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It’s not a secret. I find this human being morally reprehensible. He claims to be the most liberal Proud Boy after me, and that would be true if he were actually a Proud Boy because this stupid motherufucker swings way way left. He openly admits to have voted for Biden. What a dick. He was accosted by ANIFA over the weekend at an event in NYC’s Foley Park. Which serves him right. He deserved. it. His video was shared far and wide, even by Andy Gio — this he did not deserve. Actually, this guy is always trying to get out of the limelight, but trouble always seems to follow him. Get ready for me and a couple of my right wing chums to take our turns at verbally accosting a libtard, and we aren’t even ANTIFA members. Sit back, grab a snickers bar — Welcome to Episode 197 of Bobby Pickles Podcast!

Guest Hosts: PawL BaZiLe, LaLa Beamz, Enrique Tarrio, Maxx Styles.


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What’s up scums? I ain’t speaking in tongues.
Or a New England accent, lungs sounding dumb.
I’m humming along with a genuine InfoWarrior
Reminds me of podcasting with Senior Escoria
My kin hails from Connecticut, there’s a difference in rhetoric.
Rhode Islanders are the nerds whose words slur, they’re illiterate.
I ain’t talking gibberish, I’m speaking the truth
If it’s asserted without evidence, it’ll be dismissed without proof
A political wrestling star, deciphering parables
Hailing from Central Falls. NOT Tiny the Terrible!
It’s “Bionic” Dan BiDondi, on key with a conspiracy
The ironic less-tan Ghandi, being weary of iminent tyranny
Questioning narratives at press conferences just like a Boston bombshell
Fledgling declaratives, Providence Senator accosting — “Go Fuck Yourself”
Let us pray, Dear Yeshua, help us cheer up in this country
Less sandy than a Captain Hook in a tub with rubber duckies
Facing Subpoena for stressing alternative messaging
I thought politics was just like wrestling. It’s ain’t. It’s a reckoning.
My guest on tonight’s show is a former InfoWar Correspondent who is recently been subpoena’d for his reporting on The Sandy Hook massacre — his name is The “Bionic” Daniel BiDondi, esquire. Sit back, relax, get ready for a doozy. Welcome to Episode 196 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!
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I’m not here to boast, but this may be the most
earth shattering episode between two RePUNKLican voters,
East vs West Coasters
Both of us print t-shirts. Only one of us prints posters.
His name is Sabo, concealing his art in a holster.
And my name is Pickles. But I ain’t Kosher.
Back to my guest, blessed by our creator.
Catering to our youth. Letting’ em know ole Joe’s a Traitor.
He didn’t squeal from the raw deal of being cancelled by the mob
Not a cog in the wheel but a real life troll. That’s his job!
But his memes aren’t digital, they’re motherfucking analogue.
He has a dog in this fight, so he might end up in the gulag.
Fuck Zuck and Maxine, Former Marine blasting art like a tank spree
Kevin Hart lost his part, queue the right-leaning Banksy
A sweetheart of a street artist. The Anti-Commie Shepard Fairey.
His works are temporary, yet legendary. But does he sport a black/yellow Fred Perry?
I’ll ask that and much more of my guest, SABO, on this 195th Episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!
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Welcome to the Team, you’re in the MAGA scene, at last

This ani’t no magazine, it’s a podcast

Streaming with a Black Queen, not a typecast

I know I’m fast, but my interviewee may be faster

Mastering the art of the toast, while roasting Ribs and Karens, those stupid bastards

Inspiring laughter on every coast, challenging these kids’ religion like a pastor

Tonight’s co-host boasts thousands of votes, views, likes, shares, and highly sought after

That’s why I find it necessary to spit a rhyme or two or three 

about a red-pilled lady in hospitality, working at a brewery

Some say this beautifully big breasted Brooha is practicing sorcery 

But historically, Seeing the hypocrisy of the left gave her radical honesty

A tattooed Patriot with that California flavor

Raging on BLM, Crossing Commies like the savior,

And speaking like a sailor, while looking like the Mayor of San Francisco

I have “Proud Boy” tattooed in sailor jerry font above my tits, bro

Will you cater to me now that you know I’m a PB?

Or will you walk away, and pray, for an alternate reality?

My guest on this Tuesday evening livestream is Jennifer Eon aka “RedPill Rage”, historian, political educator, and Conservative party girl! She uses comedy and detailed research to change liberal hearts. And she fully supports patriotic Americans of all backgrounds and walks-of-life. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be red-pilled! Welcome to Episode 194 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

©️2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️

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Hey it’s Bobby Pickles and welcome to the show
LIVE FROM THE SWEATSHOP slash Podcast Studio
I have someone on the program that ya’ll should know
his name’s Luis Miguel and he’s the guy primarying Marco Rubio
The little worm will have served 12 years when his term ends
Will he burn his peers again with another stroke of the pen?
confirming fraud, I find it odd: an “R” taking marching orders from CNN
Just like a member of the squad, whose actions you can’t defend
It’s time for fresh blood, an America First candidate with a familiar name
Both known for their voices: One speaks, the other sang.
Time to consult, like adults, about needing a Senator to exult
Because it’s an insult to Floridians to host a RINO in a cult.
My guest on Episode 193 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ is Luis Miguel, Candidate for U.S. Senate, and the guy Primarying Marco Rubio.
©️2021 Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️
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A Rogan-esque (lengthwise) conversation for nearly 4 hours, amongst four amazing people, with the exception of Tucker. Bobby is on beef tips and bitch tits. PaWL won’t stop yapping. And, Lala keeps going metaphysical.

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Take a gander at this bystander,

dropping hammers with the grammar, 

His mannerisms are American — it’s Loza Alexander!

No pandering to Demon-Rats

Our tender acts are slandered

Always yammering or stammering about news as true as the moon-lander

Cancel this! You fucking dicks. Your charades are AIDS and cancer

The answer to 1984 is 1776

Don’t you have some districts to gerrymander??

On tonight’s show, I’ll go toe to toe with a man of principle and standards

Writing more code than angry google-chodes, back-room programmers

So here’s to Loza! Straight from my dome. I hope you enjoyed my intro poetry. 

I’d rather kill two Mary’s to harvest adrenachrome, then phone-in the Rosary.

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