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I am your host, Robert Pickles, the fifth, and on this 199 episode in the podcast of our lord, Bobby Pickles, and what Candidate for U.S. Senate from the State of Florida, Luis Miguel, calls “a Grade A program of information and entertainment rolled into one irresistible package”. I would venture to say, an “irresponsible” package. Anyways, I have gathered a few scums to co-host this episode: St. Petersburg, Florida Podcaster, LaLa Beamz; Austin via California Right-Wing Party Girl, RedPill Rage, was going to join the program but instead opted to dropout at the last minute because BradChad will be joining the show and he is despised by all; plus, the Censored dot TV genius, Pawl Bazile shares his creepy TALE of being a “Sexual Threat” and the recent victim of a Home Invasion. This is episode 199 in the podcast of our lord, Bobby Pickles.


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