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I am your host, Robert Pickles, the fifth, and on this 199 episode in the podcast of our lord, Bobby Pickles, and what Candidate for U.S. Senate from the State of Florida, Luis Miguel, calls “a Grade A program of information and entertainment rolled into one irresistible package”. I would venture to say, an “irresponsible” package. Anyways, I have gathered a few scums to co-host this episode: St. Petersburg, Florida Podcaster, LaLa Beamz; Austin via California Right-Wing Party Girl, RedPill Rage, was going to join the program but instead opted to dropout at the last minute because BradChad will be joining the show and he is despised by all; plus, the Censored dot TV genius, Pawl Bazile shares his creepy TALE of being a “Sexual Threat” and the recent victim of a Home Invasion. This is episode 199 in the podcast of our lord, Bobby Pickles.


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PLEASE, don’t give me a strike for this, YouTube. I’m about to spit a poem. It is art. Stop censoring art, you Nazi fucks.

Intro Poetry:

Wake up everybody! No more sleeping in bed!

¡Levántate! Then get down and pray the widespread fear stops dead in its tracks

Show us the stats and facts 

That prove little kids can’t ask to unmask 

My guest on tonight’s cast crashed a South Florida Commission meeting

Leading to some intriguing public speaking

Excreting meaning, and worth repeating 

The devil’s laws are creeping in — we must fight this profanity

Even doctors will be arrested for crimes against humanity

Christianity does not support some kangaroo court mandating masks, that’s insanity!

These demon rats will not relax until we legalize vaccine passports and live abortions

Masks are literally killing people! And that’s not a distortion!

Forcing anyone to wear a face muzzle is basically extortion

Extorting the souls of the sheep is the plan of The Four Horsemen! 

It’s the plan of the cabal. We’ll all have mRNA coursing through our veins.

Don’t you know six feet is military protocol AND We’re being trained?

If vaccine brown shirts are at my door, we’ll see how far they get

I’m not wearing a mask at Work, Church, or Target

We’re not gonna take it! Bill Gates ain’t chipping my arm

SARS COVID II is more Orwellian than Animal Farm

So, thanks for beaming in. I’ve invited Cristina to talk about adrenachrome, extremists, and conspiracies

AND Something tells me I’ll be getting another strike for this live stream

My guest on Episode 198 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ is Cristina Gomez, the CHICA who went viral when she spoke truth to psychopaths at a Palm Beach County Commission meeting, where the powers that be mandated masks — which is the devil’s law. This show will most probably be cancelled mid-stream, so enjoy us while it lasts!

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It’s not a secret. I find this human being morally reprehensible. He claims to be the most liberal Proud Boy after me, and that would be true if he were actually a Proud Boy because this stupid motherufucker swings way way left. He openly admits to have voted for Biden. What a dick. He was accosted by ANIFA over the weekend at an event in NYC’s Foley Park. Which serves him right. He deserved. it. His video was shared far and wide, even by Andy Gio — this he did not deserve. Actually, this guy is always trying to get out of the limelight, but trouble always seems to follow him. Get ready for me and a couple of my right wing chums to take our turns at verbally accosting a libtard, and we aren’t even ANTIFA members. Sit back, grab a snickers bar — Welcome to Episode 197 of Bobby Pickles Podcast!

Guest Hosts: PawL BaZiLe, LaLa Beamz, Enrique Tarrio, Maxx Styles.


