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This week on Episode 76 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #21), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles welcome the Denton, Texas-based ska act, The Holophonics, who are preparing to release their twelfth studio album, Don’t Mess With The Holophonics, on July 14th. You can pre-order a copy on the group’s bandcamp. The Bobs also highlight the London, Ontario pizza-punks, Wasted Potential, who just digitally released their new EP, Nervous Conditions, on Get Party Records. They are also offering a cassette version through the band’s tape label, Curt Murder Fan Club. Also, Bobby gets all political, falling prey to the pandering, incoherent blathering perpetrated by the mainstream corporate media. And nobody wants to join him down that dirty rabbit hole! Episode 21’s recurring theme: Politics-Schmolitics.


As the nation's political season starts taking shape, Bobby lets his political incorrectness shine through, Bob asking the unfortunate question “What soapbox are you currently standing on, Bobby?” There’s a laundry list of problems within the state of the world, but the two decide to forgo any potentially polarizing topics of discussion, opting to “keep it light”.

Always one to spot genius, Bobby notices how bands can steal internet traffic from bands 100x their stature just by combining their band name and album title to match something in another band’s description. Very clever! There have been generations of bands doing it all wrong!

Bob brings up being “exposed” to terrible music on terrestrial radio, citing horrible “Dad rock” of 90’s yesteryear. Bob insists that it was all “crappy” music then, and the fact that it still exists to this day on the radio is torturous. Bobby explains that it is Bob’s proximity in a southern market that indicates the station’s playlist.

Eric Daino of The Holophonics joins the show, giving the Bobs a quick history lesson on the band, explaining how they have been able to release 11 albums in just three years. Discussing the blank stares they get when they have to explain the ska genre to fellow Texans, Daino acknowledges his admiration for the schleppy Top 40 band, Maroon 5, and absolute disgust of U2. Eric explains the band’s “business model” of covering popular songs in their own ska-style and releasing them on YouTube. Other discussions include touring, crowdfunding, and the world premier exclusive of a new track entitled “Frack-Off!” Check out the band’s new music video, Meteoric Rise To Mediocrity, released today!  

After feeling inspired by Bob’s inept news gathering, highlighted a 5 year old article on “how to make a punk rock vest”, Bobby decides to covers an article about foreign bands and their “American equivalent”. Sometimes, we have slow news days here at the ol’ punk rawk ranch.

While discussing “inside baseball” about the show, Bobby lets the cat out of the bag about a pending interview with Jello Biafra, legendary frontman of Dead Kennedys. Biafra, who collected 10 votes while running for President in 2000 under the Green Party ticket, would make a wonderful addition to the show, considering Bobby’s eagerness to polarize our listenership with politics. We’re pretty sure that Jello has a few opinions of his own. Vote Jello 2016!

Up next and fresh off of band practice are the Canadian pizza-punk band, Wasted Potential. Immediately, Bob quizzes the band about hometown heroes, Bobnoxious. Surprised by the enthusiasm from a couple punk rockers who glamourize the second worst band to ever come out of The Great White North, Bob takes it as a clear indication that the air must be very thin north of the United States border. From there, the topics include guns, robberies, poor beer choices, the best pizza styles, making excuses to clear the border patrol, and WP’s upcoming date at FEST in Gainesville.

As the show wraps up, the Bobs’ completely miss the mark on yet another Canadian band, referencing a slang dictionary for further clarification. Professing their ignorance for what the band “SNFU” means as an acronym, Bob warns to “stay away from definition #2”.

Templeton Pek - The Blindside
Moment 22 - Reverie
The Atom Age - It's A Mess
Be Like Max - Sin City Rude Kids
The Holophonics - Frack Off!
Entropy - Panic
Versus The World - The Santa Margarita
The Jetbirds - Scale The Wall
On A Hiding To Nothing - Gag Reflex
Wasted Potential - Weekend At Bernice’s
PRO-PAIN - Age Of Disgust

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This week on Episode 75 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #20), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles switch things up, with Bobby choosing all the music and Bob doing his best Walter Punkite impersonation. It's time to find out what Bob thinks is newsworthy and what Bobby thinks sounds good. Let's leave it up to the listeners to decide! Joining the team in-studio is Bobby's "business associate", Tone Lo-ki, of FAT ENZO. The two Bobs, and their trusty sidekick, spotlight two bands: Denver ska-punks The A-OKs who’ve just released their third full-length studio album Maybe Partying Will Help, and Philadelphia horror-punk act The Mad Splatter who are set to release their new EP Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Episode 20’s recurring theme: Role Reversal.


