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It’s been a little while since we’ve produced an episode of Bobby Pickles’ Podcast. Primarily, because Bobby is too consumed with his other podcast - Dying Scene Radio. If you haven’t checked it out, you should! But aside from punk rock, Bobby still likes to talk about everything under the sun. On this episode of BPP, Bobby Pickles and lifelong beer buddy, Ben Coletti(along with Coletti’s girlfriend, Jessica Hardy, and a stupidiot named Tone Lo-Ki) conduct a roundtable discussion regarding Bobby’s potential return to Floriduhh but not without fears of alcoholism and losing his edge. Jessica brings up “Rob’s problem” as she kindly puts it. Ben tells what it’s like to date a “black chick” who is culturally un-black. Bobby poses the question: “Why does Coletti look like fucking Tom Hanks in Castaway?” The crew also discusses Coletti’s weird “hair stamp”, and living with Gary Smith in a white trash apartment years ago. They also chat about meeting up with all “the friends” at the “three sisters” brewery during Bobby’s vacation weekend, how great Mewz looks pregnant despite her fondness of chugging beers with a baby in her belly, and what Coletti was saying to Mewz’s kid in her stomach. Coletti compares mentally abusing his girlfriend to Pavlov’s dog. Bobby explains why he hates Feminism by telling a Tinder story. Jessica explains why Men will eventually be obsolete. Tone Lo-Ki can’t help not being anti-Semitic. They talk about how Florida consists of Floridiots, stupidiots and the walking dead. Tone Lo-Ki brings up the Adam/polish face. Bobby explains that Coletti comes from great stock but may die prematurely (just like he was born prematurely) due to chronic Bud Light consumption/sun poisoning. Ben says, “Rob never listens unless he’s ready to understand.” This ridiculous conversation is quite a doozy. Crack open a Bud Light and enjoy!

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