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Happy Sunday, Capitol Raiders!
This is the day the lord has made us.
I have one of your counterparts sitting in-studio
But he didn’t vandal any statues. Unarmed. No looting, though!
Just an ex-North Miami Cop,
pissed about the steal that could not be stopped.
How did it feel to be in the People’s House
on the other end of a tear gas dowse?
When you were in Iraq, fighting for freedom
Did you ever think back home they’d accuse you of treason?
Did you plan in Afghanistan to lead a “violent” insurrection?
Or did you simply question the vote so now they’re teaching you a lesson?
Just a vet from the Burg using your words and your presence.
Thanks for biking it to FAT ENZO. Glad I have you in attendance.

My guest, this Sunday afternoon, is a Marine Veteran/Former North Miami Beach cop who was arrested for going live on Facebook from inside the Capitol. His name is Nicholes Lentz. And I’m Bobby Pickles. Welcome to Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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