Bob kicks things off by referencing "The Bum", which Bobby had specifically asked him not to do via corporate email earlier in the day. Like Rick James, Noxious is an habitual line stepper. If you’ve been following along at home, you know the storyline, but if not, you can download the Dying Scene Radio back catalogue via iTunes.

When the Bobs discuss their new roles for the week, Bob admits that whatever he found as news may not even be relevant because he chose not to pay attention to Google Analytics, opting to instead mention what he found interesting.

With his new found feeling of entitlement to speak openly, Bob tells everyone how much he "loathes" live albums, opining that they are usually reserved for bands who are too lazy to write music or don't have enough "hits" for a Greatest Hits record.

Bob and Tone connect through their mutual admiration of Suicidal Tendencies, then begin recanting the lyrics to Institutionalized, which was recently covered by Body Count. Just ignore Bob's horrible Ice-T impression.

The consummate grammar-nazi, Bobby quizzes Bob on the correct way to add a "slash" to a group of words - citing Bad Cop / Bad Cop. Bob takes his stance, getting angered and annoyed by people who use the "backslash" incorrectly. Bobby takes it a step further, explaining that there are actually two different types, each having a different name and function, to which Bob deadpans, "yeah, front-slash and backslash".

While introducing one of the new bands on the playlist, Bobby recognizes that one of the bandmembers is drinking a Bud Light in their band photo. Quickly, Bob makes fun of their name, threatening their lives if they don't remove the "Z" from Loud Boyz. Tone Lo-ki warns that he’ll join the browbeating if they don't start drinking "real" beer. Bobby may in fact be a “grammar-nazi” but Bob and Tone are “beer-nazis”.

The guys then speak with Colorado ska-punks, The A-OKs, who are taking a break from their rehearsal, keeping it classy, while drinking Old English 800 from the 40oz. Immediately, Bobby asks their opinion on Bud Light, Bob seeming genuinely annoyed by such a ludicrous question. When the band approves of Bobby’s continuous consumption of canned Clydesdale piss, Bob deducts 3 punk-points from the band. Everybody knows that cold, delicious, domestic flows from the tap like water in Colorado.

Bobby alludes to the “legal stuff” in Colorado, which the band admits "everybody is doing", so naturally it must be ok. It then becomes apparent that while on tour, things aren't as legal as they are back home. Talk about an inconvenience...

While discussing The A-Oks’ upcoming summer tour, Bob asks if they will be visiting the Sunshine State, realizing that not only are they making a stop in St. Petersburg, but they will be playing just four short blocks down the street from where Bob's band, Pig Pen, are playing on that very evening. They all promise to meet up for a beer and to "sneak behind the alley".

Obviously hockey fans, talk turns to the recent Stanley Cup Finals and how Lightning goalie, Ben Bishop, played through a torn groin, which everyone assumed was just diarrhea.

The Bobs featured a new song from The A-OKs a few weeks back on the infamous “Ben Weasel episode”, where Ben proclaimed the ska-punk genre to be a re-animated corpse, back to annoy, proclaiming “good riddance”. Amused by Ben's take on their music, The A-Oks send Ben a personal message through the airwaves.

Catch The A-OKs on the Ska Revival Tour this summer, and download their new record Maybe Partying Will Help. This skankin’ septet will be traveling cross-country, playing dates with all their favorite bands, and Bob predicts that the band will hate each other after two days in close quarters of the van. Good luck on the road boys and girls!

Bobby gives Bob props for the amount of work that goes into stringing just a few measly punk rock songs together. Bob then directs the listeners to send all "hate mail" to Bobby for any bad picks he may have made musically on the podcast.

