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This week on Episode 81 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #26), Bob Noxious is on hiatus, attending to his studio renovation, while Bobby Pickles welcomes help from his “business partner”Tone Lo-Ki and NYHC bassist extraordinaireAaron “White Owl” Collins whose discography includes stints with Skarhead,Murphy’s Law, and the early 90s funk-punk band White Trash (Elektra Records). Collins, a gritty, DMS punk rock “lifer” provides a sh!t-ton of interesting commentary. Wait until you hear his Rick Rubin story! Check out the newly released White Trash record titled “Suburban Purgatory”. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Pickles and Lo-Ki speak with Dean (aka D. Thrilla) of the NYHC schtick act No Redeeming Social Value. Episode 26’s recurring theme: New York Hardcore (NYHC).

White Trash - I Might Lie
Misconduct - Blood On My Hands feat. Roger Miret
Big D and the Kids Table - Ska Sux
Great Collapse - New Abolition
Atomic Winter - Concrete Squall
No Redeeming Social Value - Beer=Fun
No Redeeming Social Value Interview
No Redeeming Social Value - Your Boyfriend is a Guido
Skarhead - D.F.F.
Science Made Us Robots - Hopeless Attitude
Spin-Off - You look at me as if I were from another planet
Alameida - Payday

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