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Pickles interviews Gavin McInnes — inventor of Vice, Hipsters, and The Proud Boys (that’s a cultural hat-truck) — from an undisclosed New York City suburb, two days after Thanksgiving.

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Pickles podcasts with “Paddy” Patrick Reilly, a professional propagandist who goes by the handle, “Brad Chadford(The Brad Chadford Show), and plays the role of liberal heal in the wide world of right wing political commentary. On Thanksgiving Day, instead of spending quality time with their families, Pickles and Paddy verbally berated one another, formally, in the shadow of Monsieur Chadford’s numerous Naval medals, in what would become a face to face showdown of epic proportions, recorded on his home turf, in Boston, MA. 


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Zouhir “ZU” — 2nd Gen Canadian tourist (and, non-practicing Muslim) skateboards into the sweatshop two days after the 2020 elections to discuss his support of POTUS Donald J. Trump, #FakeNews on a Global scale, and all the low-info Democrat voters of #Floridumb — 

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Shannon D. Atkins AKA "BIG MAMA" (alter ego in business, life, everything) joins Proud boys Jay One and Bobby Pickles at the SweatShop, on election week 2020, for a podcast about Shannon's brainwashed admiration for Sleepy Joe Biden, his life experiences cooking for the 1 Percent on Palm Beach Island (including Donald J. Trump), the inside scoop on the infamous Palm Beach "Chinaman" (Johnson Lee), and performing in drag.

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Don Roberto Vicente invites some of his hermanos to El SweatShop for an episodio nuevo de Bobby Pickles Podcast. Three esteemed members of the Miami LatinX Proud Boys community stop by >> Roberto’s amigos Gilbert, Gabe and Adolfo.

(Please forgive me for not including Adolfo’s subtitles. It’s up to you to figure out what he’s saying). 

(And forgive me for comparing Cubans to Italians. Al Pacino was most definitely miscast in Scarface).

Bienvenido al Podcast de Bobby Pickles!

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DESCRIPTION: Luke Rohfling (Writer, Big League Politics) and Maxx Styles (Entrepreneur, Polygynist) stop by the Sweatshop (not to discuss Maxx’s polygamy, but) to discuss the upcoming election, being “Proud Boys”, and sitting front row with bottle service at the Tim Dillon show. Luke lives up to his name by Rohlfing in the toilet, then passing out on the floor in close proximity to it. The chinaman was concerned, but not too concerned, because he’s a gangster.

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George Colella AKA “The Godfather” is the Founder, National President and Intellectual Boss of “Born To Ride for 45” — a loose motorcycle club, you don’t necessarily have to ride a “motorcycle” to join — their main objective is to see Trump win re-election in 2020. George is also a 9/11 SURVIVOR, working on the 7th floor of the North Tower on the morning of September 11th 2001. Mr. Colella is a Native New Yorker, born in Little Italy, Manhattan. Pickles and The Godfather had a very interesting discussion, centered around Trump, ANTIFA, BLM, Islam, and wearing childhood uniform dresses.

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Fellow Repunklicans — This is Bobby Pickles a replay of an interview I conducted with Gavin McInnes, founder of Hipsterdom, Vice Media and The Proud Boys.

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Meet a Proud Boy who just happens to be an African American  — Jay One. Jay is in the Vice City Chapter of The Proud Boys. He’s a Second Degree. And he’s been in the club for over a year. Jay believes that we are all Americans despite our genetic backgrounds. The only thing he hates are excuses. And what he really loves to do is sing. Make sure to checkout the song at the end — “ALL NIGHT LONG” by Lionel Richie 👌 #POYB

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The Proud Boys Rally in Delta Park, Portland, Oregon on September 26th 2020.


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Some new inductees and veterans of The Proud Boys discuss the irony of being labeled a “white supremacy” group, considering that over half of the participants in this episode are not “white”.  In fact, they’re either Latin Americans who do not believe in that label either, or they’re hammerhead Asians hell bent on being yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Whichever way you slice it, these Proud Boys are ALL 100% Americans! Proud Boys don’t believe in Labels. They just believe in Freedom and Unity and God.


#POYB #ProudBoys #ProudBoysPodcast @TheProudBoys #BobbyPickles #BobbyPicklesPodcast #FATENZO

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MISS DeAnna Lorraine (Author/Political Correspondent/Former Congressional Candidate) joins Pickles at the SweatShop to discuss her new show on INFOWARS, her new book, Taking Back America, about running for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, in California’s 12th Congressional District (San Francisco), and having a popular Twitter feed, possessing nearly 400K Followers, and frequently clashing with various alphabet-list celebrities. How did DeAnna go from Personal Development Counselor to Cultural Warrior? Find out on this hairraising new episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️.

