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Bobby speaks, on location, from Columbus Circle, at the base of the statue of Cristoforo Colombo (which is apparently the literal epicenter of New York City) with Nicole Raymondi, creator of Quotiful, an iPhone app, which integrates meme-making and social media, and provides an outstanding user experience. What’s your favorite quote? Does it motivate you? Does it excite you? Is it tattooed on your rib cage or printed on a tee shirt? Perhaps, if you found the perfect picture to express it, you could create a meme for it. And if you did, you would most certainly use Quotiful to do so.

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Bobby speaks, on location, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with Joseph Campo, executive producer at Grassroots Films (“The Human Experience”, 2008) and the director of the St. Francis House, a halfway home for troubled young men in search of a new start in life. The two discuss a range of topics, from drug addiction to documentary filmmaking to what it means to be American-Italian and Catholic and, of course, human.  

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On this episode, I podcast with stand-up comedian Calise Hawkins from a stoop just down the block from West 4th Street in Greenwich Village, which is (for all you non-New Yorkers) basically the epicenter of stand-up comedy in New York City. Calise had recently been featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and was in the process of working on a new set for another show at which point I was finally able to finally pin her down and make her speak with me. It took some finessing. Shadowing her for most of the night, observing how she performed the same set in front of three totally different crowds and how each crowd’s overall personality was different. For instance, the first room was a medium size room and there was a whole table full of drunken girls in the midst of a bachelorette party, the second was a tiny room with hardly anybody there (perhaps six people total, three couples) and the room felt stale and uninviting, but then the third room had a considerably large crowd. After all this, she had some time to kill before her next set, so she agreed to yap with me for a bit about stand-up comedy, how she got into it, what a person should do if they were interested in getting into, her life, her six year old daughter, writing, random drunkards pissing on street corners with micro-dicks, etc. 

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