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Intro Poetry: 

Happy Sunday, goes out to all you Wops, Dagos, Guineas. 

To All the Frankies, All the Tinas, and the Maries, Paulies, Vinnies. 

I can say that because I’m Italian, so I won’t be disbarred. 

We can play poker or pinnacle, just don’t play the race card. 

If your name ends in a vowel, it’s time to throw in the towel, 

and tune to the podcast, at least for an hour. 

Gather round and let’s listen to curse words galore. 

If you don’t notice Biden’s a FAKE POTUS then your mother’s a whore! 

Some Twitter birds can herd fucking nerds with their word choice, 

while others prefer Zuckerberg’s terms of service when they voice 

their opinions, regardless of how raspy they speak. 

If I say anything offensive, it’s just tongue and cheek. 

That commie cunt Cuomo belongs behind bars in Rykers. 

It’s Tina40 on tonight’s live stream. Trump 2024, MOTHERFUCKERS! 


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