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Kimberly Coulter, 2nd generation culture warrior, scorpio (according to her twitter feed), freelance writer at National File, and niece of right-leaning media pundit and bestselling author, Ann Coulter, stops by the sweatshop for a podcast, while in town for Laura Loomer's Primary Victory Party.

Bobby and Kim share excitement for their mutual friend's Congressional push, amid this insightful conversation about the various psychotic tendencies of today's liberals, and why big tech is in trouble for allowing dorks who know how to code to try to cheat in order to win the current culture war.

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Enrique Tarrio, international chairman of The Proud Boys, attempts to get Bobby kicked off YouTube, simply by being on his podcast. What is the term limit for international chairman? How has Affirmative action propelled Enrique to his current level of leadership? The answers to these stirring questions will be answered on this noble episode of Bobby Pickles Podcast™️ 👌 #POYB


Enrique Tarrio is the international chairman of The Proud Boys, a “pro-western fraternity,” essentially a drinking club dedicated to male bonding, socializing, celebrating western culture, and sporting yellow-gold twin tipped, black Fred Perry polos. According to Wikipedia, however, The Proud Boys are a far-right neo-fascist organization that admits only men as members and promotes and engages in political violence. I’m sure Enrique will admit that, in addition to drinking and bonding and socializing, there is also a political element to the Proud Boys. The group began during the rise of rampant censorship on college campuses throughout the United States, prior to the 2016 presidential election. Leftist college students and ANTIFA members were habitually shutting down free speech by either disrupting (many times, violently) or forcing (via intimidation and social pressure) colleges to cancel the speaking engagements of prominent conservatives. Some club members served as pseudo-security for various conservative speechmakers traversing the college circuit. Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes, was one of those speechmakers. McInnes, a Canadian-Scott who immigrated to the U.S. and married an Native American woman, basically created the contemporary subculture known as “Hipsterdom”, and co-founded Vice Media, Forest Gumped the Proud Boys shortly after two of its members were arrested for defending themselves from violent ANTIFA members outside of the New York City Republican Club, on the evening of October 12, 2018, shortly after an event celebrating the life and times of Otoya Yamaguchi. Disgraced Texas attorney, Jason van Dyke, happhazardly attempted to assume control of the club, but the elders had a different plan, and the noblest of leads emerged from the Cuban barrio En Miami. A La Santeria practicing entrepreneur who, at times, dawns a gold grill, and isn’t the “whitest” of the bunch, took control of the frat, which you never would have guessed would happen from reading the fictional slanderings of the SPLC. Merely the South Florida chapter president (also know as, Vice City) when the opportunity to take the reins of the greatest fraternal organization known to man presented itself, Enrique is still, to this day, de-facto president of that chapter, encompassing West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, and Miami, In addition, Mr. Tarrio serves as the figurehead and media mogul of the brotherhood. Tarrio has organized many rallies and events in support of free speech, since assuming power. One rally in particular, was the rally to “end domestic terrorism” which was held in Portland, Oregon, in August of 2019. The event garnered major media attention. Tarrio’s mug was plastered on the front page of Breitbart, he quite eloquently gamed a CNN reporter who was attempting to game him, Infowars’ Alex Jones interviewed him via live-stream after the event, then later, he taunted Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler via social media for not freeing his city from the grip of Antifa. Tarrio has felt the swift wrath of cancel culture, getting banned from a long list of various social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, PayPal, etc. However, despite big tech’s objective to silence conservative voices, Tarrio managed to run for congress as a member of the Republican Party in Florida's 27th District, withdrawing from the race, prior to the Republican primary on August 18, 2020. Presently, Tarrio leads the Proud Boys organization with a renewed focus. He recently co-organized a 4th of July protest in Washington, D.C., which again, garnered major media attention, and led to this podcasters erasure from Facebook and Instagram. Tarrio hosts a new podcast called “The War Boys” with two fellow Proud Boys as co-hosts, Joe Biggs, of Infowars fame, and Rufio Panman, who became famous for landing a perfect punch on a Portland Antifa pansy, which went viral — respectively.