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What’s up scums? I ain’t speaking in tongues.
Or a New England accent, lungs sounding dumb.
I’m humming along with a genuine InfoWarrior
Reminds me of podcasting with Senior Escoria
My kin hails from Connecticut, there’s a difference in rhetoric.
Rhode Islanders are the nerds whose words slur, they’re illiterate.
I ain’t talking gibberish, I’m speaking the truth
If it’s asserted without evidence, it’ll be dismissed without proof
A political wrestling star, deciphering parables
Hailing from Central Falls. NOT Tiny the Terrible!
It’s “Bionic” Dan BiDondi, on key with a conspiracy
The ironic less-tan Ghandi, being weary of iminent tyranny
Questioning narratives at press conferences just like a Boston bombshell
Fledgling declaratives, Providence Senator accosting — “Go Fuck Yourself”
Let us pray, Dear Yeshua, help us cheer up in this country
Less sandy than a Captain Hook in a tub with rubber duckies
Facing Subpoena for stressing alternative messaging
I thought politics was just like wrestling. It’s ain’t. It’s a reckoning.
My guest on tonight’s show is a former InfoWar Correspondent who is recently been subpoena’d for his reporting on The Sandy Hook massacre — his name is The “Bionic” Daniel BiDondi, esquire. Sit back, relax, get ready for a doozy. Welcome to Episode 196 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!
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I’m not here to boast, but this may be the most
earth shattering episode between two RePUNKLican voters,
East vs West Coasters
Both of us print t-shirts. Only one of us prints posters.
His name is Sabo, concealing his art in a holster.
And my name is Pickles. But I ain’t Kosher.
Back to my guest, blessed by our creator.
Catering to our youth. Letting’ em know ole Joe’s a Traitor.
He didn’t squeal from the raw deal of being cancelled by the mob
Not a cog in the wheel but a real life troll. That’s his job!
But his memes aren’t digital, they’re motherfucking analogue.
He has a dog in this fight, so he might end up in the gulag.
Fuck Zuck and Maxine, Former Marine blasting art like a tank spree
Kevin Hart lost his part, queue the right-leaning Banksy
A sweetheart of a street artist. The Anti-Commie Shepard Fairey.
His works are temporary, yet legendary. But does he sport a black/yellow Fred Perry?
I’ll ask that and much more of my guest, SABO, on this 195th Episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!
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Welcome to the Team, you’re in the MAGA scene, at last

This ani’t no magazine, it’s a podcast

Streaming with a Black Queen, not a typecast

I know I’m fast, but my interviewee may be faster

Mastering the art of the toast, while roasting Ribs and Karens, those stupid bastards

Inspiring laughter on every coast, challenging these kids’ religion like a pastor

Tonight’s co-host boasts thousands of votes, views, likes, shares, and highly sought after

That’s why I find it necessary to spit a rhyme or two or three 

about a red-pilled lady in hospitality, working at a brewery

Some say this beautifully big breasted Brooha is practicing sorcery 

But historically, Seeing the hypocrisy of the left gave her radical honesty

A tattooed Patriot with that California flavor

Raging on BLM, Crossing Commies like the savior,

And speaking like a sailor, while looking like the Mayor of San Francisco

I have “Proud Boy” tattooed in sailor jerry font above my tits, bro

Will you cater to me now that you know I’m a PB?

Or will you walk away, and pray, for an alternate reality?

My guest on this Tuesday evening livestream is Jennifer Eon aka “RedPill Rage”, historian, political educator, and Conservative party girl! She uses comedy and detailed research to change liberal hearts. And she fully supports patriotic Americans of all backgrounds and walks-of-life. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be red-pilled! Welcome to Episode 194 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

©️2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️

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Hey it’s Bobby Pickles and welcome to the show
LIVE FROM THE SWEATSHOP slash Podcast Studio
I have someone on the program that ya’ll should know
his name’s Luis Miguel and he’s the guy primarying Marco Rubio
The little worm will have served 12 years when his term ends
Will he burn his peers again with another stroke of the pen?
confirming fraud, I find it odd: an “R” taking marching orders from CNN
Just like a member of the squad, whose actions you can’t defend
It’s time for fresh blood, an America First candidate with a familiar name
Both known for their voices: One speaks, the other sang.
Time to consult, like adults, about needing a Senator to exult
Because it’s an insult to Floridians to host a RINO in a cult.
My guest on Episode 193 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ is Luis Miguel, Candidate for U.S. Senate, and the guy Primarying Marco Rubio.
©️2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️
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A Rogan-esque (lengthwise) conversation for nearly 4 hours, amongst four amazing people, with the exception of Tucker. Bobby is on beef tips and bitch tits. PaWL won’t stop yapping. And, Lala keeps going metaphysical.

Follow LALA on Instagram and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

Follow PaWL on Twitter and subscribe to Censored.TV.

Follow Tucker’s show — Shotcast on Twitter and subscribe on Spotify.

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Take a gander at this bystander,

dropping hammers with the grammar, 

His mannerisms are American — it’s Loza Alexander!

