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To win the hearts and minds is a political art, not science

Melissa Martz knows it’s time to find and build her alliance

Florida’s 18th is about to have some competition, at last

But it’s gonna be an uphill batter to surpass votes cast for Brian Mast

He’s a combat vet whose lost his legs, those optics are tough to beat

But maybe a petite woman will defeat the incumbent, unseat

Let’s weigh in, how will she be differenent on 2A

No more hearsay, she’s applying for a well-paying job on the beltway

I don’t mean to be cliche, but I pray she’ll be a hard worker

Or how else does she expect to be selected over a guy who said “don’t let this rape become a murder”


My guest on tonight’s podcast is wife, mother, lawyer, Melissa Martz, who is a congressional candidate running against incumbent Brian Mast in Florida’s 18th district.

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Intro Poetry:

What’s up all you ballers!

Scientists and Scholars!

Let’s kiss the boots of these dudes wearing lab coats with white collars

What they say is true

We don’t live in a flat plane

Regardless of what the Motherfucking Alf says

He’s less than stable, completely insane

And so is tonight’s guest

Allow me to introduce David Weiss

This guy says we live in the Antarctic basin surrounded by ice

There’s a filament dome up above

The gov lies to us royally

electromagnetism exists, Gravity doesn’t, it’s buoyancy

Isn’t it a joy to finally see the truth?

They invented a cam that can zoom for miles 

There’s your proof

Satellites are balloons 

So let’s eat shrooms and hit a bar

Theres a hole in the Georgia guide-stones that’s perfectly in-line w/ The North Star

The powers that be, want you to believe

We evolved from pond scum and microbes 

But Dave’ll gift you two Bitcoins if you can drum up enough evidence to prove the globe


My guest on tonight’s live stream is Flat Earth David Weiss — a Connecticut Yankee who’s tied of having his chain yanked by the cabal of scum who run this earth. He’s made it his mission to do every single person’s podcast and red pill their audience. Let’s see how he fares with us. Welcome to episode 189 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

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Top O’ the Evening to my Next of Kin, to my Friends, to my Company, and everybody therein

To all those I know not, much to my chagrin, I’d like to begin tonight’s episode by introducing Christine Quinn

She’s running for Congress in Florida’s 14th district, a system of simplistic minded scum embodying a spirit that’s socialistic

It’s all explicit, nothing’s logical; men and women are no longer biological

We’re social constructs that can modify our genders at the hospital

The tower of babble is climbing high and nothing is impossible

I’m not trying to be theological, but technology is sometimes symbolic and biblical

The world is a circus and everyone is miserable

It’s time for some new blood, a businesswoman, a civic leader

A blond bombshell from California, who’s damn sure not a cheerleader

Creating jobs, expanding education options, supporting military, our veterans

Lowering health care costs, protecting freedom, For Me and You and ALL Americans

No matter which specimen: black, brown, yellow, red, white, no matter the comparison

Kathy Castor is an absolute embarrassment

The midterms are closing near, so let’s hear her from the stump.

Because a vote for Christine Quinn is a vote for Donald Trump!


Tonight’s guest: Christine Quinn, wife, mother, grandmother, successful entrepreneur, and Candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 14th District. That’s Tampa Bay, baby! Welcome to Episode 188 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

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