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This week on Episode 66 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #11), The Bobs interview South Central Los Angeles-based comedy punk rock band Tartar Control - a three-piece comprised of two Mormon missionaries and a robot. Bob and Bobby host a cordial discussion with Sean (Guitar/Angelic Singing), Robert (Screaming) and Robot (Bass/Drums) about the origin of their band and humanity alike, their insanely hilarious YouTube videos, and their new record, “We Forgive You”, which drops on April 6th.  


Bobby admits to being a “pro wrestling dork” as a child growing up in a region chock-full of household wrestling names. Bobby recalls watching the 90’s romance classic, Sleepless In Seattle, in the same movie theatre as Hulk Hogan.

Bobby teaches Bob a new word: Sycophant. Bob makes generalizations about Canadians, then references Avril Lavigne and her useless husbands.

Bobby attempts to convert Tartar Control to Scientology, arguing that robots and aliens go hand-in-hand. Bob compares Mormon uniforms to the garb painters traditionally wear, then humblebrags about recently meeting Andrew WK. Sean and Robert discuss the challenges of traveling with a robot, sharing one of their fun experiences with the TSA.

Bob disrespects the memory of both Jim Morrison and Joey Ramone. Bobby mentions his “Lizard King” tattoo. Then, Bob reveals to the world that Bobby Pickles began his rise to prominence in 2013 when he appeared on the TLC reality series “America’s Worst Tattoos”.

Bob concedes to being a “bad father” for allowing his children to watch Tartar Control’s pilot episode. The band mentions noticing more and more “multi-generational punk rock families” at their concerts, acknowledging that the presence of children is “never not awkward” (intentional double-negative). NOTE: Tartar Control is NOT for children.

Bob discloses his shaving habits, while Sean and Robert share a few tips about oral hygiene. Bobby grills Sean about his “Open Me” tuning and the rhythm section’s (Robot’s) BPM. Then Sean, Robert and Robot sing some acapella.  

Robot voices his displeasure with Bob Noxious, repeatedly insulting him. Bob feels he and Robot should get along better given their shared technologically advanced natures. Bobby compares Robot to a dog sensing danger. Taking the high road, Bob invites the band to Florida, promising a safe haven for Robot to recharge, if they someday decide to take him up on his gracious offer.

Some of the topics reported herein, include, but are not limited to the following: Mike Ness talks about his upcoming book and new Social Distortion album and Bob makes the blanket statement, “everyone is writing books about their their lives these days”; Legendary “Decline Of Western Civilization” documentaries finally get commercial release date and Bobby is shocked to learn that his co-host has actually seen the film; Sum 41 to perform for first time in over two years at Alternative Press Music Awards; Watch: Full orchestra turns NOFX’s “The Decline” into a symphony; Bob comes to the conclusion that being featured on Dying Scene Radio is actually the kiss of death for a band, referencing two news stories that have contributed to his reasoning: Rotting Out throws in the towel; Kill Lincoln to go on hiatus following current US tour, The Punk Rock Hillbilly streams new self titled album; Much The Same announce reunion; Agnostic Front streaming entire new album – “The American Dream Died”; Strung Out streaming new album “Transmission.Alpha.Delta.”; H2O posts studio update, in related news H2O, The Misfits (playing “Earth A.D.” in full), Snapcase & more to play This Is Hardcore 2015; Dates announced for Florida’s The Fest 14.

The Resignators - Buy More Shiy
Ellesmere - Bail City
Mischief Brew - No Candlesticks
99 Bottles - Working Drunk
Tartar Control Interview Part 1
Tartar Control - Smoking Crack
The Suizos - Fuck Jim Morrison
Zebrahead - Devil On My Shoulder
Saints & Sinners - When We Were Young
Radkey - Parade It
Tartar Control Interview Part 2
Tartar Control - My God's Cock
False Cause - Clean Slate

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