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On this 7th day of the Government Shutdown, Pickles and Pizza are back with a brand new episode, featuring Steve Mitchell aka “MITCHMAN” — a roofing professional by day, and an Obstacle Course Racer by night.

​The following conversation covers various subject matters, including, but not limited to: Movie References, Misplaced Aggression, Growing up in the 80s, Having Children out of Wedlock with Greek Women from Mount Olympus and Subsequently Moving to Boston, New Years Resolutions, of course Trump, and how Cindy Crawford was apparently mistaken for Caitlyn Jenner.

This episode was produced by D3L at West Palm Beatz.

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Bobby Pickles is finally back after about a 3-year hiatus! Along with his cohort/business partner/and fellow “Proud Boy” Matthew Piazza (“Pizza”), the two self-described “scums” conduct their first interview, on location, at the home studio of Sunny South Florida-based ARTIST: STAR D3L.

​The subsequent conversation covers various subject matters, including, but not limited to: D3L’S life story (excluding his painting career), him getting signed and subsequently becoming a badass music producer (i.e. working with Pitbull, Gloria Stefan, and KC and the Sunshine Band), Jim Carrey (“Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”), Identity Politics and how Trump reminds D3L of his favorite uncle, hookers (in relation to the #MeToo movement), and why Piazza is a gas-lighting sociopath. The entertainment concludes with a few original tracks by D3L.

Links to D3L’s art & music: 

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