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This week on Episode 101 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #45), it’s a double-international episode! Bobby Picklesconducts his end of the podcast from the courtyard area of a Hostel on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, while Chris Fox orchestrates his half of the show from somewhere in France with the help of his beer-producer, Jesse Williams. SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Ayhuasquero Brother, Chuck Coast of Ayahuasca Costa Rica. Plus, a brand new Boss’ Daughter track!

Special commentary from St. Augustine punk act Kid You Not.

Sunny on the Causeway - Stop Snitchin’
Mug - Misery Guts
Backdrop Falls - Flesh and Bones
NOFX - Hepatitis Bathtub
Stay Wild - Trigger Warning
The Brass - You Know Who You Are
Useless ID - We Don't Want the Airwaves 
Kid You Not - When Life Gives You Lemons, Say Fuck The Lemons And Bail
SugarEater - Baby, You’re A Drag
Boss’ Daughter - Weak Week
The Barren Marys - Sober
Interview w/ Chuck Coast (Ayahuasca Costa Rica)
Colorsfade - Everyday That Passes
PEARS - Chemical Smile (Everclear cover)
Backyard Superheroes - Netflix & Chill 
Direct Hit - Forced To Sleep 
Black Bolt - Kurf's Up
Special Victims Unit - Kill Your Pimp
Captain Trips - Faux News

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