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This week on Episode 70 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #15), Bob Noxious and Bobby Pickles are back after a one-week hiatus - so that Bob could comfortably celebrate his Cinco de Mayo birthday, while hosting a cordial Mother’s Day for his fifteen baby-mamas, as proclaimed (and miscounted) by Bobby. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Night Gaunts - ska/hip-hop/fun-punk prodigies from Auckland, New Zealand. The two Bobs interview guitarist/lead singer/OCD-engineer-producer Paul Jonassen via the internet from a conference room sixteen hours into the future. Episode 15’s recurring theme: Shameless Plugging.


Bob dismisses the weekly weather report because unlike New York - it’s raining in Florida - so Bobby declares him a selfish weatherman, choosing only to gloat when Mother Nature blows sunshine in his direction.

Bob receives a birthday package of “I Hate Bob” T-Shirts from FAT ENZO - then he gathers all “15” daughters collectively for a family photo of the ages, which elicits many comments in the social media sphere. After summing up more news on out-dated pop-punk icons, Bob wonders aloud if that’s what Bobby thinks about when he’s on the toilet.

More booze-cruise concert news; Bob declares that there is nothing better than getting trashed on a boat with your idols, asking the ominous question, “What can go wrong?” Bobby interjects that most Cruise-liners originate out of coastal Florida port cities, and that is the first problem. See: Florida Man.

Bobby stands in front of the class for the first time in his prepubescent punk rock life, teaching Bob about the original Dropkick Murphy - a professional wrestler turned sanitarium operator. Boston will never be the same. Quick to be equally awkward, Bob shares the story of Flat Stanley, a piece of paper that gets sent around the world by pen-pals. Is there such a thing as pen-pals via the US Mail anymore?

While discussing the recent release of the new Millencolin record, Bobby commends Bob on his pronunciation of the Swedish language, to which Bob replies that he has put together enough Ikea furniture to hold his own. Obviously proud of himself, Bob declares that he is also pretty good with the meatballs.

News of Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace recently sharing the stage with Miley Cyrus, elicits Bobby to mention that ever since Bruce Jenner went gendered, it is now cool to be androgynous. Mistakenly, Bob hears the words “Bruce Gender” and they both acknowledge that it would make a great T-shirt.

Bobby admits to Night Gaunts frontman Paul Jonassen, quite early on during the band spotlight conversation, that he very much enjoys Budweiser Light, to which Paul notes that Bobby must like to “stay hydrated” - a clear indication that Bobby’s beloved beverage is deemed merely flavored water by New Zealanders. The conversation turns to Night Gaunts’ upcoming US Tour, which the band will be embarking on in the coming months. Bob alludes to having heard Paul’s podcast, Dumb Philosophers.

Go Sports! After the interview with Paul, Bobby cannot hide his enthusiasm about the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s that time of year. The Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Rangers will face each other in the coveted next round of the playoffs. Expect more hockey talk (that has nothing to do with The Hextalls) in the next few weeks. Sorry punkers.

A recurring theme and trend is starting to become apparent as the episode progresses: shameless self-promotion. Bob carries on, obsessing about grabbing a cold beer with him as his band PIG PEN tours their way through the southwest US over the Memorial Day weekend. Dying Scene Head Honcho, Johnny X, is putting on Hi-Fi Rockfest in Long Beach, California later this year with Dead Kennedys, Street Dogs and Leftover Crackamong others. And of course, we literally cannot forget Bobby Pickles’ entity, FAT ENZO, your source for screenprinting and custom apparel.

As the show gradually draws to a close, Bob mentions that he would not want to be from “Upstate New York” and compares it to living in prison. Like an elephant with an unforgettable memory, Bobby is quick to point out that Bob’s dislike for the area more than likely originates from Bob being punched in the face while on a childhood visit to the Empire State. Bobby then gives a tip on how things get done in the N.Y.C.

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Screeching Weasel - Things Aren’t So Bad After All
Red City Radio - Two Out Of Three Ain’t Rad
Rehasher - Grudge Holder
Millencolin - Bring Me Home
D.O.A. - The Cops Shot A Kid
Bad Cop / Bad Cop - Nightmare
Night Gaunts - Crowned By The Devil
Zebrahead / Man With A Mission - Out Of Control
Drakulas - Gain Ground
Graveyard Johnnys - The Poison

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