No pandering to Demon-Rats

Our tender acts are slandered

Always yammering or stammering about news as true as the moon-lander

Cancel this! You fucking dicks. Your charades are AIDS and cancer

The answer to 1984 is 1776

Don’t you have some districts to gerrymander??

On tonight’s show, I’ll go toe to toe with a man of principle and standards

Writing more code than angry google-chodes, back-room programmers

So here’s to Loza! Straight from my dome. I hope you enjoyed my intro poetry. 

I’d rather kill two Mary’s to harvest adrenachrome, then phone-in the Rosary.

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To win the hearts and minds is a political art, not science

Melissa Martz knows it’s time to find and build her alliance

Florida’s 18th is about to have some competition, at last

But it’s gonna be an uphill batter to surpass votes cast for Brian Mast

He’s a combat vet whose lost his legs, those optics are tough to beat

But maybe a petite woman will defeat the incumbent, unseat

Let’s weigh in, how will she be differenent on 2A

No more hearsay, she’s applying for a well-paying job on the beltway

I don’t mean to be cliche, but I pray she’ll be a hard worker

Or how else does she expect to be selected over a guy who said “don’t let this rape become a murder”


My guest on tonight’s podcast is wife, mother, lawyer, Melissa Martz, who is a congressional candidate running against incumbent Brian Mast in Florida’s 18th district.

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Intro Poetry:

What’s up all you ballers!

Scientists and Scholars!

Let’s kiss the boots of these dudes wearing lab coats with white collars

What they say is true

We don’t live in a flat plane

Regardless of what the Motherfucking Alf says

He’s less than stable, completely insane

And so is tonight’s guest

Allow me to introduce David Weiss

This guy says we live in the Antarctic basin surrounded by ice

There’s a filament dome up above

The gov lies to us royally

electromagnetism exists, Gravity doesn’t, it’s buoyancy

Isn’t it a joy to finally see the truth?

They invented a cam that can zoom for miles 

There’s your proof

Satellites are balloons 

So let’s eat shrooms and hit a bar

Theres a hole in the Georgia guide-stones that’s perfectly in-line w/ The North Star

The powers that be, want you to believe

We evolved from pond scum and microbes 

But Dave’ll gift you two Bitcoins if you can drum up enough evidence to prove the globe


My guest on tonight’s live stream is Flat Earth David Weiss — a Connecticut Yankee who’s tied of having his chain yanked by the cabal of scum who run this earth. He’s made it his mission to do every single person’s podcast and red pill their audience. Let’s see how he fares with us. Welcome to episode 189 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

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Top O’ the Evening to my Next of Kin, to my Friends, to my Company, and everybody therein

To all those I know not, much to my chagrin, I’d like to begin tonight’s episode by introducing Christine Quinn

She’s running for Congress in Florida’s 14th district, a system of simplistic minded scum embodying a spirit that’s socialistic

It’s all explicit, nothing’s logical; men and women are no longer biological

We’re social constructs that can modify our genders at the hospital

The tower of babble is climbing high and nothing is impossible

I’m not trying to be theological, but technology is sometimes symbolic and biblical

The world is a circus and everyone is miserable

It’s time for some new blood, a businesswoman, a civic leader

A blond bombshell from California, who’s damn sure not a cheerleader

Creating jobs, expanding education options, supporting military, our veterans

Lowering health care costs, protecting freedom, For Me and You and ALL Americans

No matter which specimen: black, brown, yellow, red, white, no matter the comparison

Kathy Castor is an absolute embarrassment

The midterms are closing near, so let’s hear her from the stump.

Because a vote for Christine Quinn is a vote for Donald Trump!


Tonight’s guest: Christine Quinn, wife, mother, grandmother, successful entrepreneur, and Candidate for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 14th District. That’s Tampa Bay, baby! Welcome to Episode 188 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

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Allô — my awakened non-woke folks, hear my plea!

You’re recovering from sleep when you see me, Bobby P., instead of the sheep on TV

You could be watching more of the same, or the game, 

or finding someone to blame, for your shameful situation

You’ll never have the fame! nor the fortune, nor the glory, nor the money, nor the power

Because you’re happy and content consuming mainstream media for hours on end

I think you need a friend

To listen to in times you’re going off the deep end

I’ll send my condolences, maybe some flowies and an edible 

Walter Cronkite’s dead. This just in! No one’s credible.

