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It’s not a secret. I find this human being morally reprehensible. He claims to be the most liberal Proud Boy after me, and that would be true if he were actually a Proud Boy because this stupid motherufucker swings way way left. He openly admits to have voted for Biden. What a dick. He was accosted by ANIFA over the weekend at an event in NYC’s Foley Park. Which serves him right. He deserved. it. His video was shared far and wide, even by Andy Gio — this he did not deserve. Actually, this guy is always trying to get out of the limelight, but trouble always seems to follow him. Get ready for me and a couple of my right wing chums to take our turns at verbally accosting a libtard, and we aren’t even ANTIFA members. Sit back, grab a snickers bar — Welcome to Episode 197 of Bobby Pickles Podcast!

Guest Hosts: PawL BaZiLe, LaLa Beamz, Enrique Tarrio, Maxx Styles.


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