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This week on Episode 99 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #43), Bobby Pickles ventures to Fort Pierce, Florida to interview SoCal rockers Unwritten Lawabout their brand new record, Acoustic(which drops April 1st via El Hefe’s Cyber Tracks), prior to their stop at The Inlet- a kickass venue right on the beach! It’s also a pleasant surprise to find homegrown Floridumb talent in local openers, Church Girls - whose grimey orgy anthems and interesting stage presence, leave this serious-minded music journalist thirsting for another dash of whiskey-spit. Paul Lavesque (last name unpronounceable), bassist/vocalist for Arizona skate punks LightSpeedGo, joins Chris Fox(Vampirates/Voted Best Band) and I (Mr. Pickles) “in-studio” (this past Easter Sunday) to spin the latest punk, exchange war stories, and swear.

Special commentary from Canadian skate punk act Belvedere, Huntington Beach punk rock 3-piece Butcher Hounds, Finnish/Spanish/New Zealand punk band Deposit Man,  Toronto melodic punk rockers Last Imprint, Portland, Oregon’s punk ‘n roll act The Devil’s Troubadours, Grand Rapids pop-punk band The Lippies, Brooklyn-based four-piece The So So Glos, Alberta’s Trashed Ambulance (former members of Chimp Change), and Brazilian skate punk act Tripwire.


LightSpeedGo - Get Away
PEARS - Green Star 
The Menzingers - Dirty Old Town 
Last Imprint - Constrain Our Choices
Trashed Ambulance - Blurry Thoughts
Church Girls - Highfive 
Ray Rocket - Pet Sematary 
Despite Everything - Joke’s On Us
Stadium Way - Misplaced Rage (feat. Kevin Bivona)
Hesitation Wounds - New Abuse
The Lippies - Garbage Man 
Tender Defender - f.e.f.e.
The Devil’s Troubadours - Filthy Punks
Flogging Molly - The Hand of John L. Sullivan
Iggy Pop - Gardenia
Interview w/ Unwritten Law
Unwritten Law - Belongs to You
The So So Glos - Missionary
Nerf Herder - The Girl Who Listened to Rush
Belvedere - Hairline
Deposit Man - Tyranny 
Paul Baribeau - Ten Things
Butcher Hounds - Take A Bite
The Word Alive - Trapped
Tripwire HC - Consequences
Scream Theatre (Nick Ameen) - The Answer Lies Within

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