Fake news is rampant and you’re too heavy-eyed to tell

Stop yawning, I know you’re longing for a cup of that Maxwell House coffee on the shelf

Note to self, be self aware, and tell the truth, radically honest

Disregard your couth, because that voting booth is strongest

(Cue the Billy Joel music)

A bottle of Red pills, a bottle of Blue

It all depends upon your attitude

Welcome the shop, Episode 187 on a mother-fuckin cop!


Tonight’s guest is a podcasting/radio personality who goes by just a single name — he’s like Madonna in that way. Host of the Red Pilled Reality Show, it’s time to meet RISCALLA. Welcome to Episode 187 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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What’s up all you gym rats, athletes, pretty muscle super-jocks, 

you can be a pip squeak or a sports freak — weak as a kitten or strong as an ox 🐂 

Regardless, if you’re health conscious, us Americans are free

And sometimes, we make decisions that land us on TV

Sometimes we say “Fuck You!” to County Rules and Overreach

Sometimes we preach our beliefs, while not acting like sheep

Sometimes we teach those who think posing in the mirror with a mask on is normal

That just because it’s new, doesn’t mean that it is moral

To require masking up on the machines during strenuous exercise

I’m surprised you’re not apologizing to those who patronized until they died by breathing in too much carbon dioxide

Auto-retarded asphyxiation, that’s what it is.

You got arrested thrice for refusing idiocy, and now you’ve lost your biz?

FITNESS 1440 lives on, you fought the good fight.

I’m so happy Governor DeSantis promised to pardon you live on Laura Ingram the other night!

My guests on tonight’s Tuesday Evening Stream are Mike and Jill Carnevale — husband and wife gym owners, arrested for not enforcing mask laws. They sued Broward County over their mandate of masks. They were targeted by the crooked South Florida politicians who have slithered into power in that county. Now, with Florida wide open, and many people flooding here for refuge from liberal shit-holes — where do we go? A business was lost. People’s lives were either ruined or royally inconvenienced. We will talk about that and much more on tonight’s Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Vill Nomerly joins the show via the inter-webs to discuss things stream of consciousness style, because Bobby is somewhat intoxicated and did not adequately prepare a show.

@ThunderdomeTV @BobbyPickles


©️2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️

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Happy Sunday, Capitol Raiders!
This is the day the lord has made us.
I have one of your counterparts sitting in-studio
But he didn’t vandal any statues. Unarmed. No looting, though!
Just an ex-North Miami Cop,
pissed about the steal that could not be stopped.
How did it feel to be in the People’s House
on the other end of a tear gas dowse?
When you were in Iraq, fighting for freedom
Did you ever think back home they’d accuse you of treason?
Did you plan in Afghanistan to lead a “violent” insurrection?
Or did you simply question the vote so now they’re teaching you a lesson?
Just a vet from the Burg using your words and your presence.
Thanks for biking it to FAT ENZO. Glad I have you in attendance.

My guest, this Sunday afternoon, is a Marine Veteran/Former North Miami Beach cop who was arrested for going live on Facebook from inside the Capitol. His name is Nicholes Lentz. And I’m Bobby Pickles. Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Bobby speaks with "Papa" about life and loyalties 60 miles north of New York City, in what some have labeled the “armpit of Connecticut”. The birthplace of the Frisbee and of the Subway restaurant chain, it’s a place latent with political corruption and scandals, like when the city’s mayor admitted to using cocaine while in office. The comedian Fred Allen once referred to it when he famously said, "Everywhere outside New York City is Bridgeport, Connecticut."

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On the seventh day, God rested, and while he was resting, Pawl Bazile invented everything that can be associated with Censored Dot TV: from the name of Gavin's show, to Milo not being gay anymore. The man is a fucking genius! Checkout his regular gig: Radio Deadly w/ Michale Graves (of the Misfits) on Censored Dot TV.

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What is up you beautiful bastards!

Thanks for tuning in to another disaster

With a face for radio and knack for laughter

I bet my fans aren’t as pretty as us podcasters. 