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Milo Yiannopoulos swings by the “sweltering shame hole” that us sane, normal people call “The SweatShop”, in order to engage in a verbal game of spades, because he was promised cocaine, plus he wanted to hangout with his friends, The Pope and Pops. Since he was already there anyway, he agreed to troll Pickles for 1:50:00 on his own podcast, because, well, Milo is essentially a sociopath. However, despite his own mental hangups, Milo attempts to psycho-analyze Bobby Pickles and his sick, sexual proclivity for feet. Pope colludes with Milo prior to the show, and they look like they are the ones playing footsie the entire show; while, Pops backs Bobby up, helping to shield some of the fire, because Pops Boominator is Tha MFn’ Man — #POYB

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On this explosive episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️, The Pope’s ADD and Pickles’ OCD finally come to a head! Plus, it’s a Full House! Proud Boy Pops Boominator is back for his second chat at The SweatShop™️. Palm Beach Proud Boy "TANK" photobombs the podcast with his little dog “Trigger”. Also, gonzo journalist Jacob Engles drops by with his pals, “Pepe the Frog” (who may very well someday be America’s next JFK), and Tyler Ziolkowski, Founder of The Florida Proud Boys. It’s an OUTSTANDING Time!!!

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Bobby Pickles and #PopeToo are just off a week-long bender/eastern seaboard expedition to D.C. to protest against ANTIFA SCUM, and get in a little relaxation up in Lake George, NY and Fairfield County, CT. On their way back down to Sunny South Florida, they stop to record a recap of their excitement, right in the belly of the beast, in the heart of Liberal Shithole America — Times Square, Manhattan, NYC.

The two discuss their recent doxxing by said “Antifa Scum” and Bobby getting perma-banned off Facebook and Twitter for his ties to Laura Loomer and Roger Stone.


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Bobby Pickles (& #PopeToo) podcasts from the sweatshop with Dara Aliotta, a hairdresser from New York City, stranded in F L.A. due to COVID-19, who is developing a t-shirt brand for Category 3 Autistic Children and Adults called “SNEAKERS IN THE SAND”.


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Bobby Pickles on the Titans of Liberty Show w/ Jason Lo aka MAGA TITAN, to discuss Proud Boys encountering BLM in Washington D.C. on Independence Day 2020. Other guests include: Enrique Tarrio (Proud Boys Chairman), Tara LaRosa (MMA Fighter), Paul, Yut Yut, Chief Bowls, and Eddie George, Jr.

Follow Twitter: @MAGA_TITAN

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My “fake cousin” V stops by the sweatshop on her way to Miami to podcast with the boys. They discuss her liberalism and why it is a cancer. She disagrees, obviously — pointing to us and saying that we are the cancers with our conservatism. The discussion is ridiculous. Enjoy!

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Brian Norton is a candidate for Florida State Senate, District 29 — last week he joined Pickles and Pope at the SweatShop for a Podcast to discuss his platform...and white privilege, of course.
Brian Norton for Florida State Senate
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Pops stops by the sweatshop to discuss the greatest fraternity in the world! 

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Nicholas P. Vessio is a resident of the Sunny South Florida neighborhood of Jensen Beach and a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 18th District. His opposition is Republican incumbent, Congressman Brian Mast, who is, I think Mr. Vessio will admit, quite considerable opposition. Vessio, an American-Italian, originally from Long Island, was a professional investigator, holding multiple investigative roles throughout his career as a New York State Policeman. A retired Sergeant in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Nick attended John Jay School of Criminal Justice in New York City, earning a B.A. in Criminal Justice in 1975 and a Masters in Public Administration in 1983. As an entrepreneur, Nicholas is eclectic, designing sterling silver and copper jewelry, and providing education and research in the private security field. Nick is passionate about several issues: clean water, Pro-Life, pro 2A, school safety, end human trafficking, and institute mandatory recycling for all restaurants and bars. His upcoming book entitled "Policing America in the Twenty First Century... "Challenges and Solutions" is almost completed and should be published soon. Nick was kind enough to sit-down for this candid interview, recorded at the SweatShop. | NICK VESSIO FOR CONGRESS!

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Bobby Pickles talks current events with Dan Ciforelli, a scum from NYC/Maine. This is the first episode featuring him. We discuss COVID, George Floyd Riots, Van Jones, The Pope, etc.

