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Pickles and Pizza podcast from the SweatShop with Conservative Journalist/Activist, Laura Loomer, who has recently been de-platformed from most major social media platforms, including, Twitter and PayPal. Laura is the creator of #Loomered (Verb) an act of gonzo journalism whereby the reporter surprises the subject of a news story on camera with a question that the public wants answered but the mainstream media refuses to ask. Loomer discusses her humble beginnings at Project Veritas, the Tweet to Ilhan Omar, which lead to her Twitter ban, and the stories behind her latest wall-scaling stunts (one of which, involves a pop-up fiesta and the deportation of her and a small crew of Mexican/Guatemalan undocumented workers from Nancy Pelosi’s private property), with the boys on this episode of BOBBY PICKLES’ PODCAST™️.

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