
Did you plan in Afghanistan to lead a “violent” insurrection?
Or did you simply question the vote so now they’re teaching you a lesson?
Just a vet from the Burg using your words and your presence.
Thanks for biking it to FAT ENZO. Glad I have you in attendance.

My guest, this Sunday afternoon, is a Marine Veteran/Former North Miami Beach cop who was arrested for going live on Facebook from inside the Capitol. His name is Nicholes Lentz. And I’m Bobby Pickles. Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Bobby speaks with "Papa" about life and loyalties 60 miles north of New York City, in what some have labeled the “armpit of Connecticut”. The birthplace of the Frisbee and of the Subway restaurant chain, it’s a place latent with political corruption and scandals, like when the city’s mayor admitted to using cocaine while in office. The comedian Fred Allen once referred to it when he famously said, "Everywhere outside New York City is Bridgeport, Connecticut."

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On the seventh day, God rested, and while he was resting, Pawl Bazile invented everything that can be associated with Censored Dot TV: from the name of Gavin's show, to Milo not being gay anymore. The man is a fucking genius! Checkout his regular gig: Radio Deadly w/ Michale Graves (of the Misfits) on Censored Dot TV.

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What is up you beautiful bastards!

Thanks for tuning in to another disaster

With a face for radio and knack for laughter

I bet my fans aren’t as pretty as us podcasters. 

Two Gozo journeys on tonight’s show.

It’s me, Bobby P. on the east joined by my west coast bro

The FBI set their sights on him but he won’t roll

Because Shawn Bradley Witzemann admits he entered the Capitol

He don’t give a fuck. He was just covering what was going down.

He’s an independent journalist slash satirical clown.

Live-streaming from the rotunda, Krampusnatch did nothing wrong

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everybody. Sit back, relax, hit a bong.

Take a shot of tequila, and throw on your sombrero.

I think my guest is jewish, not Mexican, but their differences are narrow.


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