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Welcome to the Team, you’re in the MAGA scene, at last

This ani’t no magazine, it’s a podcast

Streaming with a Black Queen, not a typecast

I know I’m fast, but my interviewee may be faster

Mastering the art of the toast, while roasting Ribs and Karens, those stupid bastards

Inspiring laughter on every coast, challenging these kids’ religion like a pastor

Tonight’s co-host boasts thousands of votes, views, likes, shares, and highly sought after

That’s why I find it necessary to spit a rhyme or two or three 

about a red-pilled lady in hospitality, working at a brewery

Some say this beautifully big breasted Brooha is practicing sorcery 

But historically, Seeing the hypocrisy of the left gave her radical honesty

A tattooed Patriot with that California flavor

Raging on BLM, Crossing Commies like the savior,

And speaking like a sailor, while looking like the Mayor of San Francisco

I have “Proud Boy” tattooed in sailor jerry font above my tits, bro

Will you cater to me now that you know I’m a PB?

Or will you walk away, and pray, for an alternate reality?

My guest on this Tuesday evening livestream is Jennifer Eon aka “RedPill Rage”, historian, political educator, and Conservative party girl! She uses comedy and detailed research to change liberal hearts. And she fully supports patriotic Americans of all backgrounds and walks-of-life. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be red-pilled! Welcome to Episode 194 of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast!

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