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This week on Episode 67 of Bobby Pickles' Podcast (Dying Scene Radio #12), Bob Noxious interviews New Orleans punk rock darlings, Pears, and Bobby Pickles interviews Cock Sparrer (Pronounced: SPERRA in American) prior to their first NYC show in 15 years. Fresh off a one week hiatus, the two Bobs don’t miss a beat with two interesting conversations, plus Bobby makes a total ass out of himself by mispronouncing the band’s name consistently throughout their entire exchange - watch the Full Video HERE.


Bob admits to being a true consumer, planning to visit at least three record stores on Saturday’s coveted Record Store Day. Bobby has an iPhone with plenty of MP3s at his grubby little fingertips. Bob collects punk records that he doesn’t listen to and Bobby has old opera records, which belonged to his grandfather.

News of two untimely deaths in the punk rock world inspires Bob to start yet another punk rock death pool. Bobby bets on Cock Sparrer because they’re so bloody old, then Bob bets on Pears, so he can also bet on the band he interviewed this week.

Wrapped in full USA colors, Bob declares that Pears has the most awesome tour van ever! The brash complement quickly devolves to talk of farts, feet and gas milage. From their humble beginnings to their affiliation with Off With Their Heads, Pears just may be “the last great hope of punk rock” but Bob doubts that seriously.

Bobby gets schooled by Cock Sparrer on the actual pronunciation of their name, then continues to butcher it. Bobby displays not a hint of becoming a "Proper Cockney Hooligan" anytime soon. Bobby also mispronounces the last name of lead singer Colin McFaull. All of this with a bachelor’s degree in English from The University of Florida. Bobby openly admits his love of Bud Light to two right Englishmen who enjoy drinking beers from all across God's green globe. 

Bobby shares a tale of meeting Out Of Order lead singer Scott Maracle at the Cock Sparrer show - then premiers a new Out Of Order track without the band’s expressed permission. Bob announces that any band interested in getting their music played on DSR should email him, to mirror the success of Colombian skate punk band 69 Enfermos.

Some of the topics reported herein, include, but are not limited to the following:Bassist Heiko Schrepel (One Man Army) passes away; Emilio Nevarez (The Lucky Eejits) fatally shot while loading out gear at show; Darkbuster announce first show in six years; Emmure cancel all touring plans, including festival appearances; Rise Against announce North American tour with Killswitch Engage and letlive; Death By Stereo release music video for their cover of Rancid’s “Rejected”; Music Video: Bricktop cover “Dead Bodies” for Rancid tribute album “Hooligans United”; GASH has fired their drummer and is currently looking for a replacement! If you reside in the Philly area, and you know how to play the drums, and you don’t mind S&M - please do not hesitate to reach out via

Off! - Meet Your God
Good Riddance - Shiloh
The Queers - Uncouth
Dead On A Friday - Early Grave
PEARS - Victim To Be
Entropy - Shark Sandwich
Spanner - Banner Regime
Cock Sparrer - Because You’re Young
Out Of Order - Stuck In The Mud
69 Enfermos - Numbers
Anchor - Losing Faith
Cock Sparrer - Take ‘Em All

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