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On this off-the-cuff episode of BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST™️, Pickles begins podcasting abruptly with a customer who just walks in off the street to inquire about custom t-shirts for his brand: CLUB FEARLESS — a squad of Fear Conquerors, hellbent on checking off a very unique “Bucket List”. Founded by AUTHOR, FILMMAKER, ADVENTURER, FORMER U.S. ARMY RANGER, SCOTT GOODKNIGHT, CLUB FEARLESS is a group devoted to facing and conquering their greatest fears. Anyone can become a member, as long as they complete one test from The Official CLUB FEARLESS List. If a member completes 13 tests from The Official List, said member will earn the most prestigious patch within the organization — the “Skull and Bones" patch! Scott is also working on a film, “The Fearless Documentary” — stories of personal experience with some of the most fearless people on earth. He’s also working on a book. He’s a Go-Getter! Sign up Today for CLUB FEARLESS! GO FOR A SHORT STROLL ON GLASS OR HOT COALS, GET NAKED AT A NUDE BEACH, JUMP OUT OF A PLANE, THROW A LIVE GRENADE, GO SWIMMING WITH SHARKS — YOU LIVE EVERY DAY BUT YOU ONLY DIE ONCE! WWW.CLUBFEARLESS.US 

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