After asking for permission from Bobby to continue reporting on this week’s news, Bob is most amused by the Dying Scene article entitled "How To Make A Punk Rock Vest". Learn the basics, like choosing a fabric, sewing, studding and finding the right patches. Bobby does not think that a vest is necessary to "be a punk" and asks Tone Lo-ki for reassurance. Bob asks them both to tell that to the Hells Angels, to which Bobby weaves his tale of making t-shirts for the chapter on the Lower East Side of New York City.

The next guest in-studio is Chuck from the Atlantic City via Philly-based horror-punks, The Mad Splatter, who Pickles quips as to sounding like "Screeching Weasel ‘effed’ a Misfit" or vice-versa, the opposite being more appropriate. Chuck pledges allegiance to The Ramones, then confesses that most of the band’s songwriting was originally based on their favorite horror films, stating that there are enough songs about girls in the world.

In his most tasteless question to date, Bob asks Chuck how "Mowzer" is doing, while discussing the band's new upcoming EP Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Mowzer was a cat who was recently attacked by an unknown animal. The band was offering to donate the proceeds from their latest song, "Dead Boyfriend", to the animal's recovery. Unbeknownst to Bob, the animal was recently put down as Chuck giggled, "awww, c'mon too soon, bro"

Chuck, quickly misdirected, starts talking about the band’s new concept album, the writing of which is already complete. Entitled The Rose, the record is loosely based on the occult, satan and Children of the Corn. As they all begin to reminisce, Bob admits to watching the film as a child in baby diapers, Chuck conceding that they are peeling back the onion, which is Bob.

After asking about the slimiest sh!t-hole the band has ever played, Chuck calls out Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn as the winner, where you can most certainly be greeted by a coke dealer at the door and challenged to a fight by the bar’s proprietor. Ahh, punk rock!

A debate ensues as to whether or not MxPx is actually a “Christian band”, after Bobby cites the Weasel Radio episode featuring Mike Herrera, then asks Bob if he thought it was theoretically possible for a Christian horror-punk band to exist. Bob characteristically tells the world that he "could give two sh!ts" and "if you want Buddah up your butthole, fine”. Being that MxPx is no longer passing out Bibles after shows, Bobby asks Bob if he thought any differently of the band, to which he replies, "I didn't like them then, and I don't like them now", theorizing that they were "turned out" at one of the Warped Tours.  

Tone Lo-Ki outros the show after discussing the new forthcoming Wisdom In Chainsrecord and subsequent release party/BBQ.

Bad Korea - Scene Police
High School Football Heroes - Like Dynamite
Loud Boyz - I Am The Night
The A-OKs Interview
The A-OKs - Dark and Disillusioned
Whipped - Habits (by Tove Lo)
dragSTER - Dead Punk
Choke Up - Woke Up Drunk
Motorhead - Thunder & Lightning
The Mad Splatter Interview
The Mad Splatter - Dead Boyfriend
MxPx - Leather Jacket
Wisdom In Chains - Joey Ramone

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This week on Episode 74 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #19), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles welcome BIGWIGguitarist/frontman, Tom Petta, in-studio high atop the world on the 119th floor of Dying Scene Head Honcho Johnny X’s swanky East Village, NYC hotel room. Everyone has been invited to the party, except for Bob, who is lounging at home in his flippy-floppies with the Tampa Bay Lightning game thundering in the background. Like the great Wizard of Oz, Mr. “X” is finally unmasked for that of the illustrious Dave Buck. He and the Bobs speak with Tom aboutBIGWIG’s upcoming US/Canada tour and the imminent recording of their new album, the reasons for BIGWIG’s long hiatus (Tom’s severed finger) and having some of its original lineup back together. Episode 19’s recurring theme: Bobby’s insecure cheapshots at Bob.


Bobby voices his displeasure with the Sunshine State. Tom piles on about Florida's hot and sticky humidity, but still asserts his love for Bob's hometown of Tampa Bay. After some gentle prodding from Bobby, Tom declares that Camden is "the grimiest city in South Jersey".

Tom fills everyone in on BIGWIG’s planned July recording and forthcoming tour dates across Canada and down the U.S. eastern seaboard, culminating at Fest 14 in Gainesville, Florida, waxing nostalgic about returning band members, Josh Farrell andZach Lorinc, who are back in BIGWIG after a brief intermission. Tom talks about how they make BIGWIG work with band members living in New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Montreal.

