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This week on Episode 106 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #50), Bobby Pickles ventures to Madeira Beach, Floridumb, where he and his ragtag crew of misfits (i.e. Piazzo The Clown and the illustrious Ben Coletti) podcast in very close proximity to a 60 gallon cooler stocked with “blue water” (i.e. Bud Light). Elena Venetia joins the conversation from NYC, where she has zero difficulty expressing her empathy for the recent passing of Mischief Brew frontman, Erik Petersen. BAND SPOTLIGHT: MILLENCOLIN- Pickles and his cast of drunkards bumble through the single worst interview ever conducted on DSR (recorded: May 22nd 2016 in St. Petersburg, FL). INTRO by DS staff writer, AnarchoPunk. Plus, new music by Guttermouth, The Bouncing Souls and Little Bags (3/4ths of PEARS).

Mischief Brew - Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
Traverse - Lifelines 
NEON BONE - I Can't Let Go 
Guttermouth - Old Man
Mike Frazier - Parrot King
Zebrahead - Who Brings a Knife to a Gunfight
Little Bags - Fishes Give A Fuck 
The Bouncing Souls - Writing on the Wall 
Burn Burn Burn! - Chasing Hornets
Bucky Harris - These Walls
Bottomfeeder - Flux Capacitor
Reverie - Anxiety
The Manx - American Business Activity 
Islander - Think It Over
Interview w/ Millencolin
Millencolin - Balanced Boy
The Midlife - Lavender 
Total Bummer - I Swear To Drunk I’m Not God
Spirits - Eyes of Love 
Poison Idea - Calling All Ghosts
The Old Ironsides - Alone Tonight 
Stick To Your Guns - Universal Language 
…Whatever That Means - I Can't Take It 
Skinny Lister - Wanted
Mischief Brew - Thanks Bastards!

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