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This week on Episode 91 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #35), Bobby Pickles welcomes “Crazy James” Zinkand(his second guest co-host in two weeks) in-studio (his mom’s car) to discuss punk related topics (and James’ alcoholism) while Elena Venetia ponders her possible return to the show (Bobby can be overbearing, sometimes). If you miss Elena’s insights and would like her back as much as Bobby does, please feel free to persuade her via email. FUN FACT: Crazy James saw The Eagles of Death Metal at Le Bataclan in 2009.

BAND SPOTLIGHT | Pickles interviews Jared Stinson, frontman of SoCal skate-punk act,SIC WAITING, from his mobile studio, parked in front of NYHC Tattoos, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

With special commentary from Jacksonville, Florida melodic punk act Flag On Fire, North Carolina ska-punk group Just The Tip!, Virginia Beach newcomers Lifeboat!, Orange County ska-punk act Save Ferris, German punks The Black Tape, Swedish punk rockers Scumbag Millionaire, and the best band in the world X-Ray Vision.

Hear all the incessant blathering and latest new music and headlines, below.

This Week’s Playlist
Anger Flares - Rebels With Cause
Beans On Toast - I’m Home When You Hold Me
The Black Tape - Antennas Of War
Coma Commander - Christopher Robin And The Giant Blisters
The Devil Wears Prada - Alien
NerveGuns - Every Single Day
Riverboat Gamblers - I Wanna Destroy You
Scumbag Millionaire - Gotta Move
Sic Waiting - A Red House and Bones
Interview - Jared Stinson/Sic Waiting
Sic Waiting - The Salesman
Skipjack - Something to Believe In
State Line Syndicate - Loves Me So
Strike Again - Burning Heart
X-Ray Vision - Get Outta My Room Mom!
Fake Legacy - Haters Always Gonna Hate
Flag On Fire - #96
Greg Rekus - Stay
Wadeye - Never Forget
Good Charlotte - Makeshift Love
Handguns - Bury Me
Just The Tip! - Satellites
¡La Vasa! - Forgive And Forget
Leftover Crack - Bedbugs & Beyond
Lifeboat! - Not Myself
Todd Beene - We Miss You

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