After reading an article declaring Tom an outdoorsman, Bob teases him about hanging out with Ted Nugent. After further explanation, Tom defines his love of “the Earth” as more about keeping active by hiking, cycling, surfing and kayaking. Bobby tells a story about riding his beach cruiser bicycle through Brooklyn while others heckled him about his "Pee-wee Herman bike”.

Bob drops a Van Halen reference, while describing how unsuccessful it really is for a band to continue on after their lead singer’s departure. Many have tried; few are victorious. The Dead Kennedys are mentioned as a band willing to forge ahead without their original iconic frontman and yodeler, Jello Biafra. Tom states that he has seen the line-up sans Jello and has no complaints about their sound. When Bobby asks Tom what he thinks about other bands who continue on with only one original member, he deadpans that he is not the right person to comment on that. Bob mentions his friend, who recently joined the legendary southern rock band, Blackfoot, and boasts about their having none of its original members. Fans expect for bands to stay together forever, but "life happens" and it’s difficult to stay gold, Ponyboy.

Tom talks about growing up in New Jersey and his time spent on the Jersey Shore. Bobby mentions that you have to buy tokens to get on the beach in Jersey and asks Bob if he has an opinion on that, to which Bob replies, “that's why nobody vacations in Jersey”. Bobby then starts prying into Dying Scene Dave’s life, determines that he is from Oregon, has lived the California for well over a decade, and is now preparing to move to the concrete jungle of New York City. Meanwhile, Tom and Dave plan an east coast surfing trip. Then, when talk turns to skimboarding, Bob declares that the watersport is for people who can’t surf, either because they can’t, or conditions won’t allow it. Bob dates himself when he admits to sporting SunDek boardshorts while skimboarding in his youth. Blank stares ensue.

Tom outlines the subtle differences between being a record producer and recording engineer. Tom says that when he produces, he tends to immerse himself in the project and can’t understand people who just sit on the couch offering their opinion. While on the subject of recording, Bobby how many fans actually elect to pay money for the “name your price” download option on BandCamp. Dave claims to be “blown away” by the about of people who actually do.

Bob asks Tom if BIGWIG would consider playing the Warped Tour if they were asked, given the age of the band and the pre-pubescent nature of the iconic punk festival’s demographics. Without hesitation, Tom declares his unfettered bro-love for fest founder, Kevin Lyman, adding that he would be honored to play. Bobby then recalls Bob’s Fat Mike story, looking for validation from Tom that Fat Mike is indeed a jerk and more than likely owes Bob a few royalties for the NOFX “Coaster” CD idea. Everyone agrees that maybe Fat Mike was just having a bad day, then Bobby admits to getting big-leagued by Oprah’s Indian self-help guru, Deepak Chopra, while managing a cell phone kiosk in NYC.

Bobby tries to convince the world, again, that Bud Light is a great beer, eliciting a negative response from everyone else in the room. Tom mentions his affinity for a good Guinness, acknowledging that it must sound pretentious; or a Black & Tan, which makes him sound needy. Tom then confesses to not being much of a drinker, ultimately giving Pickles license to enjoy his “nectar of the gods”.

Tom chronicles the industrial accident, which sidelined his guitar shredding for over two years. Bob asks Tom which finger he would prefer to lose, if given the choice. His response: the right pinkie finger, but says that he can get by with “just a claw”.

Fat Mike and Stza Crack do some good for a San Francisco neighborhood by picking up dirty discarded syringes with a pair of salad tongs, which they then use to make a salad; The Replacements have disbanded...again - and this time, Paul Westerberg has called out his bandmates as being “lazy bastards to the end” after admitting that they chose to stay in their hotel rather than soundcheck before their performance atPrimavera Porto; Guttermouth has announced a bunch of US and European tour dates, while Tom remains tight-lipped about his general feelings towards the Huntington Beach punkers, stating “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”; Millencolin has announce their first U.S. tour in six years, Bobby hears back from their people confirming his interview request; FREE music available on Dying Scene: Make Yer Ane Comp VI and Dying Music For A Dying Scene; the bill for the Gasteiz Calling Festival in Spain reminds Bob of the ‘98 Warped Tour lineup; Sick of it All announces European summer tour; check out all the North American BIGWIG tour dates.