Two Gozo journeys on tonight’s show.

It’s me, Bobby P. on the east joined by my west coast bro

The FBI set their sights on him but he won’t roll

Because Shawn Bradley Witzemann admits he entered the Capitol

He don’t give a fuck. He was just covering what was going down.

He’s an independent journalist slash satirical clown.

Live-streaming from the rotunda, Krampusnatch did nothing wrong

Happy Cinco De Mayo, everybody. Sit back, relax, hit a bong.

Take a shot of tequila, and throw on your sombrero.

I think my guest is jewish, not Mexican, but their differences are narrow.


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Good evening frens and welcome to the Monday evening stream. I’m your humble host, Robert Pickles, fuck what you heard. I’m bringing this to you tonight live directly from the sweatshop in Sunny South Florida - FAT ENZO. My guest tonight is “America’s Favorite Serial Litigant,” JONATHAN LEE RICHES©️. That’s with a copyright symbol at the end. Jonathan is also convinced that he is impervious to getting banned on Facebook. He is a content creator under the business name “Your Content”, he travels all over the country stirring up shit, filming the border down in Texas, various MAGA rallies throughout the state, masquerading as muslims and photobombing democratic idiot candidates (I know saying idiot and democrat in the same sentence is redundant, so my apologies). Anyways, let’s dive RIGHT in to the mind of a true American political shit-stirrer, the one and only Jonathan Riches — Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

Live Link:

What’s up Jonathan Lee Riches?? Welcome to the show! Did you sign the agreement stipulating you will not sue me if I make you look like an ass on my show? Where’s my Asian attorney? That stupid bastard! Absent again.

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Intro Poetry: 

Happy Sunday, goes out to all you Wops, Dagos, Guineas. 

To All the Frankies, All the Tinas, and the Maries, Paulies, Vinnies. 

I can say that because I’m Italian, so I won’t be disbarred. 

We can play poker or pinnacle, just don’t play the race card. 

If your name ends in a vowel, it’s time to throw in the towel, 

and tune to the podcast, at least for an hour. 

Gather round and let’s listen to curse words galore. 

If you don’t notice Biden’s a FAKE POTUS then your mother’s a whore! 

Some Twitter birds can herd fucking nerds with their word choice, 

while others prefer Zuckerberg’s terms of service when they voice 

their opinions, regardless of how raspy they speak. 

If I say anything offensive, it’s just tongue and cheek. 

That commie cunt Cuomo belongs behind bars in Rykers. 

It’s Tina40 on tonight’s live stream. Trump 2024, MOTHERFUCKERS! 


Copyright 2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ #FUCKOUTTAHERE & Fuck Covid.

Live Link:

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Buenas Noches you marvelous scums, you beautiful bastards, blind, deaf, and dumb. Blind to the red flags, deaf to the truth, unwilling to speak up for our meek and our youth. The Commies have won, subverting generations, infiltrating Big Tech, product placing Game Stations, Facebook ads, Hollyweird, the entire educational system. What are we gonna do to fight against it? What can I do to make it hurt when I hits them?  Perhaps I’ll grab a mic, and a laptop, and a pen, and a pair of headphones, like a Tommy gun, this is a fight til the end. Welcome to the latest episode, we live by a code in this struggle, regardless of their mission to tighten our muzzles. We don’t need a vaccine to see bullshit, we are already immune. It’s Mr. Garrison and Mr. Pickles on tonight’s LIVE stream. Sounding like characters in a cartoon! — How fitting! Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Pleasant evening, polarized peeps! DINOs, RINOs, Red-Pilled Sheep. Many of us prosperous but peasants still why? Genghis Khan’s birthday is the same day George Floyd died. Let’s go smash windows, set fires, and loot. Then let’s resist arrest, and act surprised when they shoot. The Po-Po’s and the Yo-Yo’s are at each other’s throats, while the media perpetuates the Covid 19 hoax. Here we are at the SweatShop, It’s time to have a blast. Just me and my asian sidekick and Laura Loomer on Bobby Pickles’ Podcast. 

