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This week (as like most) on Episode 60 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #5), Bob and Bobby jabber about NY vs. Florida weather and bums before settling in to discuss the week in punk rock.

Bobby shares a classic video game cheat code as the conversation turns to the Canadian music scene, as Bob admits to learning his Canadian geography from talking to all of the different bands and Bobby explains the “beer store” as he remembers it from his travels in Ontario.

The conversation quickly devolves into “the things people do in Florida” when The All Knowledgable Bob mentions that he had recently visited an establishment in Florida where there were football goalposts inside of the urinal and the objective of this water sport was to pee onto the attached football in order to Rube Goldberg it through the uprights. Bobby recalls the “Cornhole” game as talk turns to sports, not that either of them know anything about subject. Their only pastime, punk rock.

Bobby acknowledges his fondness of Screeching Weasel and makes an appeal to the band; Bob chuckles in amusement. Things get serious as talk turns to the latest news that Afroman was recently arrested for slugging a woman onstage. Bobby has no second thoughts about his offer to Screeching Weasel, even after Bob informs him that the same thing happened to Ben Weasel. 

A St. Louis-area band has started a crowd-funded website to help raise money to have their drummer killed. The bum finds this newsworthy and so do “the Bobs”. The band is only asking $100 to reach their goal and Bob promptly reaches for his credit card.

The two Bobs have a discsussion  with Scott and Joel from the Montreal-based Oi band, Out Of Order. It was such a great talk that the interview had to be extended into two parts. 

Since so much music was released this week on Valentine’s Day, Bob remenisces on his date, while Bobby relates by bringing up references from popular TV shows. Bob and Bobby bond over shared memories of playing with army men. And when Bob asks Bobby if he ever burned his army men, Bob reveals that he has a current collection of Barbie dolls that he keeps on display.

After noting that there has been an influx of recently released music from such 90’s punk icons as Good Riddance and Millencolin, Bob asks the question, “Is it time for 90’s punk rock to make a comeback?” Genre labeling becomes the topic of blathering when Bob plays a band that dubs themselves “college street punk”. Yeah, we’ve never heard of it either…

Check out the tracklist of all of the new bands that were featured on this weeks episode…

Millencolin – Sense & Sensability
Shift-D – Battle On Your Own
Bayside – Dancing Like An Idiot
The Hextalls – I Bought You A Singing Toilet
Out of Order – Interview (Part 1)
Out of Order – The Forgotten
The Vandals – I’m An Individual
The Turnaways – I Wanna Be An Outsider
Bad Chickens – Punk Rock Transmission
Mid Rats – Vandalize You
Out of Order – Interview (Part 2)
Out of Order – Bad Reputation
Gallows – Leather Crown
Dead On A Friday – Good Old Days

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