Yankee Brutal - Fuck Your Radio
Dan Cribb and the Isolated - Let’s Move To New York
Global Affront - God Saves Us All
Agnostic Front - Old New York
Bigwig - Sink Or Swim
Adverse 96 - Under Oath
Hold Fast - Chapel & Breath
No!se - Pawn In The Game
The Fuck Off and Dies - A Good Day To Party Hard
FIDLAR - 40oz on Repeat
Stereotypwriter - it’s not old yet

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This week on Episode 73 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #18), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles play a game of good cop/bad cop with Jennie Cotterill, guitarist/vocals for the Los Angeles-based all-female punk act, Bad Cop / Bad Cop. (Holy forward slashes batman)! The band’s debut LP Not Sorry drops July 16th on Fat Wreck Chords, which, Jennie assures, is a major label that does quite a lot for its young, newly-signed artists. The Bobs also address Ben Weasel’s recent allegations of exploitation involving his guest hosting appearance on last week’s show. Check out the “influencers” episode of Weasel Radio, where Mr. Foster and Owen Wilson (Oops, I meant “Owen Murphy”) hold a prompt discussion about the unoriginality of the “Bob Noxious” moniker. Episode 18’s recurring theme: Creepers in da midst.


We love the sound of punk rock in the morning! We also love the funny sound effects Bobby makes while alluding to his “medicine”. Bobby has a CT “prescription” for performance art, so let's not point our judgemental fingers. Because Bobby can still see through both the smoky haze and Bob's good intentions with Bad Cop Jennie, respectively.

Discussing the news in rapid succession, Bob suggests that the singer of the band You Big Idiot is giving off the "creep vibe" (later in the episode, Bob begins inspecting the contents of Jennie's house, which isn’t creepy at all). Bob sets Bobby straight about the Fat Music series. Only Jah knows about Bad Brains’ future. Punk Island is coming to Staten Island June 21st! Bobby ponders arranging Dying Scene Radio’s presence on-site, while Bob encourages him to do so. Bob attempts a Russian accent, offending any Russians who may be listening.

Jennie curiously points out that Bobby uses two microphones, to which Bob interjects that they are Los Angeles Lakers colors. Surprisingly, at least to Bob, Jennie claims her allegiance to the LA Clippers. Jennie moved to California, not to be a rockstar, but to get very far away from Michigan. Jennie talks about BC/BC’s 2011 origins, talking Fat Mike into catching their show at a drag queen festival, and how one of his tweets ultimately changed the band's career trajectory. Bob shares his “Fat Mike story”, which you must hear for yourself to truly appreciate.

Jennie answers Ben Weasel's question from last week: “What exactly does a record label do for an up-and-coming band that the upstart band cannot do for themselves?” Jennie states that more than anything, it is an endorsement, opening doors, and bringing corporate culture rules along for the ride! Prior to Fat Mike’s nod of approval, Jennie argues that many promoters were quick to dismiss the all-girl group, boldly proclaiming, she wouldn’t have wanted to be in a band having to follow BC/BC, humbly asserting, they were usually the best band on the bill.

Bob claims to have taken three years of Spanish 1, but has only learned enough vocabulary to “cuss out a Mexican on a jobsite”, then he proceeds to translate Spanish song titles and Miami Burger King drive-thru menus, among other things. Bobby mentions his affinity for the new Screeching Weasel record, Baby Fat Act 1. Bob says, he'll get around to listening to it someday. Bobby says, punk records aren't long enough. Bob talks about his sold out gig with GBH, The Business, The Attack and Total Chaos. Bobby has an idea for a t-shirt, which Bob admits, is as original as his moniker. (Oi! Vey).

Worriers - They/Them/Theirs
You Big Idiot - Don’t Die Again
Svetlanas - I Must Break You
Teenage Time Killers - Ode To Sean Hannity ft/ Jello Biafra
Bad Cop/Bad Cop Interview
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Sugar Cane
The Coathangers - Shut Up
Free City - Volveremos a Nacer
The Fur Coats - Goddamn, I’m A Handsome Man
Iron Reagan - The Sentence Is Death
Guilty By Association - Dead On Arrival
The Holophonics - You’re Not (The) Special(s)

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