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This week on Episode 83 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #27), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles are finally back after nearly a month long hiatus! There’s been a mini format change, plus new episodes are posting each and every Monday morning. Get yourself a recap of last week’s new music and headlines, brought to you by the Bobs. On this week’s episode, Bobby talks about his travels to Floriduhh where he gets too drunk to record a DSR podcast episode with Bob in-person. Bobby asks Bob if he’s ever seen the iconic 80’s punk movie, Dudes (1987), directed byPenelope Spheeris; Bob mentions that he and the acclaimed Decline of Western Civilization director are Facebook friends. Bobby asks Bob if he ever likes bands’ Facebook pages, prior to listening to any of their music, simply based on their ridiculous name. Bob thinks new NOFX music is not newsworthy because they’re always dropping new music. Bobby informs Bob that Fat Wreck Chords has only existed for 24 years and nobody checked to verify dates - everyone just bought the 25 year anniversary marketing ploy. Bobby gives 45 Adapters frontman Pickabar a FAT ENZO BB Allin t-shirt at the 2015 Long Island Punk Rock BBQ. Bill stevenson declares Propagandhi the best band ever. Bob declares that Fletcher Dragge is a name nazi. Bobby interviews Fraser Murderburger about doing a pre-order in lieu of a crowdfunding campaign, recording with Masked Intruder, Matt Allison (Atlas Studios), and having a million different drummers involved with The Murderburgers’ line-up during the band’s existence. Bobby says Bob should go join The Murderburgers too  - since his band,PigPen, dawns masks just like the Masked Intruder fellas. Bob says he won’t be wearing a mask in his next band because it’s too hot. Bob talks about attending Underoath’s high school in Tampa, FL. Bobby accuses Bob of “lazy thievery” - not wanting to steal the new Epitaph sampler via one-track on youtube. Bob “drops the mic” on Bobby, then reads two weird definitions of the newly accepted pop culture phrase; the alternative definition of which brings this week’s episode rating from R to X for vulgarity. Bobby declares, “Darkbuster must be a great name to hear uttered in the Boston accent!” Then, Bob attempts a Boston accent but sounds more like Vinnie Barbarino from Welcome Back, Kotter. While discussing Iron Reagan’s (Bobby mispronounces name) new craft beer flavor by Stragtimes Brewery, Bob tells Bobby the tale of PigPen’s Stale Ale and Swine Wine. Bob realizes that he could never go solo because he would have to rival theBobnoxious band of Canada. Bob wonder why contests are so difficult these days, referencing New Found Glory’s music video contest, Bob says to win you have to be multi-talented. DSR could be the official podcast of FEST 14 in Gainesville - so stay tuned for that. Bob discusses his “hipster neighborhood” and having not mowed his lawn since finding out his house is to be sold. Sparklefight in the news, so Bobby reaches out to Mike Beer about a commercial they made in jest nearly 4 years ago - there’s aFacebook protest group calling for the boycott of Connie’s Ric Rac because they say the video (which is pure schtick) supports rape culture. Mike argues their side of the story, explaining why they won’t take down the video - it’s the principality of the situation. New one-man band, Distorted Signals, lives in a van down by the river, and they/he/she also records their/his/her records in said van, as well. Episode 27’s recurring themes: name nazis and bad words, which start with the letter “C”.

Blowfuse - Radioland
The Prosecution - Sofa Spuds
45 Adapters - Patriots Not Fools
Propagandhi - I Am A Rifle
Dead Ahead - Cold Truth
Dead Rejects - Spill Your Guts
Darkbuster - Many Moons
D.O.A. - Punk Rock Hero
Joey Cape - This Life Is Strange
Greg Graffin - Faith Alone
Distorted Signals - Less Than Nothing

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This week’s sponsor is, as always, FAT ENZO.

It’s been a little while since we’ve produced an episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast. Primarily, because Bobby is too consumed with his other podcast - Dying Scene Radio. If you haven’t checked it out, you should! But aside from punk rock, Bobby still likes to talk about everything under the sun. On this episode of BPP, Bobby Pickles and lifelong beer buddy, Ben Coletti(along with Coletti’s girlfriend, Jessica Hardy, and a stupidiot named Tone Lo-Ki) conduct a roundtable discussion regarding Bobby’s potential return to Floriduhh but not without fears of alcoholism and losing his edge. Jessica brings up “Rob’s problem” as she kindly puts it. Ben tells what it’s like to date a “black chick” who is culturally un-black. Bobby poses the question: “Why does Coletti look like fucking Tom Hanks in Castaway?” The crew also discusses Coletti’s weird “hair stamp”, and living with Gary Smith in a white trash apartment years ago. They also chat about meeting up with all “the friends” at the “three sisters” brewery during Bobby’s vacation weekend, how great Mewz looks pregnant despite her fondness of chugging beers with a baby in her belly, and what Coletti was saying to Mewz’s kid in her stomach. Coletti compares mentally abusing his girlfriend to Pavlov’s dog. Bobby explains why he hates Feminism by telling a Tinder story. Jessica explains why Men will eventually be obsolete. Tone Lo-Ki can’t help not being anti-Semitic. They talk about how Florida consists of Floridiots, stupidiots and the walking dead. Tone Lo-Ki brings up the Adam/polish face. Bobby explains that Coletti comes from great stock but may die prematurely (just like he was born prematurely) due to chronic Bud Light consumption/sun poisoning. Ben says, “Rob never listens unless he’s ready to understand.” This ridiculous conversation is quite a doozy. Crack open a Bud Light and enjoy!

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