Bobby Pickles' Podcast™️
I’m not here to boast, but this may be the most
earth shattering episode between two RePUNKLican voters,
East vs West Coasters
Both of us print t-shirts. Only one of us prints posters.
His name is Sabo, concealing his art in a holster.
And my name is Pickles. But I ain’t Kosher.
Back to my guest, blessed by our creator.
Catering to our youth. Letting’ em know ole Joe’s a Traitor.
He didn’t squeal from the raw deal of being cancelled by the mob
Not a cog in the wheel but a real life troll. That’s his job!
But his memes aren’t digital, they’re motherfucking analogue.
He has a dog in this fight, so he might end up in the gulag.
Fuck Zuck and Maxine, Former Marine blasting art like a tank spree
Kevin Hart lost his part, queue the right-leaning Banksy
A sweetheart of a street artist. The Anti-Commie Shepard Fairey.
His works are temporary, yet legendary. But does he sport a black/yellow Fred Perry?
I’ll ask that and much more of my guest, SABO, on this 195th Episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!
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