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Allô — my awakened non-woke folks, hear my plea!

You’re recovering from sleep when you see me, Bobby P., instead of the sheep on TV

You could be watching more of the same, or the game, 

or finding someone to blame, for your shameful situation

You’ll never have the fame! nor the fortune, nor the glory, nor the money, nor the power

Because you’re happy and content consuming mainstream media for hours on end

I think you need a friend

To listen to in times you’re going off the deep end

I’ll send my condolences, maybe some flowies and an edible 

Walter Cronkite’s dead. This just in! No one’s credible.

Fake news is rampant and you’re too heavy-eyed to tell

Stop yawning, I know you’re longing for a cup of that Maxwell House coffee on the shelf

Note to self, be self aware, and tell the truth, radically honest

Disregard your couth, because that voting booth is strongest

(Cue the Billy Joel music)

A bottle of Red pills, a bottle of Blue

It all depends upon your attitude

Welcome the shop, Episode 187 on a mother-fuckin cop!


Tonight’s guest is a podcasting/radio personality who goes by just a single name — he’s like Madonna in that way. Host of the Red Pilled Reality Show, it’s time to meet RISCALLA. Welcome to Episode 187 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast™️!

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