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This week on Episode 62 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #7), the Bobs forgo the traditional format (no BAND SPOTLIGHT) in lieu of conducting two key interviews with Justin Thirsk of Chaos Delivery Machine and Bill Manspeaker of Green Jellÿ, respectively. Per usual, the two compare notes about the weather (Bob thrives in a sub-tropical paradise while Bobby survives yet another week of frozen, mucky hell), Bobby's girlfriend breaks up with him because of, among other things, the podcast, then Bob insists that his co-host settle for a “nice, vegan chick” instead of a “punk rock girl”, and Bob voices his displeasure with Bobby’s constant weekly updates about Blink 182.

Regarding the Bobs’ interview with Justin Thirsk, Bob begins with an apology for giving bad information the week prior about Justin’s brother, Jason, who was the original bass player of Pennywise and the author of their iconic anthem, Bro Hymn. Justin takes the Bobs on a trip down memory lane about his former band 98 Mute and explains the origins of his new recording project, Chaos Delivery Machine.

Bob compares Korean food to a Japanese band celebrating 20 years together, then mentions Burger King when another veteran punk rock band becomes the topic of conversation (Bob obviously needs to eat better before the show). Bob goes on to explain "Crossover" to Bobby, then finishes his thought by comparing punk and metal music to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Bob invites Bobby to visit Florida for his birthday, then tries to convince him to move back to the Sunshine State, insisting that all New Yorkers are "mean and nasty" - recalling his time frequenting the state as a youth and being punched in the face for an off-color remark. Bobby refuses to give up the other reasons why his girlfriend dumped him.

The Bobs both agree that they have "Type A" personalities, then the two “A-holes” connect with Green Jellÿ founder and frontman, Bill Manspeaker, in an online video chat. In true form, Bill shares the link with his fans who proceed to flood the chat room like circus freaks aiming to impress their ringleader - the almighty Cowgod himself. The Bobs attempt to reign in some of Bill’s adoring fans but bedlam ensues (the FULL INTERVIEW can be found HERE on the DSR YouTube page).

Here is this week’s playlist of all featured artists:

Stabbed In Back - Dasvadaniya
Western Addiction - Clatter & Hiss
Torches To Triggers - Clay Minds
The Flatliners - Fangs
Chaos Delivery Machine - The New Testament
Anchor - Losing Faith
Taj Motel Trio - Burn It Down
Skankshot - One For The Squatters
Burning Heads - Pop A Pill
Migre Le Tigre - Waves Of Change
98 Mute - M.A.D.
Dearly Divided - ‘89
Cancer Bats - True Zero
Caskitt - Friday Night Lightweights
Green Jellÿ - Electric Harley House Of Love
Green Jellÿ - The Bear Song
Green Jellÿ - Three Little Pigs

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