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This week on Episode 75 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #20), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles switch things up, with Bobby choosing all the music and Bob doing his best Walter Punkite impersonation. It's time to find out what Bob thinks is newsworthy and what Bobby thinks sounds good. Let's leave it up to the listeners to decide! Joining the team in-studio is Bobby's "business associate", Tone Lo-ki, of FAT ENZO. The two Bobs, and their trusty sidekick, spotlight two bands: Denver ska-punks The A-OKs who’ve just released their third full-length studio album Maybe Partying Will Help, and Philadelphia horror-punk act The Mad Splatter who are set to release their new EP Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Episode 20’s recurring theme: Role Reversal.


Bob kicks things off by referencing "The Bum", which Bobby had specifically asked him not to do via corporate email earlier in the day. Like Rick James, Noxious is an habitual line stepper. If you’ve been following along at home, you know the storyline, but if not, you can download the Dying Scene Radio back catalogue via iTunes.

When the Bobs discuss their new roles for the week, Bob admits that whatever he found as news may not even be relevant because he chose not to pay attention to Google Analytics, opting to instead mention what he found interesting.

With his new found feeling of entitlement to speak openly, Bob tells everyone how much he "loathes" live albums, opining that they are usually reserved for bands who are too lazy to write music or don't have enough "hits" for a Greatest Hits record.

Bob and Tone connect through their mutual admiration of Suicidal Tendencies, then begin recanting the lyrics to Institutionalized, which was recently covered by Body Count. Just ignore Bob's horrible Ice-T impression.

The consummate grammar-nazi, Bobby quizzes Bob on the correct way to add a "slash" to a group of words - citing Bad Cop / Bad Cop. Bob takes his stance, getting angered and annoyed by people who use the "backslash" incorrectly. Bobby takes it a step further, explaining that there are actually two different types, each having a different name and function, to which Bob deadpans, "yeah, front-slash and backslash".

While introducing one of the new bands on the playlist, Bobby recognizes that one of the bandmembers is drinking a Bud Light in their band photo. Quickly, Bob makes fun of their name, threatening their lives if they don't remove the "Z" from Loud Boyz. Tone Lo-ki warns that he’ll join the browbeating if they don't start drinking "real" beer. Bobby may in fact be a “grammar-nazi” but Bob and Tone are “beer-nazis”.

The guys then speak with Colorado ska-punks, The A-OKs, who are taking a break from their rehearsal, keeping it classy, while drinking Old English 800 from the 40oz. Immediately, Bobby asks their opinion on Bud Light, Bob seeming genuinely annoyed by such a ludicrous question. When the band approves of Bobby’s continuous consumption of canned Clydesdale piss, Bob deducts 3 punk-points from the band. Everybody knows that cold, delicious, domestic flows from the tap like water in Colorado.

Bobby alludes to the “legal stuff” in Colorado, which the band admits "everybody is doing", so naturally it must be ok. It then becomes apparent that while on tour, things aren't as legal as they are back home. Talk about an inconvenience...

While discussing The A-Oks’ upcoming summer tour, Bob asks if they will be visiting the Sunshine State, realizing that not only are they making a stop in St. Petersburg, but they will be playing just four short blocks down the street from where Bob's band, Pig Pen, are playing on that very evening. They all promise to meet up for a beer and to "sneak behind the alley".

Obviously hockey fans, talk turns to the recent Stanley Cup Finals and how Lightning goalie, Ben Bishop, played through a torn groin, which everyone assumed was just diarrhea.

The Bobs featured a new song from The A-OKs a few weeks back on the infamous “Ben Weasel episode”, where Ben proclaimed the ska-punk genre to be a re-animated corpse, back to annoy, proclaiming “good riddance”. Amused by Ben's take on their music, The A-Oks send Ben a personal message through the airwaves.

Catch The A-OKs on the Ska Revival Tour this summer, and download their new record Maybe Partying Will Help. This skankin’ septet will be traveling cross-country, playing dates with all their favorite bands, and Bob predicts that the band will hate each other after two days in close quarters of the van. Good luck on the road boys and girls!

Bobby gives Bob props for the amount of work that goes into stringing just a few measly punk rock songs together. Bob then directs the listeners to send all "hate mail" to Bobby for any bad picks he may have made musically on the podcast.

After asking for permission from Bobby to continue reporting on this week’s news, Bob is most amused by the Dying Scene article entitled "How To Make A Punk Rock Vest". Learn the basics, like choosing a fabric, sewing, studding and finding the right patches. Bobby does not think that a vest is necessary to "be a punk" and asks Tone Lo-ki for reassurance. Bob asks them both to tell that to the Hells Angels, to which Bobby weaves his tale of making t-shirts for the chapter on the Lower East Side of New York City.

The next guest in-studio is Chuck from the Atlantic City via Philly-based horror-punks, The Mad Splatter, who Pickles quips as to sounding like "Screeching Weasel ‘effed’ a Misfit" or vice-versa, the opposite being more appropriate. Chuck pledges allegiance to The Ramones, then confesses that most of the band’s songwriting was originally based on their favorite horror films, stating that there are enough songs about girls in the world.

In his most tasteless question to date, Bob asks Chuck how "Mowzer" is doing, while discussing the band's new upcoming EP Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Mowzer was a cat who was recently attacked by an unknown animal. The band was offering to donate the proceeds from their latest song, "Dead Boyfriend", to the animal's recovery. Unbeknownst to Bob, the animal was recently put down as Chuck giggled, "awww, c'mon too soon, bro"

Chuck, quickly misdirected, starts talking about the band’s new concept album, the writing of which is already complete. Entitled The Rose, the record is loosely based on the occult, satan and Children of the Corn. As they all begin to reminisce, Bob admits to watching the film as a child in baby diapers, Chuck conceding that they are peeling back the onion, which is Bob.

After asking about the slimiest sh!t-hole the band has ever played, Chuck calls out Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn as the winner, where you can most certainly be greeted by a coke dealer at the door and challenged to a fight by the bar’s proprietor. Ahh, punk rock!

A debate ensues as to whether or not MxPx is actually a “Christian band”, after Bobby cites the Weasel Radio episode featuring Mike Herrera, then asks Bob if he thought it was theoretically possible for a Christian horror-punk band to exist. Bob characteristically tells the world that he "could give two sh!ts" and "if you want Buddah up your butthole, fine”. Being that MxPx is no longer passing out Bibles after shows, Bobby asks Bob if he thought any differently of the band, to which he replies, "I didn't like them then, and I don't like them now", theorizing that they were "turned out" at one of the Warped Tours.  

Tone Lo-Ki outros the show after discussing the new forthcoming Wisdom In Chainsrecord and subsequent release party/BBQ.

Bad Korea - Scene Police
High School Football Heroes - Like Dynamite
Loud Boyz - I Am The Night
The A-OKs Interview
The A-OKs - Dark and Disillusioned
Whipped - Habits (by Tove Lo)
dragSTER - Dead Punk
Choke Up - Woke Up Drunk
Motorhead - Thunder & Lightning
The Mad Splatter Interview
The Mad Splatter - Dead Boyfriend
MxPx - Leather Jacket
Wisdom In Chains - Joey Ramone

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