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From the shaft of America’s penis, to Deep in the Heart of Texas — Pickles podcasts with his guest, Ty Richards, a super talented, multi-instrumental recording artist who’s electro-rock music sounds like a cross between Queens of the Stone Age and DEVO. Ty has also fathered 6 children, which is an amazing feet, by Western standards. And speaking of the West — it was Ty’s single “Western Chauvinist”, off his second studio album release, “Welcome to Flat Earth”, which got him banned from the popular Austin college radio station, KUTX, blacklisted from all Austin clubs, dropped by his publicist, and basically driven out of town — when it rains, it pours. All this, after being revered and dubbed KUTX 98.9 Austin’s coveted “Artist of the Month” during SXSW. Ty is currently working on his 3rd studio album, plus he’s a graphic designer, and web developer.

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Kon'nichiwa motherfuckers! GUEST: Gavin McInnes’ Asian Sidekick — Ryan Katsu Rivera. Well, according to Google, apparently, he’s half Japanese, half Puerto Rican, which I would say makes him 100% Filipino, but Google says it makes him 100% Nazi. ANYWAYS, he’s ethnically ambiguous, which works out well, because he does impersonations from time to time, on “Get Off My Lawn,” which is the title of Gavin’s show, and he is also the producer of said show, which is the premier show on Censored Dot TV, Gavin’s podcast network of conservative misfits. In some cases, literal Misfits, i.e., Michale Graves.

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ATTN: Proletariat, Rabble-Rousers, Riffraff, Lowlifes, Pieces of Human Excrement, every single Bag of Dirt, Douche, or Scum, if you are a Dreg on Society, PLEASE ENJOY this new episode featuring the often informative and always indefensible, PAWL BAZILE, who is producing a new show on Censored dot TV called “Radio Deadly” hosted by Michale Graves. The other featured guest goes simply by the monicker “Based Hippie,” a former occupy and BLM scab on society, who drove a hippie bus around North and Central America for 6 years preaching Marxist tripe, in his own ignorance. But following the 2016 election, Based Hippie found himself finally questioning all of the propaganda and brainwashing, which had indoctrinated him into the trap of leftist thought-patterns. He soon became a socio-political Refugee, eventually Landing in his current location, Salt Lake City, where he is a pending fourth-degree with the SL,UTs (Proud Boys Salt Lake City, Utah).


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ATTN: Patriots, Libtards, Hollywood Satanists, Global Elites, Sheeple, ANTIFA pussies, and every other creature in between, please enjoy Bobby’s interview with two bona fide Washington D.C. Proud Boy stabbing victims — Corey “C Neely” Neilson on the 1’s and 2’, and, Jeremy “The Immortal Noble Beard” Bertino on the 3’s and 4’s. They both have beards, they both wear black and gold, and they both got stabbed by ANTIFA scums in Washington D.C. We discuss this event and the Proud Boys who were involved, ON THIS PROUD AF EPISODE OF Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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Buenas noches. Soy Don Roberto Vicente, alias Bobby Pepinillos. Bienvenidos a mi podcast. For those of you who don’t speak-a the Español, I am your broski Bobby Pickles and on tonight’s Sunday evening stream we have a former Proud Boy, now gone rouge. But this tid-bit of information certainly does not define him. He’s a god-fearing gentleman. He likes to read the books and writes the words. Perhaps, he’s an intellectual? Or, a pseduo-intellectual. One thing is for certain, he is a self-identifying cat owner, which means he is most probably either a closeted gay, or, he probably just pretends to like cats because hie girlfriend is the one who really likes the cats. We will get to the bottom of these pressing issues tonight with my guest, Pierce — Host of Blackballed Podcast and RadioBlackballed for MTMedia.

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Ladies and Gents (those biologically born that way, those who have transitioned, and those in between) on this episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️, Bobby interviews Melinda, a fully transitioned trans woman, who just so happens to be a Staunch Republican. She takes a lot of shit in the LGBTQ community for speaking her mind and loving her guns. She disagrees with Drag-Queen Story Hour, and she severs the stereotype of what it is to be transgendered in America. POYB!

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Fellow Patriots, thank you so much for checking back in with your broski Bobby Pickles — welcome to my Saturday stream.