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Kristin M. Davis, (from a different “Sex and the City”), has said that her life is like a lifetime move. A serial entrepreneur and businesswoman with a mind for numbers, and a California gal by birth, Davis attended St Mary’s College in San Francisco, studying business with a masters in psychology. Davis worked for and excelled at controlling hedge funds in California and then in NYC, where she relocated. After Davis’ financial career came to an end, she started a high-end prostitution ring, servicing up to 10,000 clients, including former NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, A. Rod, David Beckham, and Wall Street bankers from various firms, such as, Goldman Sachs. At its height, her escort service held a roster of more than 100 women, spanning locations in D.C., L.A., NYC, Boston, Philly, and a call center in Argentina. Her involvement in the pimp game made her famous, and the tabloids coined her the “Manhattan Madam”. Davis was a libertarian Gubernatorial candidate in the State of NY in 2010, advocating for various social issues, such as decriminalizing prostitution, marijuana, and gay marriage. Davis is a very close friend and associate of Roger Stone, and was subsequently subpoenaed to testify in front of the Mueller Grand Jury, as well. A recent transplant to Sunny South Florida, Davis stopped by the Sweatshop to wax philosophically with Bobby Pickles about life. Enjoy the show!


#BobbyPicklesPodcast #ManhattanMadam #MILF #RogerStoneDidNothingWrong #PardonRogerStone

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It's the third Swapcast install with Bobby Pickles and Brad Chadford. On this episode, the two talk smack for an hour about Roger Stone, COVID-19, and a bunch of other silly stuff with zero notes or preparation.

Bobby Pickles interviews Chris Nelson, Host of The Reopen America Podcast on Apple iTunes.

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Gonzo Journalist Bobby Pickles embeds himself with Proud Boys and covers a rally to reopen America in downtown Delray, F L.A. Video includes interviews with Pro-Reopen America Protesters and Anti-Americans. Enjoy!

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Jason Fyk became a social media millionaire before it was a thing. He’s currently in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit with Facebook that will change the world. He does not subscribe to the publisher/platform paradigm argument. Be prepared for the inevitable fall of social media via C1, C2a and F3 of Sec. 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Fyk is the author of “Social Justice: From Jail To Social Media Millionaire“.

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Swapcast Numero Dos con Stupido Pendejo Brad Chadford y Enrique Tarrio, el Jefe de los Proud Boys. Gritamos al nuevo video acerca de Quanon jamado "OUT OF SHADOWS".

Carolina Fernandez is a Entrepreneur/Flower Painter/Philanthropist who donated the funding for a bakery in Rwanda, which in turn, lead to her manufacturing a fashionable shopping bag out of recycled flour sacks. 


flourFLOWER is the name of her brand of flour sack tote bags. One bag sold can feed up to 700 people.

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Swapcast numero uno with Brad Chadford, we discuss the Q documentary, FALL OF THE CABAL. By the end, Brad agrees with Bobby, sorta.

On Saturday, February 22nd 2020, I covered a protest at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Coral Springs, Florida. The crowd of a few dozen largely conservative demonstrators organized in opposition to an Imam named Siraj Wahhaj who was selected to be the keynote speaker at the annual ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Relief Banquet. Wahhaj was an unindicted co-cospirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in NYC. The protest was arranged by Joe Kaufman, 3-time Congressional Republican Nominee in Florida’s District 23, running again Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. Joe began his speech by listing the names of the six people murdered in the 1993 WTC attack. Here’s Joe Kaufman, followed by three speeches by and breif interviews with Laura Loomer, Deepak Ganju and Shlomo Nizahon. Enjoy.

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Bobby interviews yet another Congressional Candidate for Florida’s District 21 — Christian Acosta, REP. (running against Mike Vilardi and Laura Loomer in the Primary). Acosta is an Engineer turned Politician, and this is his first attempt at running for public office. To volunteer or donate, or to just learn more about his platform =>

Acosta is hosting a fundraising event at Mar-A-Lago on February 18th: Mark it in Your Calendars!

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Brandon Straka is our guest on this episode of Bobby Pickles' Podcast™️. Straka, a New York City actor and former hair stylist, has described himself as a “gay man” who was completely indoctrinated into the Democratic Party and the “Liberal” way of thinking. Straka admittedly voted for Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election, but after the election of Donald Trump, Mr. Straka began questioning the mainstream media’s narrative regarding the POTUS, the Democratic Party, and the current state of Liberalism in America. In 2018, ahead of the mid-term elections, Brandon created the #WalkAway campaign, a social media campaign which aims at having a conversation with groups (or “victim classes”) that the MSM and Democratic Party have convinced are disenfranchised in our society. The campaign's stated goal is to "encourage others to walk away from the divisive left, but also take back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America." His new 2020 campaign — #UNSILENT — is aimed at pushing conservatives who are apart of the “silent majority” to no longer remain silent in the face of those leftists who seek to undermine free speech. While Mr. Straka was in town on a speaking engagement, he agreed to sit down with me for this podcast, Live From The SweatShop.

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