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This week on Episode 78 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #23), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles are joined in-studio by guest hosts, Fletcher Dragge (of Pennywise fame) and Justin Thirsk, two-thirds of the Hermosa Beach trio known as Chaos Delivery Machine! They’re trying to wake people up to the insane realities of the world through their freshly released cacophony record entitled - BURN MOTHERF#CKER, BURN - produced by Fletcher himself via Hardline Entertainment. An enemy will stab you in the back, but a true friend will stab you in the front, repeatedly - which Fletcher and Justin (a couple longtime pals who have enough stories and insights to fill a podcast program of their own) make abundantly clear by the diatribe they exchange. The Bobs also speak with Olga and Diste of the female-fronted “Russian” hardcore punk band, SVETLANAS, whose latest record, Naked Horse Rider, was produced by Dwarvesfrontman Blag Dahlia. Catch them out on the Warped Tour this summer! Episode 23’s recurring theme: unconventional Pringles can applications.


Bobby publicly criticizes Dying Scene for not copying him on the long email chain swapped by the DS editors responsible for generating a list of The 25 Best Punk albums of 2015 (so far).

In Bobby’s opinion, they did not do their due diligence by omitting the latest Screeching Weasel opus, Baby Fat Act 1. Bobby has vowed to help write the updated list in six months, including the aforementioned record plus CDM’s BURN MOTHERF#CKER, BURN- which is a lengthy concept opus in itself. Fletcher is astonished to learn that when Ben Weasel sat in his chair last month, he lambasted damn near everyone in punk rock, but had nothing bad to say about Pennywise.

While discussing the new Chaos Delivery Machine record, Fletcher discusses his roles as self appointed bassist and producer of the band, gloating that producing had given him a “license to f#ck with everyone”, and ultimately, got exactly what he wanted.

Kanye West found himself in the music news this week by declaring himself the greatest rockstar in the world. We here at Dying Scene Radio do not necessarily consider this news, but we do stand by Fletcher’s declaration that he, along with the Kardashians, should “take a long walk off a short pier”.

Fletcher and Justin relive their “sh!t-pipe” story and Fletcher basically calls Bobby dumb for not realizing that most fertilizer is essentially fecal matter. Get ready to laugh in stitches! Without going into too many details, you might learn where the term “smoking the good sh!t” originated.

It is no secret that Fletcher loves a nice White Russian. What you may not know, however, is that his favorite vehicle of choice is to deliver that tasty beverage is a Pringles can. Justin adds that the salt from the chips give the drink that extra special secret ingredient, which puts it over the top. When asked if the Pennywise’s rider has any weird accommodation requests ala Van Halen’s brown M&M’s, Fletcher admits that he’s fine with a deli tray and a wet bar, and maybe four or five pizzas after the show. When asked about the powerfood that sparks their creative process, Fletcher proclaims that any bag of chips and beef jerky usually does the trick.

From one White Russian to another, the Bobs spotlight the female-fronted hardcore punk act, SVETLANAS, who are Russian by way of Italy. The band’s open criticism of Vladimir Putin has rendered lead singer, Olga, unwelcome in her home country, and entire band, enemies of the state. Possessing the band's latest record, Naked Horse Rider, is considered a crime in Russia. The band explains the risk involved with taking part in the secret Soviet underground punk scene, which is often violent.

Bob displays his knowledge of, and undying affection for, the British children’s television program, Teletubbies. Now, if he can only figure out the difference between the purple and yellow one.

Chaos Delivery Machine will lead you along the path of righteousness! Or, so says Fletcher, when asked about healthy eating habits. “They” try to pass off the food pyramid as edible and safe, which disturbs Fletcher, who prefers to think of pigs and chickens doing their thing on the farm instead of being kept in a cage.

Justin and Fletcher debate the difference between 2’ x 3’ and 24” x 36”. Is there really a difference? Fletcher thinks so.

Fletcher confesses that he has fans in prison who send him mail...and text messages. Because, if you can get heroin and bitches in prison, a cell phone’s not so far fetched. Will Pennywise ever play San Quentin as did Johnny Cash so many moons ago? Only “time” will tell.

Friendship. Brotherhood. Comaraderie. If you can't take a joke, kindly excuse yourself from this planet. Best friends can always outwit each other successfully.

Chaos Delivery Machine - SLIPPING INTO DARKNESS
All Out Helter - Sinking We Regress
Sketchy - Welcome To New York, F#ck You
PEARS - Breakfast
Stiletto Bomb - Ampgrinder
No Fun - Ode an die Freude
SVETLANAS - Tinky Winky
The Suizos - F#ck Work
The Record Collection - Revolutions
Emperors - Monarchs
Assassinate The Scientist - Bad Blood and Neighborhood Bars

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