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This week on Episode 109 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #53), Bobby Pickles and his moronic business associates (Piazza & TONE-LOKI of FAT ENZO T-Shirts), are joined by Elena Venetia and former NYHC tattooist, Baz, (of Clash City Tattoo), and Jeffrey Eaton, vocalist of the midwest hardcore punk band, Modern Life Is War, who co-hosts the show (along with his sick kitties) from an undisclosed location in Iowa. 

BAND SPOTLIGHT: AnarchoPunk interviews Monty Messex of the California hardcore punk
band, Dead Fucking Last (DFL), from a park bench in Silver Lake (Los Angeles).

Suicide - Ghost Rider
NOFX - Oxy Moronic
Green Day - Revolution Radio
Joe Coffee - Baby's Comin' Home Today
MLIW - Dead Ramones 
The Vansaders - Long Lost 
The Cryptkeeper Five - 1,000 Keys
Descendents - Testosterone
Crooked Little Sons – “Something To Say
Flying Frogs - Open Your Mind
Wolf Face - Give Me A Keg Of Beer
SUM 41 - War
King Punch - Sunday Armchair Detective
Jeff Rosenstock - Wave Goodnight to Me
AnarchoPunk Interview w/ Monty Messex/DFL
DFL - Home is Where the Heart is
Meddlar - Break without Silence 
Bad Advice - This Town
NOFX - I Don’t Like Me Anymore 
Mute - Fill the Void 
Brutal Youth - Thick as Thieves
Bussieres - Orange Glow
BREW 36 - Troublemakers Crew
wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves - Always the Rebel

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