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What’s up scums? I ain’t speaking in tongues.
Or a New England accent, lungs sounding dumb.
I’m humming along with a genuine InfoWarrior
Reminds me of podcasting with Senior Escoria
My kin hails from Connecticut, there’s a difference in rhetoric.
Rhode Islanders are the nerds whose words slur, they’re illiterate.
I ain’t talking gibberish, I’m speaking the truth
If it’s asserted without evidence, it’ll be dismissed without proof
A political wrestling star, deciphering parables
Hailing from Central Falls. NOT Tiny the Terrible!
It’s “Bionic” Dan BiDondi, on key with a conspiracy
The ironic less-tan Ghandi, being weary of iminent tyranny
Questioning narratives at press conferences just like a Boston bombshell
Fledgling declaratives, Providence Senator accosting — “Go Fuck Yourself”
Let us pray, Dear Yeshua, help us cheer up in this country
Less sandy than a Captain Hook in a tub with rubber duckies
Facing Subpoena for stressing alternative messaging
I thought politics was just like wrestling. It’s ain’t. It’s a reckoning.
My guest on tonight’s show is a former InfoWar Correspondent who is recently been subpoena’d for his reporting on The Sandy Hook massacre — his name is The “Bionic” Daniel BiDondi, esquire. Sit back, relax, get ready for a doozy. Welcome to Episode 196 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!
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