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I have someone on the program that ya’ll should know
his name’s Luis Miguel and he’s the guy primarying Marco Rubio
The little worm will have served 12 years when his term ends
Will he burn his peers again with another stroke of the pen?
confirming fraud, I find it odd: an “R” taking marching orders from CNN
Just like a member of the squad, whose actions you can’t defend
It’s time for fresh blood, an America First candidate with a familiar name
Both known for their voices: One speaks, the other sang.
Time to consult, like adults, about needing a Senator to exult
Because it’s an insult to Floridians to host a RINO in a cult.
My guest on Episode 193 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️ is Luis Miguel, Candidate for U.S. Senate, and the guy Primarying Marco Rubio.
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