Today’s Guest: Wayne Gurman aka “The Gurmanator” — former golden gloves boxer turned underworld “bottom feeder”. Gurman sold drugs, lent out money in order to collect vigorous debts, and was basically just a total scum for many, many years of his life, living in The Bronx. His film, entitled “Bronx Paradise” — was basically based on Gurman’s own life as a Bronxite Scum. Great Fucking movie! Great character actors! Pickles rates this movie 5 STARS!

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Debate b/w 2 SPLC-deemed “Hate Groups” — I.S.U.P.K. vs Proud Boys. Enrique Tarrio & Rabbi Asher Meza vs Commanding General Yahanna. Western Chauvinists vs One West to find out who is undisputed, heavy weight champion “hate group” of the 🤡🌎.

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Michale Graves (not the architect, The Horror Punk) is on the podcast tonight. Michale is famous for being the lead singer of The Fucking Misfits during their 90’s era. He was a young 19 year old tenor when he was selected by Jerry Only to lead the famous, Lodi, NJ, historically baritone-driven band, between the years of 1995-2000 (leaving briefly in 98’ to attend hockey camp in Canada). He was in other notable bands throughout his career, but what I’m fascinated by is the fact that Michale was a “conservative punk” before punk rock conservatism was even a thing. He’s on record professing punk rock conservatism back in the day, on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Today, Michale Graves is just as open about his conservatism, having been super vocal about his affiliation with The Proud Boys, a move he’s taken a lot of flack for — and I have the utmost respect for him because of that leadership quality, that openness, that confidence, that courage. 

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Roger Stone calls in to the cast to discuss his upcoming book, "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong!" Dave Write calls in, too, but almost instantaneously annoys Roger to the point of hanging up. (Bernie Bros are unconscionable idiots). Anywho, another ginzo joins the show in order to save the convo through his use of (get this) LOGIC — another West Palm Beach entrepreneur named Danny Costanzo.

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Proud Boys, Pickles and Memphis KANG — do a little Saturday evening yapping. Memphis KANG has many characters up his sleeves, but the fun mood turns a tad dark when Bobby starts poking and prodding about death. It's a raw, real install of BPP.

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Friday evening interview with my business neighbor, Edward Lynch. Ed leads a very Forrest Gump-esqu life, having played pro sports and running for congress. We discuss current events, such as: Trump Impeachment, the Storming of the Capitol, and Redit Gamestop shorting extravaganza.

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Pawl Bazile (O.G. Proud Boy) joins Pickles to discuss the beginnings of our club. Progressive Internet Troll, Dave Write, joins the show in the second half to lose in a debate, per usual.

Follow Pawl via the links below:

IG: @Americanwastecreations

Twitter: @AmericanWasteCo

Parler: @PawlBazile

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Dave Write (Progressive Troll), Brad Chadford (Liberal Troll), The Iron Cannoli (POYB), and the illustrious Bobby Pickles attempt to have a discussion about politics in order to try to find common grounds, but Brad Chad is an unconscionable ballbreaker and an all-around idiot. We don't get that far!

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My buddy Paul reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay (Jewish New Yorker who acts Italian). We touch on Paul's life growing up in The City, but the convo gets sideswiped by Bobby's incessant need to talk about Yuri Bezmenov and how the KGB's tactics of subversion are being utilized today in the U.S.A. and how Time Magazine just admitted it, in it's piece entitled, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election", by Molly Ball.

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North Texas Proud Boy, Nick DeCarlo aka "Dick NeCarlo", calls in to the show to further incriminate himself in the Capitol Hill Riots. Remember frens, ya can't spell "Patriot" w/o "riot" ;)

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Sunny south ford Proud Boys, Bobby Pickles and Flounder, take phone calls feat: Dave Write (Progressive Troll), Anti-Commie (POYB), Tank (POYB), Zee (POYB), Luke Rohfling (POYB), and Ann (from Michigan).

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PHONER Feat. Dave Write (Self-Admitted Troll, Progressive), and MILKSHAKE (Proud, Western Chauvinist).

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Pickles and Retired Army Staff Sergeant, Joe Biggs, have a discussion about leadership, on the day after Christmas. Topics also include: Seth Rich, Alex Jones, Enrique Tarrio, Ted Wheeler, ANTIFA, Portland, and Proud Boys: Uncensored. 

See all you “Dill Shills” in D.C. on the 6th!

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