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This week on Episode 74 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #19), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles welcome BIGWIGguitarist/frontman, Tom Petta, in-studio high atop the world on the 119th floor of Dying Scene Head Honcho Johnny X’s swanky East Village, NYC hotel room. Everyone has been invited to the party, except for Bob, who is lounging at home in his flippy-floppies with the Tampa Bay Lightning game thundering in the background. Like the great Wizard of Oz, Mr. “X” is finally unmasked for that of the illustrious Dave Buck. He and the Bobs speak with Tom aboutBIGWIG’s upcoming US/Canada tour and the imminent recording of their new album, the reasons for BIGWIG’s long hiatus (Tom’s severed finger) and having some of its original lineup back together. Episode 19’s recurring theme: Bobby’s insecure cheapshots at Bob.


Bobby voices his displeasure with the Sunshine State. Tom piles on about Florida's hot and sticky humidity, but still asserts his love for Bob's hometown of Tampa Bay. After some gentle prodding from Bobby, Tom declares that Camden is "the grimiest city in South Jersey".

Tom fills everyone in on BIGWIG’s planned July recording and forthcoming tour dates across Canada and down the U.S. eastern seaboard, culminating at Fest 14 in Gainesville, Florida, waxing nostalgic about returning band members, Josh Farrell andZach Lorinc, who are back in BIGWIG after a brief intermission. Tom talks about how they make BIGWIG work with band members living in New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Montreal.

After reading an article declaring Tom an outdoorsman, Bob teases him about hanging out with Ted Nugent. After further explanation, Tom defines his love of “the Earth” as more about keeping active by hiking, cycling, surfing and kayaking. Bobby tells a story about riding his beach cruiser bicycle through Brooklyn while others heckled him about his "Pee-wee Herman bike”.

Bob drops a Van Halen reference, while describing how unsuccessful it really is for a band to continue on after their lead singer’s departure. Many have tried; few are victorious. The Dead Kennedys are mentioned as a band willing to forge ahead without their original iconic frontman and yodeler, Jello Biafra. Tom states that he has seen the line-up sans Jello and has no complaints about their sound. When Bobby asks Tom what he thinks about other bands who continue on with only one original member, he deadpans that he is not the right person to comment on that. Bob mentions his friend, who recently joined the legendary southern rock band, Blackfoot, and boasts about their having none of its original members. Fans expect for bands to stay together forever, but "life happens" and it’s difficult to stay gold, Ponyboy.

Tom talks about growing up in New Jersey and his time spent on the Jersey Shore. Bobby mentions that you have to buy tokens to get on the beach in Jersey and asks Bob if he has an opinion on that, to which Bob replies, “that's why nobody vacations in Jersey”. Bobby then starts prying into Dying Scene Dave’s life, determines that he is from Oregon, has lived the California for well over a decade, and is now preparing to move to the concrete jungle of New York City. Meanwhile, Tom and Dave plan an east coast surfing trip. Then, when talk turns to skimboarding, Bob declares that the watersport is for people who can’t surf, either because they can’t, or conditions won’t allow it. Bob dates himself when he admits to sporting SunDek boardshorts while skimboarding in his youth. Blank stares ensue.

Tom outlines the subtle differences between being a record producer and recording engineer. Tom says that when he produces, he tends to immerse himself in the project and can’t understand people who just sit on the couch offering their opinion. While on the subject of recording, Bobby how many fans actually elect to pay money for the “name your price” download option on BandCamp. Dave claims to be “blown away” by the about of people who actually do.

Bob asks Tom if BIGWIG would consider playing the Warped Tour if they were asked, given the age of the band and the pre-pubescent nature of the iconic punk festival’s demographics. Without hesitation, Tom declares his unfettered bro-love for fest founder, Kevin Lyman, adding that he would be honored to play. Bobby then recalls Bob’s Fat Mike story, looking for validation from Tom that Fat Mike is indeed a jerk and more than likely owes Bob a few royalties for the NOFX “Coaster” CD idea. Everyone agrees that maybe Fat Mike was just having a bad day, then Bobby admits to getting big-leagued by Oprah’s Indian self-help guru, Deepak Chopra, while managing a cell phone kiosk in NYC.

Bobby tries to convince the world, again, that Bud Light is a great beer, eliciting a negative response from everyone else in the room. Tom mentions his affinity for a good Guinness, acknowledging that it must sound pretentious; or a Black & Tan, which makes him sound needy. Tom then confesses to not being much of a drinker, ultimately giving Pickles license to enjoy his “nectar of the gods”.

Tom chronicles the industrial accident, which sidelined his guitar shredding for over two years. Bob asks Tom which finger he would prefer to lose, if given the choice. His response: the right pinkie finger, but says that he can get by with “just a claw”.

Fat Mike and Stza Crack do some good for a San Francisco neighborhood by picking up dirty discarded syringes with a pair of salad tongs, which they then use to make a salad; The Replacements have disbanded...again - and this time, Paul Westerberg has called out his bandmates as being “lazy bastards to the end” after admitting that they chose to stay in their hotel rather than soundcheck before their performance atPrimavera Porto; Guttermouth has announced a bunch of US and European tour dates, while Tom remains tight-lipped about his general feelings towards the Huntington Beach punkers, stating “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”; Millencolin has announce their first U.S. tour in six years, Bobby hears back from their people confirming his interview request; FREE music available on Dying Scene: Make Yer Ane Comp VI and Dying Music For A Dying Scene; the bill for the Gasteiz Calling Festival in Spain reminds Bob of the ‘98 Warped Tour lineup; Sick of it All announces European summer tour; check out all the North American BIGWIG tour dates.

Yankee Brutal - Fuck Your Radio
Dan Cribb and the Isolated - Let’s Move To New York
Global Affront - God Saves Us All
Agnostic Front - Old New York
Bigwig - Sink Or Swim
Adverse 96 - Under Oath
Hold Fast - Chapel & Breath
No!se - Pawn In The Game
The Fuck Off and Dies - A Good Day To Party Hard
FIDLAR - 40oz on Repeat
Stereotypwriter - it’s not old yet

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