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Don Roberto Vicente invites some of his hermanos to El SweatShop for an episodio nuevo de Bobby Pickles Podcast. Three esteemed members of the Miami LatinX Proud Boys community stop by >> Roberto’s amigos Gilbert, Gabe and Adolfo.

(Please forgive me for not including Adolfo’s subtitles. It’s up to you to figure out what he’s saying). 

(And forgive me for comparing Cubans to Italians. Al Pacino was most definitely miscast in Scarface).

Bienvenido al Podcast de Bobby Pickles!

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DESCRIPTION: Luke Rohfling (Writer, Big League Politics) and Maxx Styles (Entrepreneur, Polygynist) stop by the Sweatshop (not to discuss Maxx’s polygamy, but) to discuss the upcoming election, being “Proud Boys”, and sitting front row with bottle service at the Tim Dillon show. Luke lives up to his name by Rohlfing in the toilet, then passing out on the floor in close proximity to it. The chinaman was concerned, but not too concerned, because he’s a gangster.

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George Colella AKA “The Godfather” is the Founder, National President and Intellectual Boss of “Born To Ride for 45” — a loose motorcycle club, you don’t necessarily have to ride a “motorcycle” to join — their main objective is to see Trump win re-election in 2020. George is also a 9/11 SURVIVOR, working on the 7th floor of the North Tower on the morning of September 11th 2001. Mr. Colella is a Native New Yorker, born in Little Italy, Manhattan. Pickles and The Godfather had a very interesting discussion, centered around Trump, ANTIFA, BLM, Islam, and wearing childhood uniform dresses.

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Fellow Repunklicans — This is Bobby Pickles a replay of an interview I conducted with Gavin McInnes, founder of Hipsterdom, Vice Media and The Proud Boys.

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Meet a Proud Boy who just happens to be an African American  — Jay One. Jay is in the Vice City Chapter of The Proud Boys. He’s a Second Degree. And he’s been in the club for over a year. Jay believes that we are all Americans despite our genetic backgrounds. The only thing he hates are excuses. And what he really loves to do is sing. Make sure to checkout the song at the end — “ALL NIGHT LONG” by Lionel Richie 👌 #POYB

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