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This week on Episode 110 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #54), Elena Venetia and pal, Patrick Rogers, join Bobby Pickles and cohort, Piazza, on this FEST 15 EDITION feat. interviews w/ Officer Bradford (Masked Intruder), Shaun Colón (A Fat Wreck), Kevin Higuchi (Antarctigo Vespucci), & Garrett Wadford (Bird Attack Records). Pickles and Piazza also touch base w/ Copstabber Dave of the filthy DC punk act, COPSTABBER, about CS’s new record “Pulled Pork” available now on iTunes and a slew of other places. Plus, Pickles speaks with Gavin McInnes (Co-Founder/Vice) about politics in punk.

Crass - Dont Get Caught (1984)
Copstabber - I Love Being a Scumbag 
Splitters - Can of Gasoline 
F.O.D - Crew You
Interview w/ Officer Bradford
Fastloud - Waiting for the Explosion 
Colorsfade - I4NI
Sum 41 - God Save Us All (Death to Pop)
The Flatliners - Hang My Head 
Interview w/ Shaun Colón
Hi-Standard - Another Starting Line
Fat By The Gallon - Shit List
Dropkick Murphy’s - Blood
Stellar West - Misery
The Brass Action - Old Friend (Rancid Cover)
Interview w/ Kevin Higuchi
The Mercenaries - Night Call
North Alone - Capo 4th Fret (exclusive Bonus Track)
Fiddlers Green - Down
Just Friends - Sad 2 See
GUTTERMOUTH - Mail Order Bride
Interview w/ Garrett Wadford
Whole Wheat Bread - Eye for an Eye
Drakulas - Neon Town
Dead to Me - I Wanna Die in Los Angeles

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An aside: "Dying Scene Radio has not been active since the election of Donald Trump. The following episode (although the second last installment) is where everything went south for this show. It was at this point that Bobby Pickles realized he had been living in a thought-bubble, and decided that he did not want to placate to the brainwashed liberals who had systematically overtaken the punk rock scene. Scenes are for followers, anyway. Bobby's a leader. Over and out."

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