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Milo Yiannopoulos swings by the “sweltering shame hole” that us sane, normal people call “The SweatShop”, in order to engage in a verbal game of spades, because he was promised cocaine, plus he wanted to hangout with his friends, The Pope and Pops. Since he was already there anyway, he agreed to troll Pickles for 1:50:00 on his own podcast, because, well, Milo is essentially a sociopath. However, despite his own mental hangups, Milo attempts to psycho-analyze Bobby Pickles and his sick, sexual proclivity for feet. Pope colludes with Milo prior to the show, and they look like they are the ones playing footsie the entire show; while, Pops backs Bobby up, helping to shield some of the fire, because Pops Boominator is Tha MFn’ Man — #POYB

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