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To win the hearts and minds is a political art, not science

Melissa Martz knows it’s time to find and build her alliance

Florida’s 18th is about to have some competition, at last

But it’s gonna be an uphill batter to surpass votes cast for Brian Mast

He’s a combat vet whose lost his legs, those optics are tough to beat

But maybe a petite woman will defeat the incumbent, unseat

Let’s weigh in, how will she be differenent on 2A

No more hearsay, she’s applying for a well-paying job on the beltway

I don’t mean to be cliche, but I pray she’ll be a hard worker

Or how else does she expect to be selected over a guy who said “don’t let this rape become a murder”


My guest on tonight’s podcast is wife, mother, lawyer, Melissa Martz, who is a congressional candidate running against incumbent Brian Mast in Florida’s 18th district.

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